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Posted by Skillhub on 01 December 2018 - 11:59 AM

Welcome to SkillHub!

SkillHub is a mainly Skilling oriented Clan. We used to exist under a different name a good half year ago.
If you have a passion for Skilling or even enjoy Skilling in general feel free to join our CC "Skillhub"

There are no specific "Requirements" to joining this clan. Just enjoy skilling. :]


We also have a Discord server for SkillHub, to get access to it PM any star rank in our CC ingame. :)
You can also add me on Discord directly to get a invite to the server. -> 


Rules of SkillHub


1. Don't be a Dick towards other people.

2. No excessive Flaming of others in the CC.

3. Do not encourage clan members to Stake.

4. No Sexism, Racism, Religion talk.



SkillHub CC Ranks


You can gain a higher rank in SkillHub by being active and all around helpful towards others in the CC and Discord.
Do not ask for ranks since that may affect your chances of getting a higher rank in the Clan.

CC Higher ups


Founders: @Lvl3 scape, 1skill

Generals: Coffee Shop
Captains: -
Lieteunants: @UIM Spoon