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In Topic: [Fall '21] Community Awards

21 September 2021 - 06:41 PM




Best Event Manager: @Moe


Best Administrator: @A


Best Global Moderator: @Amica


Best Forum Moderator: 


Best Server Moderator:


Best Server Support: @GIM SSS


Most active on Discord:


Most active In-game: @2


Most active on Forums: @Ky


Most Respected: @Classic


Most Potential Promotion: @Fiji


Funniest Staff Member: @2


Overall Best Staff Member: @Fiji






Most Active In-game: @kdcarmichael


Most Active on Forums: 


Most Active on Discord: 


Most Active Overall: @Gimslaving


Most Wealthy: 


Most Addicted to Gambling: @Q


Most Friendly: @Extremedanny


Most Respected: @Extremedanny


Coolest Veteran: @J boogs


Best Helper: @EIM Bust


Best Edgeville Pker: @A


Best Hybrid: @Dreamland


Best NH Pker: @Dreamland


Best PvMer: @gim crohn


Best Raider: @gim crohn


Best Skiller: @Ky


Best Clan: @Paragon


Best Ironman: @Miq


Best Hardcore Ironman: @HC Ashley


Best Ultimate Ironman: 


Best Elite Ironman: 


Best Group ironman (Team): 


Best Group Ironman (Player): @Xo


Best Realism Player: @Realmungard


Best Classic Player: @Classic


Best GFX Designer: @Classic


Best Youtuber: 


Best Streamer: @Lowkey


Top Overall: @Gimslaving

In Topic: [#2] Alora PvM League - $500+ in Prizes

11 July 2021 - 08:28 AM

Solo player: Grum


Discord tag: Merc#8744

In Topic: Paragon - PvM/PvP/Skilling - All Game Modes

09 July 2021 - 12:27 PM

Username: Grum

Discord Name: Merc#8744

Game Mode: Normie


Proof of Combat/Skills84706e7da164df04caa16f3a82a436ca.png

Do you agree to all of Paragon & Alora's Official Rules?: Yes

Reason for applying to Paragon?: TO BRING GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND