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Synergy header

01 February 2019 - 04:14 PM

So i made this and then straight after i opened up another file to make a poster design i been wanting to make for awhile and my photoshop instantly crashed and it's only done that a few times but it would respond after a few seconds this time it fully crashed pretty much forcing me to close photoshop, now normally when i close photoshop after it crashes and i open it again the file will still be there (forgot what it's called something like recent files) but this time it wasn't and as you can tell where this is going i did this and then the poster design without saving anything but i sent this image to a friend on dicord so i had to pull it off there. so from now on imma probs be saving my work every 15-30minutes as any longe then that i just end up forgetting.

(magic bullet looks effects: lens flare, defusion, pop, curves, chromatic aberration, vintage gives it a depth of field effect).

Hydra header

26 January 2019 - 02:48 PM

so i decide i'll make my friend I've known for sometime now a twitter header even though he asked me to make him one ages ago and i never did so yh this is it. i found out about this inner glow method a few months ago and never tried it as i wasn't keen on it so i thought i'll test it on this. It's basically just putting innerglow blending mode on colordoge and u pick a color and each time you copy it you make the color bright or dark to make it glow more thought i'll throw that in.


stream package

22 January 2019 - 11:48 AM

haven't opened photoshop in god knows how long but i forgot pretty much every hotkey possible so took me like 20 minutes to figure them out again, i use to design loads like two years ago but i stopped coz football pretty much was my main priority then but now it's not i can do other stuff in between. If i every decide to make anything else then i'll probably post it here if i feel like it.

Things i used:
Abscract images, grunge textures, brushes, light leaks/stocks, particles, flares, gaussian blur layers, colour correction take in mind these include loads of adjustments, is a few more but it's mainly the usual stuff like text and filters.

How long did it take to make?:
2hours because i tried using magic bullet looks as well but every style preset i had in magic bullet look didn't go with this at all so i just left it, also because making a colour correction from scratch takes longer then just downloading one and ripping it from someone.


Image (won't let me upload it as a picture :/):


14 January 2019 - 08:35 AM

asuh names kev but just call me xyn makes it easier, 24 and live in a shit hole called Cornwall in the UK. you probs seen me ingame by now so thought i'll just make this as i tend to browse forums now and then :). i don't really do much in my spare time as where i live is doll outside and all people do is either sit in bus stops playing music or riding scooters so i tend to just binge watch anime or just chill on alora or play monster hunter world on ps4, i sometimes design freelance when i feel like it as well as playing 11aside on the side.