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#453617 Hunt for 3rd Age Melee Set + $10 Bond Giveaway EVERY Week

Posted by Hong Kong on 17 February 2023 - 03:39 PM

Completed another 75 easy clue scrolls, totalling the easy clue scrolls count to 100. Check original post for easy clue scrolls collection log update. I obtained the black shield (h1), however, it is not in the easy clue scrolls collection log. I have reported this as a bug. 

adc963bb0cedc79484124d833e1d45b9.png c048d1a58ec9f52007b4aef2a95c53b8.png


H.A.M Member pickpocket count is currently at 4,332!


#453399 Hunt for 3rd Age Melee Set + $10 Bond Giveaway EVERY Week

Posted by Hong Kong on 13 February 2023 - 01:37 PM

A neat approach to the game in which I am looking forward to seeing the progress on.

Looks like you have a decent start going on.



This is a preset I created to solve Easy-Elite/some master clues.

It's nowhere near perfect but it's a start and effective for Alora.




Quest point cape - Legends Guild/Quick fairy ring

Xerics talisman - Kourend teleports

Digsite pendant - self explanatory

Glory amulet - Draynor

Crafting cape - (max cape perk also)

Kharedst memoirs (Kourend medium diary perk)

Iron pickaxe - doesn't have a STASH unit for it

Music cape - teleport to Falo the bard

Dramen/Lunar staff - Fairy rings


Best of luck to you!


I have limited access to equipment and other content due to the build of my account, but I will most certainly look into playing around with this RuneLite plugin, and what I have access to in order to help me get around the world and complete clue scrolls at a much faster pace.


Thank you! 

#453347 Hunt for 3rd Age Melee Set + $10 Bond Giveaway EVERY Week

Posted by Hong Kong on 12 February 2023 - 01:40 PM

I joined Alora several weeks ago, and I have had a joyful time trying out a majority of the unique game modes and the thrilling wide-range of content Alora has to offer.
Now that I have gained vast knowledge of Alora, I thought I would now "go hard or go home." I have created a novelty account - a Defence pure, and my goal for it is to hunt for the 3rd age melee set by doing clue scrolls. Before I begin this insane goal, I am looking to complete the easy and medium clue scroll logs to warm myself up beforehand.
Subscribe to my thread by clicking the follow button, located top-right corner of my thread in order to receive notifications whenever I post an update. I will try my best to update the thread every Sunday. 
As mentioned in the title of the thread, I will also be giving away a $10 bond every week on Sundays. Entering in this is as simple as it gets, all you have to do is submit an on-topic post to this thread one time, and your username will then be added to the random name wheel every Sunday.

VlA00Yl.png Clue Hunter Outfit (Number Clue Scrolls)
lQrVFwr.png Scroll Sack
7gT14jA.png Uri Transform Emote
ccnu3CM.png Ranger Boots Count: 0
9QnxbIY.png Gilded Equipment Count: 0
HODAAeY.png 3rd Age Equipment Count: 0 
VW9zsfY.png Hard/Elite Clue Scroll: Count - Date - Image
QTxzHod.png Hard/Elite Clue Scroll: Count - Date - Image
bQRxqDS.png Hard/Elite Clue Scroll: Count - Date - Image
zPt739N.png Hard/Elite Clue Scroll: Count - Date - Image



DSASbFX.png Easy Clue Scroll Log

769f53d8a47c15dc7fa9765bcdc45e1c.png 1b800892831cf1a6f57310feda44a9ce.png 93a547911935afa84aedbda5cd9fa7f3.png bdcdfdfac29c15ff0dcfeb1b3c67b946.png 0702185c9717415d9fd27e6fa3291115.png



qIUz8sg.png Medium Clue Scroll



uIIxUlO.png Hard Clue Scroll Log



TnOT1tK.png Elite Clue Scroll Log




nYVTGDZ.png Misc. Log


sLw5vKT.png H.A.M Member Pickpockets: 4,332

LVl75rz.png Rocky Pet Count: 2


09qppJF.png  Eclectic Implings Caught: 0


K69kOTu.png Lucky Implings Caught: 0

[Rare Loot Screenies Placeholder]


XVkztjc.png Manta Rays Fished: 0

addIyXO.png Heron Pet Count: 0


cH23H2q.png Amethyst Rocks Mined: 0

N7GgQur.png Rock Golem Pet Count: 0


jcqgAdw.png Redwood Logs Cut: 0

g49f9TO.png Beaver Pet Count: 0