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In Topic: 93 Agility Blood Altar Requirement Removal.

06 May 2024 - 06:20 PM

i mean you can take the alternate routes to get to the blood altar without taking the 93 agility shortcut, but it would be nice not to have to take the long route

In Topic: boost gotr exp

06 May 2024 - 06:15 PM


Hard Agreee

  pffft what are you crying about on that x8 gim xp rate l0l

i do support this though lol, sure would be nice to get more xp outta doing another 500 trips of GoTR

In Topic: Butterfly Click Boxes

06 May 2024 - 06:11 PM

im all for bigger clickboxes got them, itd sure save my  finger from spam clicking to catch them xD