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200M All Completionist Achieved

27 September 2023 - 04:32 PM

Finally achieved 200M all skills completionist status!  :D Took about 1.5 years real-time and 104 days played in-game, although a lot of that was spent PvMing, bankstanding, etc. This wasn't a goal I originally had when I first joined, but started skilling more and more and decided along the way to achieve it.


I didn't start using vote book XP bonus until the last 5 skills or so, and tried to only skill the more time-consuming or GP-consuming skills when the Well was on.


Least favorite skill was probably Agility because it was one of the lower XP per hour and not AFKable. 2nd place would go to Construction or Hunter because again not AFK at all but still faster than Agility.


Didn't get a Baby Chinchompa, Tangleroot, or House pet through 200M, but got most of the other skilling pets (besides Herbi and Phoenix).


Thank you everyone for all the Gzs in yell   <3 Not sure what the next goal will be, maybe will try out an Ironman this time!