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Volatile Baboon

16 November 2023 - 06:50 PM

What is your suggestion?: Allow the Volatile Baboon in ToA to function as it does in OSRS. Directly from the OSRS Wiki "The explosion will instantly kill any baboons next to it regardless of their health."

Is this in OSRS?: Yes, see above

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No

How would this benefit Alora?: If baboon can blow me up, let baboon blow it's fellow monkeys up as well. Also small QoL change to keep consistent with OSRS.

Allow Multiple Seed Packs

11 September 2023 - 07:27 PM

What is your suggestion?:

Allow us to have more than one seed pack from farming contracts at a time. 

Is this in OSRS?: 


Has this suggestion been accepted already?: 


How would this benefit Alora?:

Would allow you to bank them or just keep several in your inventory while you finish multiple contracts. Currently you have to open them as you get them which becomes tedious with having to bank multiple times on farm runs. Thank you.