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04 September 2021 - 04:26 PM

Hey! I Started playing Alora a couple months ago, but unfortunately I had to stop gaming completely for personal reasons. I came back 2 weeks ago and realized I never really took the time to properly introduce myself to this wonderful community.


My name is Charles, I'm a 22 years old french canadian from Montreal. My first language is french and for that reason I would like to apologize (true canadian...) if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes in this. I'm a big hockey fan, I love the Montreal Canadians and it sucks that we lost to Tampa Bay in the Stanley cup finals, Nikita Kucherov can ligma balls. Anyways, I have a bachelor in finance and I just started another bachelor in software engineering (I know i'm crazy, I just knew I didnt wanted to work in finance for the rest of my life). I have been playing osrs ever since I was a little kid, and also always loved private servers. The type of music I love the most is country and rap (I know those are those extremely different genres haha). Imma wrap this up here, I have been talking to some people in game, but feel free to hit me up if you're looking for a good friend!



Beer Sender