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Real shitty

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05 December 2020 - 11:27 AM

Realism name: Real Shitty

*name (total level) 52 (moving up slowly)

Discord tag:

*name#xxxx  azzcrack 8149

*discord names are case sensitive

Experience on Realism: I currently have 0 experience on realism I have played alot of servers as an ironman so figured i would give this a shot.

*any comments on your Realism experience so far

Seems like it will be a fun and fulfilling grind that i am eager to dive into,

*advice for new Realism players!

Experience on Alora: I play 2 Gim on alora

Gim Ass

Gim Asscrack

*game mode - account name (total level)

Are you affiliated with any other clans on Alora?:

*yes - clan name I am currently in ICE on my Gim i will leave that if necessary.

Reason for applying: Realism has always been a game mode I have found interesting and figured why not give it a shot right now. I do not mean for this to sound as if I am not taking it serious i do understand the game mode will require alot of time and patience and i am prepared for this. I also thought it would be nice to be apart of the realism community as I am new to this mode and would like to pick your guys minds as I progress and at some point i hope to be able to offer help and guidance to other players as they join also. This seems to be a very tight knit community and this seems like the place to come to best be apart of that.

*why do you want to be apart of the Realists team?

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