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selling donor rank?

30 May 2024 - 01:59 PM

What is your suggestion?: selling donor rank.

Is this in OSRS?: no

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: no?

How would this benefit Alora?: no??





selling rank is right now RWT so its not alluowt to do... my question to you all guys how you guys looking to this??

its not that you can sell donor rank like split the rank to a other player and also NOT the plan to do it for REAL MONEY.

BUT if this will be alluowt  its more like that you need to sell your full rank to a alora player in-game for items or cash or what the deal will be...?

alot of  ppl wanna get maybe the old rank back and this will be a optie to sell your rank who want higher rank and wanna/can spend it in 1 time.

so then it will sell your rank for gp/items and buy the rank back what the ppl want or like before and not starting a new account/game mode and getting that rank again?



i wanna see how you all guys thinking about this and opties how this will be working ?

new rank?

10 May 2024 - 04:08 PM

What is your suggestion?: new rank

Is this in OSRS?: no 

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: no

How would this benefit Alora?: 

for alora benefit... maybe it will get more money becus if its worth the rank the ppl will get it? its not sure to push it to 40k or 35k or 30k total... its for sure always hard to get eternal aswell....but if you look at alora and more privet servers there there is some times maxed rank 5k... we way over that and eternal we got for a long time right now!

and if you see the player who playing alot alora.... getting more and more ppl immort/eternal and maybe ppl wanna go for more if it good stuff on it?