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PVP Improvements (Urgent)

08 October 2019 - 11:53 AM


I have read all the previously discussed topics on PVP, but some of what I am listing may or may not have already been discussed. Doing this to increase awareness and rapidly increase the popularity and the player count of the server. I got flamed for even suggesting this on yell, because Alora is full of PVM'ers and Ironmans, players who have grinding is oblivious to the potential improvements that could overall help the server. 


What is your suggestion?:

- Prayer switches slow

- The defence on some of the barrows items (e.g. dh set) too high, so the fight goes on for like 5 minutes before even one of the players impact damage. 

-Weird lag/delays, only happens when you are fighting, this causes misclicks and a really bad pk experience. 


Is this in OSRS?: YES

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: NO

How would this benefit Alora?:

- This helps Alora to attract much higher player base. Imagine players having the choice to skill, pvm or pk if they wish, you don't have to just be one. 

-Improve Alora's reputation of "just a pvm server" to an all-rounder. 


Hope you will consider this suggestion. It would strongly encourage players to stay and enjoy the game longer.