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In Topic: New YouTube Ranks

24 July 2022 - 08:09 AM

No support.


Although I like the idea of rewarding YouTuber's for creating content for Alora and helping Alora grow, this simply requires too much micromanaging in my opinion. Currently there is some milestones you'll need to hit and you'll be granted the YouTuber Rank which is so much easier to manage. I believe Moe handles the content creaters and this would mean that Moe would have to personally look through the videos to make sure they're up to both him and Omicron's quality standards.


With the current rank, there is a requirement for an amount of videos you would have to make but also a requirement for how long you would have had to be making content for Alora. If new YouTuber ranks were to be added these would need increased requirements to ensure quality and consistency, in my opinion.


Maybe a few different YouTuber ranks with different milestones and requirements is an idea, but as mentioned previously I don't think this is the solution due to the amount of micromanaging required.

In Topic: Staff Wiped My Bank Podcast | Episode 1 | The Admin role

26 September 2021 - 01:06 PM

"Maintaining Discord presence" proceeds to be invisible on Discord.


Fantastic episode, great work gentlemen. Already looking forward to the next episode!