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#368452 Immortal Dynasty Clan

Posted by Daffy on 18 August 2020 - 03:58 AM

Account Name(s): Kets strange/ Daffy
Account Type(s): GIM/EIM
Discord: kets_strange#6303

Playtime (Screenshot)b93ba63e3042b8f1a544950ad6bc516f.png

Game Stats (Screenshot)68bff84a9ff8058b3e055052292ec21f.png rank #13 GIM

Efficient hours spent bossing (More info can be found in Clan Requirements) (Screenshot):cf84ff85bfbedb5f1b7026301c0c5a62.png

PVM Gear (Screenshot):

Are you affiliated with any other clans? I was in ice, but i resigned as rank and left due to members i was in the clan for no longer in the clan and i have no desire to remain in ice
Reason for joining: Alot of my friends are in Dynasty so it makes sense to join. Not only that but i want to join a PVM based clan that is active :)
Recruited by: @Zekrom @Buggs @ Vespina