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In Topic: Battle pass

16 February 2024 - 12:00 AM

Support. I think it would be a great addition to increase rewards gained passively, while getting us to do things in game that we don't always do. Fortnite being one of my favourite games ever created (Best Game Ever) and having a battle pass is awesome for it. I think Alora would truly enjoy the rewards for the work you put in. If you can't afford one, get a job. They are like 10$ although I think it should be more around $50 for Alora. I would love to support my favorite server and grind out for awesome rewards. 100% Support.

In Topic: Moderation & Guides

11 January 2024 - 08:59 PM

I agree, with staff members like To Gain, who to the community only logs in, mutes, kills potential new players but instead they leave because they get tilted by getting pked by a gold crown, instead of getting assistance from staff, they are set backwards. This gives the entire staff team a bad look to those players instead of just the one who is too lazy to make an alt account that is unranked. Pking is a part of the game, but you have to have some sense when it comes to it. Alora is largely an ironman server, not pk server. They come here to visit the content for irons, and starting at revs is a good place for GP. I dont know Kareem, or if he is good or not, but the slightly incompetent person who said hes just human is just enabling him. As a staff member, you should have a large amount of knowledge on Alora to be able to aid people, read the title of his staff position if you are still confused. To say "hes just a human who makes mistakes" is quite literally a dense comment. He is supposed to help new players, and old players alike. Back to To Gain, if baffles me he hasn't been demoted. He has a very large ego problem that reflects onto the staff team, and i have had certain situations where he abused his staff rank/power. For example I pm'd him saying my account was dc'd near KBD and it was black screened. It was a new GIM and he did help me, which i can't deny, but first he made sure to pk my account. Aswell as a recent incident where he died due to poor 1:1 coding of multi to osrs, he used his staff rank to get a refund, even though on Alora the multi icon was there, and you would be fully aware you were in multi. When he killed me due to a bug, he didn't refund my items (the bug was i planted a seed under him and didn't move, forcing me to be stuck where i was.) I didnt even ask for a full refund, just one of my spec weps back since i was low on them, and he replied with "nah im keeping a collection." I have also seen him abuse the singles plus timers in Rev Caves and has pj'd fights, and even took a kill on me off another pker somehow pjing the middle of the fight. Now it is my word against his, but there are many other people im sure he has done this to. Ivy, 2, Not Shadow, Arosa, and Lucifers GIM were the only staff members who actually did a good job during my time playing. Helpful, took time out of their days to figure out a problem with me, and if i had an issue instead of saying ::report, they just tp'd and saw what was going on first hand. To Gain, and a few others would respond with "::report" to the point where I just stopped messaging them. 

In Topic: EIM/GIM rev totems

18 July 2023 - 09:29 PM

Just starting a GIM recently and noticed its much harder to make GP. Revs being a huge early game money maker would make this nicer.