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Ninja Nate

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#389246 Paragon - PvM/PvP/Skilling - All Game Modes

Posted by Ninja Nate on 14 February 2021 - 09:55 AM

Username: Ninja Nate/ Ninja Nig

Discord Name:NinjaNate#9570

Game Mode:Realist/ Ironman

Playtime:10 days-Realist/ 8 days-Ironman

Proof of Combat/Skills: Ninja Nate-https://gyazo.com/d1...d21b78d8a0d64f5
Ninja Nig- https://gyazo.com/57...5b873805a656fd6
Do you agree to all of Paragon & Alora's Official Rules?: yes

Reason for applying to Paragon?: Love the community and excited for all the events, Paragon is gonna be the #1 community clan

Referred by a Clan Member (Who?):

Real Exe