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Bond Trading for OSRS

10 October 2023 - 11:39 PM

What is your suggestion?:

      Hear me out; Ask yourself, how often do players donate with osrs gp? Why so little? Is it because it is more difficult? Is the process to time consuming for the player? It seems to be a little of both & comes across just overall inconvenient.

We're all just chasing after dopamine; thats of course why we're a rsps, we dont like slow exp rates(most of us lol). We are searching for that instant gratification, that "one more hit" of dopamine, which causes us to be impulsive at times!

How it could work: Use bond on player, chat box has 2 options 'give' or 'trade for osrs gp' when trade for gp option is selected an interface pops up. In the interface, player 1 deposits x amount of bonds & player 2 enters x amount of gp (representing osrs gp).

When both players accept it closes the interface and the bonds return to player 1's invy.

The log is sent through the server to a staff only discord (i imagine this would be the easiest way).

A trusted staff member will then teles both to a designated location & middle man the trade both in alora & osrs, taking 10% of the osrs gold off the top.



Is this in OSRS?: no

Has this suggestion been accepted already?:no


How would this benefit Alora?:

I think long term this will increase demand of bonds. This can be supported by the fact that player 1 has donated their cash and may be quitting so they would like to recoup some of the $$ they have donated. In order to buy bonds in game someone has to be donating. Economics says this can deflate(cause items to decrease in price) the economy the short term due to a high demand to sale to purchase more bonds. Once the equilibrium is reached the economy will adjust back up.


This will also discourage RWT the Alora doesn't benefit from. (not sure how common this is but I assume it happens on some scale) 


- Just a half baked dude with an economics degree

Drop searcher QOL

04 October 2023 - 12:30 AM

What is your suggestion?: Allow players to search clue scroll box to see drop rates rather than having to search specific monster drop tables. I assume this is an oversight due to clue scrolls being coded into clue box's


I also think a drop table that shows more niche drop rates such as bird's nest from WC, clue bottles from fishing, defender from cyclops, ect. I am sure there are more that I cant think of 

Is this in OSRS?: N/A

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: I reckon not

How would this benefit Alora?: QOL 


- sincerely a HCIM trying to get some clue scrolls