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#364806 Max/Inferno Over - A Whole Year Late + More

Posted by Not Swagy on 24 July 2020 - 02:05 AM




                  Hey everyone, It's been a great past week or two since coming back to the grind and finishing what I started when GIM first came out a little over a year ago. It has been different to get back to my bearings as i haven't played since my break over a year ago. Nonetheless It's been great to see old friends and new friends welcoming me back. Since i came back, I made it a mission to finish maxing and finally get off my lazy ass to do Inferno. A week later of top tier vote book skillin' -















After practicing zuk stage once and 2 attempts at the Inferno, I finally became a gamer.
















To throw some icing on the cake for all you iron's out there, i present to you all is what @Dab calls, "Swagy's stupid f*ckin luck".








#363482 All Cape Perks

Posted by Not Swagy on 14 July 2020 - 02:12 PM

Looks great brotha! It has been a long time since I've been in these waters but I'm glad to see that there is still some great and very useful guides being made for those who don't know. Keep up the great work dab man.

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#292957 Staff Update 5/4/19

Posted by Not Swagy on 06 May 2019 - 07:17 PM

@IM Moe A7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i will be back don't worry. Love you all ,3

#283301 Immortal Dynasty Clan

Posted by Not Swagy on 29 March 2019 - 11:48 AM

Account Name: Not Swagy(Main), Swagy(Alt)
Account Type: Gim, Normal
Discord: Not Swagy#5052
Time-zone: PST(Cali -USA)
Game Stats: 
PVM Gear: Just most of my main PvM Gear on Not Swagy.(Swagy is just a money holder/pking acc now)
Are you in any other clans? Was in Ph, Ph closed down.
Reason for joining: Looking for a active Raiding team as i am a big person on Raiding and PvM in general.
Recruited by: None, only asked a few members about simple info.

#280289 [March] Community Awards

Posted by Not Swagy on 20 March 2019 - 12:09 AM

Best Event Manager: @king purple


Best Administrator: @Mack


Best Global Moderator:@Mhk


Best Forum Moderator:@Loinen22


Best Server Moderator:@Kharyrll


Best Server Support:@Jisoo


Most active on Discord:@Loinen22


Most active In-game:@Kharyrll


Most active on Forums:@Loinen22


Most Respected:@Mack


Most Potential Promotion:@Kharyrll


Funniest Staff Member:@Code 002


Overall Best Staff Member:@Paine






Most Active In-game:@Noobair


Most Active on Forums:@Moral truth


Most Active on Discord:@ Dylain


Most Active Overall:@Kharyrll


Most Wealthy:@Reload


Most Addicted to Gambling:@konic


Most Friendly:@Alissa


Most Respected:@Noobair


Coolest Veteran: @Vuqe


Best Helper:@ Dylain


Best Edgeville Pker:@king purple


Best Hybrid: ---


Best NH Pker:@Mhk


Best PvMer:@Vuqe


Best Raider:@B0nk lewt


Best Skiller:@Noobiar


Best Clan: R.I.P #Ph


Best Ironman: @Noobair


Best Hardcore Ironman:@Deadcat22


Best Ultimate Ironman:@Biggity Bet


Best Elite Ironman:@Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): Plank Squad


Best Classic Player: ----


Best GFX Designer: @Blue Jay


Best Youtuber:@Moral truth


Best Streamer:@Lowkey


Top Overall:@Noobair

#270451 600 Post count

Posted by Not Swagy on 19 February 2019 - 02:00 PM

Congratulations brother, many more to come!

#270441 Wannabe Brid intro

Posted by Not Swagy on 19 February 2019 - 01:35 PM

Welcome brother!

#269881 How To Make Anti-Venom+

Posted by Not Swagy on 17 February 2019 - 06:53 PM

Very much needed! Thank you for finally gives me a topic to use

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#269880 Fashion Raids Dynasty Event

Posted by Not Swagy on 17 February 2019 - 06:47 PM

Look's like everyone had fun!

#269366 Day 2, let's go!

Posted by Not Swagy on 15 February 2019 - 01:09 PM

Starting off day 2 of daily raids not to bad. :kek: 



#269055 The Swagster has returned to raids

Posted by Not Swagy on 14 February 2019 - 12:50 PM

I'm back baby, and ready for my juicy loots.



#268701 Marusia Introduction

Posted by Not Swagy on 13 February 2019 - 12:58 PM

Welcome to Alora man!

#268639 LTG Arrow's (solo) GIM progress!

Posted by Not Swagy on 13 February 2019 - 09:55 AM

Looks like the grinding has been paying off man! Uber has its wonders! Best of luck onto the next!

#268638 Finally!

Posted by Not Swagy on 13 February 2019 - 09:53 AM

Deserved, good grind brother and best of luck on the next boss!

#268087 Today was a good day

Posted by Not Swagy on 11 February 2019 - 08:50 PM

I would like to think that todays slayer task was worth wild.