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In Topic: Donator zone revamp - Rough proposal

13 May 2023 - 08:21 AM

100% support
Feels like dzone is pretty dead.

In Topic: Paragon - PvM/PvP/Skilling - All Game Modes

08 May 2023 - 12:37 PM

Username: tripleS040
Discord Tag: TripleS040 #7424
Game Mode: Classic
Playtime: 2 days 15 hours (got a other account with more)
Proof of Combat/SkillsPersonal Highscores - Alora | Oldschool MMORPG
Do you agree to all of Paragon & Alora's Official Rules?: yes
Reason for applying to Paragon?: looking for a fun clan. annd for pvm
Referred by a Clan Member (Who?): Yell

In Topic: Aftermath - PvM/Skilling - All Game Modes

06 May 2023 - 08:22 AM

I. What is/are your IGN(s)? [please include all ALT accounts]



II. Which Game Mode(s) do you play?



III. What is your Discord ID?



IV. What is your game-time?

2days (just started)


V. What is your total Boss Kill count?


VI. How did you find out about us?

alora chat :)