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03 March 2021 - 04:53 PM

Personally don't like the fact it hasn't even been a week & this is already being suggested , as classic said omi will be making tweaks for the updates.


Also the fact that a clan is suggesting this is making it hard to not see this topic as unbiased, Yes you're a "PvM" clan but they're several members in your clan known to roam revs for pking & even if you were to keep it singles it still wouldn't be hard to lock down revs with a clan or several members of a clan with all those npcs together like it was. This also would slow down the money making for other irons or regular players trying to make money, you could still kill players you just have to hunt them down instead of just going to one place, hunting down players in the wildy loses its purpose otherwise.


There are rooms with 2 revs with high respawn times that you're only waiting about a second or two before they spawn again so the rate of drops aren't down by THAT much . This also keeps the integrity of the game intact.


No Support 

From the topic you can see it says Single + without the revs being so spread out

A member from Aftermath created the topic, not sure where your assumption is to the whole clan trying to control the votes? You can see from the results its a mixture of yes and no's from aftermath members. 


This topic is to voice your opinion, not sure where the need is to attack the clan for having different opinion for and against to what you suggested. 

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28 February 2021 - 03:30 PM

#Aftermath ;)