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Mystery Boxes rewards rework

05 January 2024 - 05:27 AM

What is your suggestion?:

In my opinion, Mystery Box, Super Mystery Box, Ultimate Mystery Box needs a rework. Why? Because as example for Ultimate Mystery Box which costs 150 tokens (100-120M in game) - 90% of the time, you get 0-15M rewards, 9.9% of the time you get 15-100M rewards, and 0.1% to get 100M+ item? Only people opening these boxes are one time tryers newcomers, who immediately regret the decision. I mean, receiving 50M item is already disappointing, but when you receive clue items, which are obtainable in couple items, it's just ridiculous.

Is this in OSRS?: No

Has this suggestion been accepted already?:Don't know

How would this benefit Alora?: Much higher attraction and satisfaction for opener and community of opening the boxes to receive more or less valuable in-game items. As well of more people buying them in store.