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A (Safe) Rev area

14 March 2023 - 08:11 PM

What is your suggestion?:

Creating a Safe Rev Location.


Is this in OSRS?:



Has this suggestion been accepted already?:



How would this benefit Alora?:

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the format in this post. (I'm a few days new to this server)

I've been playing this server and I do enjoy all the modes so far. I recently got back into OSRS last month (after being away for a good 2 years)

Decided to play a Private Server (Alora) So I can gain knowledge and quick levels for similar content on OSRS.


My Suggestion:

Whenever I'm in Rev caves I've noticed the majority of people who are there are usually under-geared (they don't have anything just a weapon and very basic armor)

These people are grinding Revs for awesome items / weapons / gear  for their accounts (I'm an Ironman and try to do this in the late hours if I'm lucky as that's when it's less populated) But that's not always the case unfortunately.

There are a FEW pkers (which yes, it's the wild and there will always be pkers seeking people in the wild)

Only problem is, Most people at Revs don't have gear to protect themselves also weapons. They're (Free Kills) 

we're basically feeding Pkers, to give them free PKP to use.


I think having a area where REVS could spawn that aren't in the wilderness would be awesome.

BUT to access this area, perhaps you have to be a donator or something along those lines to access this area.

Or maybe some type of membership as these monsters would be grinded for sure. 


These Revs would have unique names / ID's that aren't similar to the Wilderness ones. 

Also, these Revs won't drop any blighted Foods / Sacks (those could be removed from the drop table.


I feel having this type of location /  area would be good for players like me (who literally suck at this game and trying to get good materials) 

Not only that, likeminded people would pay for something similar to this.


Heck, perhaps even Instance Tokens for Revs (that last for like 30 mins? 1 hour?) 

Thanks for reading.


-SillyDick, the shittiest ironman.✔️