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24 June 2024 - 02:38 PM

what is this for shit?

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22 June 2024 - 02:07 PM

my perfect summer ? well that will be not any drop for me...


the summer will be perfect for me if my teamplayer come back to alora and playing GIM with me again..

we startert in the spring all 4 new gim to make the best group but after few weeks/mounth the quit and take a break for busy in irl or back to osrs... irl is ofc always better to do then playing alora or a other game!!! 

but i still missing my team mates ! 

shoot out for that. to this ppls !




@GIM Sharp 


lets make gim and alora great again to alora if it will be this summer or later the summer we will see!

the prize will be amazing for me if its possible to make fashion great also if it can be on gim !

other wise the coins to normie helps also to buying bonds/boosters/vbook to boost the drops on the gim drops !


thanks all <3

i hope that we can being great again on alora #1 

In Topic: [13/6/24] The Colosseum, Alora Bingo, Nightmare Drop Rework, Libation Bowl...

17 June 2024 - 01:29 PM

very nice update also the fashionscape but the colosseum is nice