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#370578 New RSPS new me!

Posted by brutalpro on 31 August 2020 - 07:38 AM

As i was looking around on the internet for something to do i stumbeled apon Alora, it looked well polished and had a lot of features I did not even knew exsisted on Runescape (and after looking some more it seemed fairly active aswell). After not playing runescape or private servers for a long time i got exited for the grind and got a nostalgic feeling! As I started the game I saw "hardcore ironman mode" and tought to myself, what's a better way to start runescape again then challenging yourself. So i went ahead and created one.


During my Journey I have set myself some goals and would love to keep the forums updated with all of them soon (and maybe one day when i get the hang of it make some guides aimed towards the Hardcore Ironman gamemode!)


Anyways I should go back to the grind...





I hope to see you all around in game sometimes!