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#309894 Disabling the timer off drop/raids/clue boosters for Classic Mode

Posted by BornToFail on 13 August 2019 - 02:07 PM

100% support this, been needed for a long time now

#258965 [January] Community Awards

Posted by BornToFail on 20 January 2019 - 01:29 PM



Best Event Manager: King purple


Best Administrator: Hellish


Best Global Moderator: To Gain


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator: 


Best Server Support: 


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game: Hellish


Most active on Forums: Sheep


Most Respected: King purple


Most Potential Promotion:


Funniest Staff Member: Lowkey


Overall Best Staff Member: King purple






Most Active In-game: Noobair


Most Active on Forums:


Most Active on Discord:


Most Active Overall: Noobair


Most Wealthy: Reload


Most Addicted to Gambling: Reload


Most Friendly: Eim 40a


Most Respected: Noobair


Coolest Veteran: Vuqe


Best Helper:


Best Edgeville Pker: King purple


Best Hybrid: 




Best PvMer: ragragrag46


Best Raider: Vuqe


Best Skiller: Noobair


Best Clan: ICE


Best Ironman: Vuqe


Best Hardcore Ironman: Deadcat22


Best Ultimate Ironman: Diseased


Best Elite Ironman: Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): Cmf


Best Classic Player: Not a Nerd


Best GFX Designer:


Best Youtuber: Sk1nz


Best Streamer: Lowkey


Top Overall: Noobair