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Decided to see if crystal keys worked

18 December 2019 - 05:09 AM

sorry not sorry



Huge Suggestion List (Raids)

09 December 2019 - 07:06 AM

Hello and welcome to my Game suggestions. There might be some on here that have already been asked about, I apologize but I feel most of time they are overlooked and shouldn't be as raids are something that keep players interested in this game.




Chambers of Xeric 


Require Skilling -


I don't see how this isn't a thing. The raid requires a total level requirement but the only skill you need honestly is woodcutting for a broken ice demon boss. Having to farm, herblore, cook ect would make raids worthwhile and actually make the raid interesting instead of just tbowing every single creature to a bloody pulp. 




Incorporate having players in raid groups to be able to move to middle and pray magic to negate some of the damage of the special attack done by boss. Also, if Vasa survives 2nd DPS phase after first crystal, the next crystal she goes to she stands there for 5 seconds before doing special attack when this is not suppose to happen that fast. Lastly, half of the time you dodge the ranged attack and it doesn't dodge at all.


Ice Demon -


This thing should be shooting ranged attacks that are dodge able but instead just mage attack the whole time.  (HP bar bothers me too )


Tekton -


You can't dodge attacks on him causing this boss to melt your supplies unless you ONCE AGAIN use a tbow the whole raid. (Add onyx chance to drop)


!Loc Vespula 


!loc puzzle crabs


The Great Olm -


The Olm encounter recent QoL actually gave me some confidence that raids were going to go towards the right direction. I think the fight is way too easy still. Incorporate having to change prayers due to ranged/magic attacks. Incorporate the fire wall which makes the fight a little more challenging. In solo you don't get paired with a certain spot which is how the OSRS fight is. This should be incorporated to make a more difficult end game challenge fight. 



I will add more to each of these as I discuss this with others and incorporate their ideas to make this a little better described and have more OSRS details incorporated. 


Theatre of Blood 


Maiden -


At the moment I don't see much wrong with maiden other than certain deadclick areas. 




Lol, this is the most AFk boss room. There is literally no challenge here whatsoever. Incorporate having to run around the center and have the bloat switch which way he is going to throw players off. All you do at the moment is sit in 1 area till he moves to west side then you sit AFK in another till he returns. 


Nylos -


This room is just aids. I feel Nylos are easier on OSRS. There is no time between the boss switching styles having to make you glue your eyelids open for each switch. (Don't know if Nylo getting stuck in pillars was fixed but that should probably be fixed, i'm sure some of the admins would appreciate that as it would decrease some of the work load.)




Hello darkness my old friend. Oh sorry was just talking to the invisible projectiles that hit me every time I return from chosen realm. Make the path a little bit more dangerous and not forgiving. The paths on OSRS go sideways not just straight and diagonal.  When DPSing soteseq, you should be able to reduce amount of magic/ranged attacks by staying within melee distance (Scythe should be better here not tbow.)


Xarpus -


Incorporate the standing on exhumed to prevent him from being 100% HP.  Xarpus should not be able to chose the same corner twice. Almost every raid he stares at one corner for about 1 minute because it goes to that same corner more than once or xarp gets stuck looking (Don't really know which it is.) 




Phase 1 : This fight is underwhelming to the fullest. At first you have to find someone that is willing to let 4 other leeches (Like myself) to stand in a corner while they watch youtube videos, die on HCIMS, Watch Adult material, or just sit there and flame the guy dawning. This is a group activity, not a watch someone do all the work for no incentive activity. In the OSRS boss fight, each player takes turns using dawnbringer special attack to take down Verziks shield. While the player who is using their special is attacking, others can attack verzik to add some minimal damage to the shield HELPING whoever is currently using the dawnbringer. 


Phase 2 : This phase also takes no skill. In the OSRS Boss phase 2, you melee and dodge each time with a chance of being hit with an electricity ball that you bounce off each of the other group members which then directs it at verzik for extra damage. Throughout this phase their should be Nylocas Athanatos's spawning (Healers) that should be able to get killed in one hit by any poisoned weapon. The red balls of blood should only be sent towards players once her health gets lower and also then spawns two red Nylos that you need to DPS down to reduce the amount of health verzik is healed by. 


Phase 3 : Phase 3 is phase 2 on alora for some reason with different colored balls of damage that fuck you the whole fight. During this phase, there should be three forms of attack styles that Verzik attacks with. She is suppose to focus on one player following them as this player needs to run around and still damage verzik. You should have to change your prayers between ranged/mage/melee throughout this encounter. And this is the part that makes me the most depressed during this encounter. The part of the fight that makes it more challenging and more fun, the safespots, tornados, and spiderweb. There would be nothing more enjoyable than casually doing the raid and seeing one of my raid mates stuck in a web crying for dear life as they are about to plank and get meme'd out of it. these are the things that make this boss interesting and challenging. As of right now the encounter is just very basic and bland. It hasn't got the love it deserves. With fixing this raid, I think it would add more of a challenge to this server, and then you could probably increase those drop rates to match the challenge ;)





Twisted Bow


I know some might disagree with me on this one, but Twisted bow on this server is too much of a crutch. It's literally overpowered in every way, shape, or form. Its better to use it on Tekton, than a scythe or any crush weapon. You can literally twisted bow the whole encounter of the Great Olm. This weapon is way to good on this server and should be properly adjusted. i don't know if it's like that due to certain NPCs having improper mage defenses or accuracy or what, but it needs to be looked at. It cripples the whole experience of Chambers of Xeric, not so much at Theatre of Blood. This being so good makes weapons like scythe an inferior weapon, in which there are many instances in Theatre of Blood that the scythe should be the BiS weapon instead of relying on a Twisted bow the whole raid. 






I encourage you to read the whole thing before replying to this topic, and if you don't have experience in raids on here and haven't compared them to how they should be, don't leave biased feedback on the topic. Leave your opinions down below on how you feel about these ideas. I'm all for critical feedback so it doesn't always have be supportive. Thanks for your time!

My day at Chambers of Lootations

03 September 2019 - 02:35 AM

Sorry for the people that are dry....I went 2 weeks dry np.











Great start to the weekend :)

10 August 2019 - 05:31 AM

Get this bad boy right when I got home from work.



30 minutes later get my 7th avernic hilt.....


Theater of Blood Drop rates

26 June 2019 - 08:35 PM

IMO, ToB drop rates need increased. 


I've spent the past week or so talking to numerous staff members, and fellow theater of blood raiders and they all agreed in the need to discuss the rates. The majority of players that do ToB go atleast 75+ raids dry meanwhile Chambers drops way more frequently. This not only kills motivation to play, but to do ToB entirely. This results in having to waits hours upon end to find teams leaving some teams to 4-man ToB. Theater is not like CoX which you can solo/duo. Some teams can probably trio but most can't.


I feel as if this topic should be discussed with people who have experienced the same experiences within the theater.


Leave opinions below thanks!.



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