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Alora B.I.N.G.O

17 June 2024 - 02:29 AM



Hello everyone, with yesterday's update we got Colosseum release alongside some awesome updates you can check HERE


Most importantly we have released Alora's first official bingo event,

Starting 7:00 PM GMT June 16, 2024 till 7:00 PM GMT Juli 16, 2024



  • You can obtain a Bingo Card to carry around with you and check your Bingo progress at any time by speaking with the Bingo Lady at home in Edgeville, in the same house as the Make-over mage and the Ironman tutor.




The awards

  • The board has 5 different patterns you can try to go for, each one rewarding the first player to complete it with a prize:
    • Four Corners ($10 bond)
    • Top Row ($10 bond)
    • Cross ($3 x $10 bond)
    • Alora Special ($50 bond)
    • Fill the Board ($100 bond)
  • Forum award:
    • Upon completing any pattern, you will not only be awarded with the Bingo reward for that pattern, but you’ll also automatically receive a Forum award for doing so. 



  • Bingo Board:
    • Every 30 days, the Bingo board will randomly be built with a number of different tasks. Some examples of tasks (of varying difficulties) include:
      • Single item tasks (eg. Obtain Abyssal whip, Dragon limbs, Black mask, etc)
      • Any-of item tasks (eg. Obtain any Cerberus Crystal, Any Zulrah mutagen, any Armadyl armor piece, etc)
      • Pet tasks (eg. Obtain any boss pet, Obtain any skilling pet)
      • Non-PvM/Skilling tasks (Eg. Vote 5 times)





  • Notes:
    • Only one player can complete each pattern. Once it has been claimed, nobody else can claim that prize.
    • As of now, one player may complete multiple patterns and obtain multiple prizes that month.



Best of luck to you all and good luck with hunt!

Alora Staff Team.

Tombs of Amascut QOL and changes

08 June 2024 - 07:31 AM

What is your suggestion?: Party Leader to start the puzzle rooms,

Adjust The Path of Apmeken (Monkey room), The path of Scabaras (Kephri puzzle).



"The Path of Apmeken (Monkey room)"


Recently OSRS added an adjustment to the money room to make it easy to clear,

First change was that the hp doesn't scale with Raid level or party size.

second change was that if the baboon is hit with the correct style it will one hit kill it.

*Only for the Brawler, Thrower and Mage, the others have very low hp anyway.

You can check them in the table below.



"The Path of Scabaras (Kehpri room)"


For the kephri puzzle room, some changes needs to be made to speed it up a little bit,

There's two changes first the math puzzle

The math puzzle in alora you have to stand on each tile in order to activate it.

Make each tile your character move across in the puzzle counts.
*When you're running, you skip one tile between each 3 tiles u run across*



Second the flip match tiles puzzle,


Please allow us to activate the tile as soon as our true tile reaches the tile and remove the wait between flipping them


Clip for reference,


Lastly, make it that party Leader to start the puzzle rooms



Is this in OSRS?: Yes.


Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No.


How would this benefit Alora?: Will speed up the raid and allow smooth game play  :PepeLove:  :withlove: 

Desert Treasure II

31 January 2024 - 01:01 PM






Hello Alora, earlier today DT2 was finally released, our quest guide for today will be consisting off just mainly on how to start the quest and small not details boss mechanics.
"I will link that to the post when someone make them :withlove: "




Quest Requirements 


S9g8Erf.png Completion of Desert Treasure 


21px-Firemaking_icon.png?45ea0 75 Firemaking

21px-Magic_icon.png?334cf 75 Magic

21px-Thieving_icon.png?973fe 70 Thieving

21px-Herblore_icon.png?ffa9e 62 Herblore

21px-Runecraft_icon.png?c278c 60 Runecraft

21px-Construction_icon.png?f9bf7 60 Construction




NOTE : This quest is not SAFE for HCIM/HCGIM



Starting the quest


You start the quest by talking to Asgarina Smith south of ::duel teleport.




You go through the dialogue so you can start fighting the bosses.


He will give you a Blackstone fragment that you will need to use while fighting the whisperer











After you finish the dialogue with him gear up and talk to him again so he can tele you to the boss fight locations. 




Duke Sucellus




Instruction_manual.png?13f14 Boss Mechanics



The Leviathan




Instruction_manual.png?13f14 Boss Mechanics








Instruction_manual.png?13f14 Boss Mechanics




The Whisperer




Instruction_manual.png?13f14 Boss Mechanics





After you finish the quest teleport back to ::duel and talk to Eblis to access his shop and buy the Ring of Shadows which costs 5m. 









Disclaimer: If you don't know how to fight the boss please go ahead and watch a guide on youtube for each boss. 


Imcando Hammer

29 August 2023 - 10:28 AM

What is your suggestion?: Replace the current "Golden Hammer" in ::Store with the Imcando Hammer.

Is this in OSRS?: Yes.

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: Nope.

How would this benefit Alora?: 


The hammer we have in store is just a regular looking hammer with a golden head.


The Imcando Hammer on the other hand is a much looking "Golden" Hammer


The current golden hammer we have in store gives us Ability to build without having it in inventory + the 25% pet boost.

I would like the new Hammer to have the same perks + the following.
Wieldable "Saves an inv slot when u smithing or doing construction".
Storable in the Magic wardrobe in the POH Costume room.





How to get [ Dragon Defender ]

26 August 2023 - 07:14 AM



Hello everyone,


I'm making this guide today to help out newcomers to know what are the ways to get a dragon defender.






There's quite some ways to get yourself a dragon defender, we will be dividing it into sections to make it easy and simple.


There's 2 methods to obtain a dragon defender.


I. Buying the defender.  1Rmbwkg.png






II.Warrior's Guild   sdlNsdx.png



In order to obtain the defender the old school way, you have to grind tokens to gain access to cyclops room or have the Attack skill cape.


Let's dive into the possible ways for us to get the defender as a drop.


**I highly recommend if you have normal xp rates to get yourself 99 Attack and go straight to cyclops room for free entry.


You will start the grind from the bronze defender till the dragon defender and doing so will make u complete the cyclops collection log.


**After you unlock/get the rune defender it's a 50/50 chance to get the dragon defender from cyclops.





Attack cape method








Token farming method.