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The Dummest Dumdum Stream in Alora

09 November 2019 - 02:37 AM

Hey everyone,


Some of you may know/remember me, some not. I recently came back to Alora, and with that also have started streaming the game. I'd appreciate any likes/subs! I'll be streaming relatively everyday, and hopefully get into making videos from there.


https://www.youtube....sDlYq-Lz0FQvG1w Link to my youtube channel.


Thanks <3



Such an OP Hard Clue Reward

10 February 2019 - 09:31 AM

So i'm like 10 clues into my GIM Zerker, and I get this as a clue scroll. So pumped lmao. I had 150+ clues and tons of GW event kills on EIM, and still could never upgrade from Snakeskins so this is huge for me. 



Blue Dummy - GIM Zerker (Progress Thread)

08 February 2019 - 10:39 PM

Goal of the account is simple, be completely maxed except for defense, which will be 45. I've always wanted to do end game PVM content as a Zerker, so I am taking the chance to do so now. Here is my journey. 

Update #2 February 10th, 2019 (Previous Update, scroll down for Update #3!)
Here's my first update for you guys since making the thread! This weekend was spent mainly working on gathering herbs and secondaries for my teammate @Butt Pubes so that he could hit 90 Herblore, which he achieved! :D We now have super combats, and anti-venom's which is pretty big for me and @Cahsay since we can not use serp helm as zerkers. So mainly increases in Slayer, and Farming. Did do some firemaking and woodcutting too, just for levels. Gained about 18 hours of play time since Friday night, so that's nice lol. All in all a decent weekend, with 6m in gained XP. And I got a clue reward with 2 BIS boots for myself and Cahsay on our Zerkers!

Update #3 February 17th, 2019 

So this was what I had posted as goals for the week (idk why I wrote the dates all weird). Wasn't anything too ambitious, but still some solids goals nonetheless, with 90 crafting being a big one for the team. I got 90 strength, 83 mining, 80 slayer, (at the time of writing this) 70 farming, and lastly I got the goal of 90 crafting and have now crafted Fury's for the whole team (excluding our one inactive person)! I wasn't able to get a Dragon Pickaxe drop, and Wyrms kept crapping out dragon swords for me...Thankfully though, @Blue Cahsay was able to get a 2nd Dragon Harpoon drop! That will prove to be useful for the next grind, which you can see in goals :) I gained almost 2 whole days of playtime, and 15m xp. I also managed to hit first page on high scores for Cooking with 18.8m xp! I'd consider the week a success. 

Goals for this coming week (2/18-2/24)!

  1. Get a Dragon Pickaxe.
  2. 99 fishing
  3. 85+ Slayer
  4. 99 Strength
  5. Gather as many herbs/secondaries as I can for herblore next weekend.

Farewell to Dumdum. New beginning :P

08 February 2019 - 12:29 PM

So I haven't really been playing Dumdum since I came back...I've only been on my GIM, but still on forums on Dumdum. I have decided though, it was time to completely retire Dumdum as an account...I have officially transferred Legendary Donor to my GIM. 

Might seem meaningless, but lots of memories on Dumdum. It was the first account I made on Alora, on June 8th 2018 (8 months ago now). I have 24 days played on Dumdum. I almost maxed as an EIM before stupidly deironing for literally no reason. I was a Captain in ICE on Dumdum, and I was also on the In-Game Staff team as Dumdum. Dumdum is a random name I put in when starting Alora, and it's just kind of stuck. 

I very much look forward to getting my post count up on this account, and look forward to going balls to the wall on GIM. 

128 posts, with 200 likes is where I was at on Forums...Got a small amount of work to do to catch up, but no biggie :P 

Here's to a new beginning! :)