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Ironman Progress Series | Ep. 9

07 February 2024 - 03:24 PM


Better late than never, with the release of DT2 I am back and ready to play. My poor hard drive is sitting on approximately 200 GB of progress clips so expect many more videos in the near future while I get you caught up to speed

General Graardor 7:0 Bowfa Method

21 August 2023 - 06:31 AM

Some helpful tips, I recommend turning on your own true tile in the Tile Indicators plugin, as well as grabbing Better NPC Highlight from the plugin hub and enabling "True Tile Highlight" and typing General Graardor into the text box. Other than that it's pretty straight forward, for the start of the fight you wait for Graardors true tile to be on top of the "graardor" tile, and then you start the cycle. Worth noting is that for this part you can be a tick late (Partially wrong, read the edit below) and everything will be fine, but if you're a tick early you'll get hit on the 2nd attack tile. Hope this helps & happy grinding.

Tile Markers:
To import this simply copy everything and right click your world map ingame and click "Import", it'll import it straight from your clipboard.
Edit: Thanks to a horrendously dead click I realized you can be up to ticks late when moving from the start tile on the starting rotation, this means that if Graardor targets you instead of your tank as he spawns you can get 2 Bowfa hits in before clicking on the first attack tile and beginning the cycle. I have updated the Tile Markers above to include the specific tile, named "GRAARDOR" if his true tile gets past this tile before you click away you will get hit on the 1st & 2nd attack tile. This should help you figure out what you're doing wrong if you're taking graardor hits.
Additionally I STRONGLY recommend tagging the ranger minion off of your tank as this highly alleviates pressure and reduces the risk of the tank dying. This does however come at the cost of more prayer used on your DPS Account as well as stamina potions being necessary to sustain run energy, as you can't rest while in combat.

Remove the "Dmg" text from the Damage Drops feature

17 August 2023 - 06:11 AM

What is your suggestion?: To remove the "Dmg" text that comes with Damage Drops


Is this in OSRS?: Don't think so, pretty sure it's a customizable thing with Runelite though

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No

How would this benefit Alora?: It would look way cleaner

Ironman Progress Series | Ep. 8

14 August 2023 - 06:38 AM

Ironman Progress Series | Ep. 7

16 June 2023 - 10:57 AM