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[Reload] Gambling highlight video

09 March 2019 - 03:56 AM

Had been a while since I had a decent session with someone betting quite often but thought since it was all over 1 day that I would upload a video of it. Was my first time ever editing a video so its nothing special. Might do more videos like this in the future depending on what people think. Also i'm looking for someone who can make me custom video thumbnails.


Veteran in game chat in rainbow

31 January 2019 - 04:53 AM

What is your suggestion?: Make it so that the veteran text looks like [Veteran] if the person is a master donator

Is this in OSRS?: no

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No

How would this benefit Alora?: Helps distinguish the veteran role from the master role since they both look very similar in game

Giant mole Speed Run Event -- Final results!

30 January 2019 - 12:50 AM

Giant Mole Speed Run Final Results




The first Alora boss speed running event is officially in the books. We had a great amount of participation and a lot of people eager to go for that number 1 spot.


After a week of optimization and different routing and methods we can finally crown our winners!


Link to original thread for anyone who wants to see the progression HERE


First: Sololite - 4:14.249 - Link to run  - Prize: Ancestral set and 150m!

Second: Justinpk - 4:33.416 - Link to run - Prize: 300m!

Third: MrProdigy - 4:43.716 - Link to run - Prize: 150m!


All prizes paid out!


I'd like to thank everyone that participated and completed a run as well as anyone who supported the idea in anyway.


This took a decent bit more work then I was expecting but I plan on running more events similar to this in the future!


Congratulations to Sololite, Justinpk, and MrProdigy as well as the people who got a bonus for prize for winning during bonus xp weekend and for submitting a run!


To help me get an idea of any changes you would like to see in future events i would really appreciate it if you could fill out this google form



Giant Mole Speed run Event -- 1B in prizes!

22 January 2019 - 04:33 AM

Giant mole Speed run




Recently I had an idea of hosting a speed running event. I tried to think of something that wouldn't take forever but would still offer enough time to offer some variation on routing and choices.


The goal would be to start a new regular account and as fast as possible level the account and kill the Giant mole.


Since this is something I've never done before I've come up with some rules and some requirements.



All runs must be recorded fully using recording software of your choice (I would suggest obs)

Must use livesplits to time your run.

Account username must have "ReMole" in it





Regular accounts


No starter kit (must drop it or create a 2nd account cause it wont get one)

No vote books

No Trading (of any sort including picking up others drops)

Timer starts as soon as you pick your account type (regular account)

Timer ends as soon as loot shows up on ground after killing mole.


Safespotting allowed.


Autotypers/3rd party assistance not allowed (ex. auto typers to type ::thieve)

You can use guilded altar. (suggest using "altar")

You can set up a private instance on an alt.

You cannot do anything that would benefit you from using another account. Besides having a private instance set up on an alt. (ex. Body blocking, swapping items, using vote books, weakening boss.)

May add more rules in the future if anything stupid happens that obviously shouldn't be allowed. (If i think its not fair i will ban it and runs using those methods will not count)

Use common sense.

When going in to the mole cave pause your timer as soon as you enter and start it back up as soon as you attack the mole.


If you try to cheat at all you will be disqualified.


First place (fastest time): Ancestral set and 150m cash

Second place: 300m cash
Third place: 150m cash


Bonus xp day prizes:


First place (fastest time): 125m

Second place: 75m
Third place: 50m


20m to the first 5 people who post a finished run


10m to the next 10 people who post a finished run


10m to the next 3 people who post a finished run



I started my timer too early/late what can I do?


Upload it to youtube and post in thread and @ me and i can manually time it for you as long as all rules and requirements are followed.



How do i submit my run?

Upload it on youtube and then post in the thread.

Where can I download livesplits?

Where can I download obs?


What do I need from thieving? (not 100% needed if you can find a faster way adjust as needed):



Video on how to set up obs and livesplits (basic guide):

Video of a completed run (timer messed up and didn't have instance ready but should give a decent idea.):




LEADERBOARD (Only including runs that are confirmed with video proof in this thread):


First: 4:14.249 - Link to run

Second: 4:33.416 - Link to run

Third: 4:43.716 - Link to run


DEADLINE TO ENTER: January 29th 10pm PST



Kaguya-sama: Love is War

14 January 2019 - 04:22 AM

Started watching the anime for the current on going season. So far after the first episodes I think kaguya-sama had a really fun first episode. https://myanimelist...._Renai_Zunousen