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In Topic: Im going to complete the collection log, a thousand kills at a time.

12 January 2023 - 08:23 AM

Cool ass idea man, ill definitely be keeping up. Good luck at zulrah

In Topic: What Song Are You Currently Listening To? (Pt. 2)

04 January 2023 - 06:57 PM

been on repeat a lot lately


In Topic: Realism Ironman Ep. 23

31 December 2022 - 08:18 PM

Y'all don't understand how much comments like these mean to me especially when I feel like the video wasnt my best <3



Yessss! I've been waiting for this!

Awesome episode as usual brother!



Keep up the awesome videos :)



Huge upgrades ! Keep up the videos ! <3



Gains be coming! Great video bud!

In Topic: Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

31 December 2022 - 08:13 PM

awards look so sick! thank you everyone for voting me best streamer <3 means so much to me tbh

In Topic: Let's talk about Realism.

29 November 2022 - 08:37 PM

Im in support of this, i think modes like this being their own eco for a while and then getting merged just makes sense