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#406863 Aftermath - PvM/Skilling - All Game Modes

Posted by 42 on 20 August 2021 - 01:22 PM

I. What is/are your IGN(s)? [please include all ALT accounts]


Fe Lk, Real Lk, Lkimjeim


II. Which Game Mode(s) do you play?


Ironman and realism mainly


III. What is your Discord ID?



IV. What is your game-time(Provide screenshot)?

about 70-75 days between accounts


V. What is your total Boss Kill count?


+2k between normie and iron



VI. How did you find out about us?


I was a Day Z in original aftermath clan and am coming back home

#404195 Paragon - PvM/PvP/Skilling - All Game Modes

Posted by 42 on 25 July 2021 - 06:47 PM

Username: Fe Lk

Discord Name: canev#6131

Game Mode: ironman

Playtime: 32 days 16 hours 23 minutes (about 35 more days on normie account)

Proof of Combat/Skills: runelite tracker

Do you agree to all of Paragon & Alora's Official Rules?: yes

Reason for applying to Paragon?: aftermath closed and i enjoy playing with a clan

Referred by a Clan Member (Who?): N/A

#400178 [Summer '21] Community Awards

Posted by 42 on 16 June 2021 - 02:51 PM




Best Administrator: @Moe


Best Global Moderator:


Best Forum Moderator:


Best Server Moderator: @Amica


Best Server Support: @Arosa


Most active on Discord:@Classic


Most active In-game: @Amica


Most active on Forums: @Classic


Most Respected:@Amica


Most Potential Promotion: @Amica


Funniest Staff Member:


Overall Best Staff Member: @Amica






Most Active In-game: @Gimslaving


Most Active on Forums: @Real Alan


Most Active on Discord:@st8


Most Active Overall: @Gimslaving


Most Wealthy: @Codex1


Most Addicted to Gambling: @Tekk3rz


Most Friendly: @Drokaan


Most Respected: @Gimslaving


Coolest Veteran: @Yautja


Best Helper: @st8


Best Edgeville Pker: @Yautja


Best Hybrid: @wilderness


Best NH Pker: @Wilderness


Best PvMer: @gimslaving


Best Raider: @Yautja


Best Skiller: @Gimslaving


Best Clan: @Aftermath CC


Best Ironman: @Drokaan


Best Hardcore Ironman: @Luka Doncic


Best Ultimate Ironman: @Buzzard Tony


Best Elite Ironman: @Lerak


Best Group ironman (Team):


Best Group Ironman (Player): @Calloway


Best Realism Player: @Real Alan


Best Classic Player: @Antwerp


Best GFX Designer: /


Best Youtuber:


Best Streamer:


Top Overall: @ST8