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Trash Iron

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Trash Iron

Hello, we're looking for highly motivated and dedicated players to join our staff team as server supports. That can be done via the in-game command ::apply or scrolling down to the management part of the forums, use the template provided to the best of your abilities. If you meet the requirements, don't hesitate to apply. Make sure to read the guidelines before applying!
Jun 23 2022 01:27 AM
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    ::apply isn't working for me :(
    Jun 23 2022 04:47 PM
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    sorry bad connection unable to... lelelele

    Jun 24 2022 12:14 PM

Trash Iron

Congrats Omicron, they named a COVID variant after you!
Nov 26 2021 01:59 PM
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    thanks Dr Hellish plz get us sponsored with the WHO
    Nov 27 2021 04:47 PM
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    Trash Iron
    Only if you get me head veteran first.
    Nov 28 2021 01:48 AM
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    that can be arranged
    Nov 28 2021 07:07 AM