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#319171 Celebrating 3 years of Alora! HUGE drop party and Giveaways!

Posted by Ultistic on 28 October 2019 - 08:09 AM


Hello brothers!


Next week we will be hosting a HUGE drop party for 3 years of Alora. If you guys have been around for a while we have done 2 of these in the past and they have had a huge turnout.


Big shout-out to Omicron, Staff Team and most importantly the community for keeping Alora going for 3 years. With that being said, lets get into the details of the drop party! :PogChampa: :PogChampa: :PogChampa:


Also, for everyone who leaves a like on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 Cosmetic/Ultimate mbox each! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count). There will be 5 total winners so everyone that likes the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize. Best of luck to everyone!



Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/3/19

(11/4 is the official day Alora went live BUT with it falling on a Monday, we would much rather do it on Sunday)


Location of Drop Party: ::event


Time of Drop Party: 1PM EST (5PM Server Time)



If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm myself or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below and in the video/stream I make of this drop party. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! :PepeLove: :PepeLove:



Bank pics: (will be updated a few times during the week)

Thank you to Doofy for organizing the bank <3





Josh - 25B (i dare you to take this spot)

Sassafras - 3.3B
UIM Gp - 1.5b

To Gain - 1.3B

Death Kid - 1.2B

Gfxez - 751m

Paine - 750m

Doofy - 600m

RM - 585m

Mack - 502m

Draisaitl - 501m

Carol - 500m

J Boogs - 290m

Jisoo - 275m

Kopjekoffie - 275m

Moe - 250m

Liquid pure - 245m

Morgen - 240m

7ashkal - 235m

Bigcat - 125m

Hard dance - 120m

Gytis8652 - 110m

Real try - 100m

Kingtoirons - 100m

Enslaving - 100m

No - 100m

Matzy - 90m

Balgeroth - 80m

Elrow - 80m

Lithuania2 - 70m

Sunset - 65m

Fluffy Tuffy - 50m

SuperiorIQ - 50m

Folivora - 50m

Realism fred - 50m

CrankedDT - 50m

Draciul - 35m

Policija - 33m

Onlyrange - 30m

Yugijames - 15m

Iron Stylez - 10m

Nh Jheez - 1.2B (Refunded)



Videos from the previous 2 drop parties: