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Looking for Partner

27 September 2019 - 11:30 PM

In-game name: Maniack

Timezone: Eastern GMT-5

Discord: Maniack#5585


Currently sitting at 2160 total and want a partner that's 2k+ total and has a good part of his account completed, I want to find someone that's willing to commit to maxing their iron man and continue playing for the long run collecting items and what not. Helping each other along the way. Become a team and assets to each other. I would like to go half on this 20-20. By next week at thursday. I don't expect you to just hand me things you worked for as well as I don't expect to just give you things either. I was thinking of a swapping ordeal or paying for cash so it's fair and we both get items we need while swapping. That way it clears clutter and also gives us new items. IF you're serious PM in game or add me on Dissy, P.S I have all the boss's completed besides cerb and hydra which I'm currently doing now aswell as no DWH but I have everything else as well as 20 days gametime.