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In Topic: My Problem with Staff

30 May 2024 - 06:52 AM

Hilarious how the same people take the bait over and over lmao it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Some of you just can't help yourselves, can you? How nice of Alan to give paragone something to rally over

In Topic: Buying/Selling GIM Bank

28 May 2024 - 08:56 PM

Reading comments like this makes me laugh, typical Alora forum shit posters trying to get their post count up because there gamemodes brought into it.

@Formula One is clearly making a valid point, if you want to keep every community happy, all you need to do is make it fair around the board. However as soon as realism is brought into it, we get you members who sulk and cry about it.

Also, I think you're the one who's drunk, as I almost had a stroke reading this.

The irony is blinding. Quite sure the stroke happened well before this


What is the purpose of keeping a separate economy for realism if we’re able to trade between normie/realism?
Might as well cut out the middle man and merge the economies so there’s no ridiculous premium on items.

People who play an Ironman and purchase items from other GIM players seem to do so purely to maintain the GIM status, pure speculation here, otherwise you might as well play normie and save the billions of GP you’d pay on premium.
Same goes for realism, we play that mode for the added challenge of lower exp rates (and other minor differences). If we wanted to keep that game mode pure, to add fairness if GIM aren’t allowed to work around the system to purchase items, the same restrictions should be implemented for realism/normie trading. Otherwise just merge the economy.

Do you not see that you are the one on this "keep realism pure" kick that you've devised as a way to say irons should be able to trade as well? Its a false equivalency full stop.  I just don't know how we get from ironmen accounts being able to buy/sell items to Realism accounts shouldn't be able to accept norm gold for items that player could then turn around and trade back for the exact same price. You said it yourself "people who play an ironman and purchase items from other gim players seem to do so pureply to maintain the gim status". Sounds like an awesome game mode you got there

In Topic: Buying/Selling GIM Bank

28 May 2024 - 11:49 AM

100%. Realism market is seriously broken and unviable for any newcomers. A merge would settle the economy on both sides.
In addition, exchange of realism:normie GP should also be banned if they ban GIM item selling.

People are so adamant on realism being a separate economy but will happily purchase GP using normie GP.

Imagine playing a game mode that forces you to grind items separately from the normal mode however you use normal mode GP to buy items for the separate game mode…. Sounds familiar no?

"exchange of realism/normie (Both which allow open trading between accounts) should also be banned if they ban GIM item (Ironman items you are only allowed to share with your 4 other team mates) selling" LOL someone take this man home he must be drunk. Your bs replies are so self-serving they don't even warrant being part of a real conversation

In Topic: Remove Callisto's Magic Immunity

27 May 2024 - 10:56 AM

Support. Anything that gives you more options with no downside is always a plus

In Topic: Buying/Selling GIM Bank

27 May 2024 - 09:37 AM

No support, this would prevent people to swap from afk teams or partners. Add a longer cooldown to item transfering etc or a maximum amount of transfers sure why not?


Abusing it to make big money seems funny "selling realism shadow 16b". While we're at it merge realism, shouldn't be abused to make big money.

I'm pretty confused what Realism has to do with buying/selling IRONMAN items? You are also referring to a particular individual/two people who abuse realism eco to charge big amounts for highly desired items. Which again has literally nothing to do with what this forum post was made for. Do you really dislike Alan that much or what cause your reply just doesn't make sense.

quickly starting to realise why alan was muted/jailed to begin with

aw is he hurting someone's little feelings with words? yeah let's take away his ability to talk cause we all are a bunch of babies