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Chiefs Poor man's guide to solo'ing the Nightmare of Ashihama

25 March 2020 - 08:31 AM

Hey Alorians

I've been recently really enjoying pvm'ing and living the lavish poor life since i gave away my bank.

On 12 March osrs released The nightmare of Ashihama a new challenging boss with end game BIS magic and crush weapons as a reward for all your peeps hard work!

Item Quantity Rarity Price Nightmare_staff.png?c0457 Nightmare staff 1 1/228.8–1/400 114,304,182 Inquisitor%27s_great_helm.png?c0457 Inquisitor's great helm 1 1/343.1–1/600 190,683,240 Inquisitor%27s_hauberk.png?1241c Inquisitor's hauberk 1 1/343.1–1/600 707,010,187 Inquisitor%27s_plateskirt.png?c0457 Inquisitor's plateskirt 1 1/343.1–1/600 643,298,499 Inquisitor%27s_mace.png?c0457 Inquisitor's mace 1 1/686–1/1,200 794,062,799 Eldritch_orb.png?0ed98 Eldritch orb 1 1/1,029–1/1,800 276,614,775 Harmonised_orb.png?0ed98 Harmonised orb 1 1/1,029–1/1,800 1,020,544,634 Volatile_orb.png?5abc0 Volatile orb 1 1/1,029–1/1,800 579,814,363

The items are pretty unstable price wise and the droprate for one is considering 1- 228 solo's

Speaking of solo's my first solo i did 33:16 with very mediocre gear

The boss itself consist itselfs in a room with 4 pillars


The boss has tree styles of attack also you need to dodge certain special att ( infectiones spores mushrooms and black holes on the floor)




Phase :1

The boss will tend to freeze you by spawning husk (40hp) you need to kill them before you can move freely again around the room. if no done correctly you wil risk taking dmg from the black spawning pools beneath you or from the boss itself

She can devide the room in 4 even fragments they will lit up red and green you will need to stand on the green lines to not take any dmg from the attack.

Phase: 2

Is all from the above phase (1) and now the boss will try to poison you with infestation of an bug you can't block the attack when this happens an red text will appear once the infestation is complete it will shatter and spawn a bug try to off the boss since your hits and the pillars will feed the boss more hp. Just kill the bug and continu your journey

The boss will try and control your mind and shuffle your prayers he will overtake your prayerbook if he does this a red text will appear try to be quick and click melee icon (this will translate in pray mage)

Phase: 3

The boss will spawn spores and mushrooms these will infect u when you come to close this will slow you down as they nerf your att speed (will do tick slower)

After every phase when the shield is weakend when the pillars are fully charged the boss will contract heavily dmg by a contracting animation and prepare for a big nasty attack he will spawn out of an corner sleepwalkers these npc is a part of that attack if you kill these in time you will get one shot or damaged heavily (78 dmg and over)

Speaking of getting one shot if u die your gear will be held by the girl in the entrance just like the zulrah death mechanic you will need to pay a fee of 250k each time you die.

Gear wise i had to improvise since im poor:


Full guthans ==> Mage for pillars Imbued heart & rune pouch with blood barrage runes
Bludgeon Toxic staff & crystal shield
Primordial boots Tormented bracelet and occult necklace
Torture amulet
Ferocious gloves
Suffering (ri)
Infernal max cape

SPEC: SGS when solo'ing / Blessed saradomin sword for husk spawns

Inventory for one solo kill you need to outlast 33min of the boss constantly bully'ing you so:

9 saradomin brews (4)
11 sanfews (always take sanfews this reduces the infection of the boss special att)
1 super combat (4)


To acces the place go to the Purple TP wizard click bosses => The nightmare (you will need to talk to the npc at the boss before doing this grind)


Chieftain45 (Bare with me on this one this is my first post on the forum and guide overview if something insn't fully please pm me i will do my best to solve this)

Buying 3rd age Axe (WC) & 3rd age Ring [email protected]

14 July 2019 - 12:09 PM

As mentioned in title im buying the following items:


3 Age Axe (WC)


3 age ring 



Pm me ingame or on forumboards