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In Topic: ICE [Ironman/Classic/Elite] PVM/PVP/SKILLING

24 January 2023 - 06:45 PM

Account Name (IGN) - Kaynine

Discord Tag (Name#0000) - Kaynine#3078

What is your current rank? (Put N/A if currently unranked) - N/A

Name of the player who recruited you. (Put N/A if not applicable. RECRUIT ONLY) - Kung Fu

When did you last apply for a rank? (Put N/A if this is your first application) - N/A

What rank are you applying for? - Recruit+


What are your strengths? - My motivation is a key strength. While I have played Alora for less than a week, I have made huge progress and I often end up being setup to do high end content where I hope I can become of great use to this team.


What are your weaknesses? - I've been away from runescape as a whole for years so currently learning the new bosses/mini-games.


In a short paragraph, please explain why you feel you deserve the rank you are applying for. - I deserve a rank because in the short time I've been here, I have been active and progressed by quite large amount which will only continue. I am very social with a nag for wanting to do the highest content games can offer. I recently went on hiatus from WoW as a high end raider, guild leader and raid leader for example. I will become an asset to this team if you give me time. I am also an activate voice chat user if that helps discord activity.