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[2/3/19] Farming guild (+Hespori), GIM Removal tickets, Obelisk setting, LMS QOL & more!

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Hotfixes (4/3/19):

  • Last Man Standing updates:
    • Last Man Standing max players fixed (was still 24 following the last update)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Previously, the Font of Consumption (Abyssal Sire) items were not being added to the collection log. This has been fixed.
  • GIM removal ticket changes:
    • Purchasing GIM removal tickets has been fixed for ironman.
    • Kicking yourself:
      • You can now kick yourself from your group without having to vote on it / have other team mates vote on it. You will be instantly kicked upon using the ticket and typing in your own name.
        • This can be done with any group size (even 1 or 2 player groups), but if you want to vote on another player you must still have at least a 3-player group.
  • Fixed combat bugs with new prayer changes:
    • A few NPCs' damage blocking effects were not being properly applied, and have since been fixed:
      • Demonic gorillas were attackable through prayer
      • The gray (melee-only) spiders in ToB were attackable
  • Inferno changes:
    • You can no longer safespot any of the JalTok-Jads in the second to last wave (3 Jad wave). Even if you stand in a safespot or run to the corner, they will still be able to hit you.
  • Farming updates:
    • Whiteberry seed is now tradable.
    • Banana tree contract has been fixed.






Hey guys,


Today’s update took a bit longer than anticipated to wrap up, due to some major changes to the farming system and having to understand the way the new patches are configured. Nevertheless, we pushed through these difficulties, and as promised, the Farming guild has arrived! You’ll be able to plant many new seeds in new types of patches, and we’ve also pushed some important fixes for non-farming guild related aspects of the skill (calquat trees, cactus patches, bushes, etc). Aside from Farming, we’ve implemented the Group Ironman removal tickets which will allow players to vote on kicking players from their group. The full details are below:


  • Group Ironman Removal tickets:
    • Due to popular request, we've decided to add a way for ironman groups to vote to remove players from their team.
      • Here's how it works:
        • 1. A Group Removal ticket is required, which can be purchased from the store for 350 tokens. Any player in the group can use it, and this will initiate a vote in the group to kick a player out.
        • 2. At this point, any online players will be asked if they would like to kick the selected player. For the next 48 hours, team members will be reminded that they need to vote on login.
        • 3. The majority of the team must vote yes to kick the selected player. See the table below for the required amount of votes:
          • 5-man team: 3 players required
          • 4-man team: 2 players required
          • 3-man team: 2 players required
          • Any lower: duos and solo group ironman teams cannot use these tickets.
        • 4. If the requirement is met within 48 hours, the player will be kicked from the team. If the requirement is not met, the vote will fail and another one can be re-initiated with a new ticket.
      • Notes:
        • Only 1 vote can be ongoing at any given moment, so if you'd like to kick 2 players, you need to wait until the current vote is concluded. This can take minutes if all players are online, or it could take 24+ hours to wait until the required # of votes is met.
        • If the vote fails, and the majority of the players in the group do not want to kick the player being voted on, you will still lose your ticket.
        • A group can only vote to kick a player once every 7 days, unless the current vote fails, in which case they can immediately kick another player.
        • The ticket is tradable (between group members), but normal accounts can transfer the ticket over by using it on a GIM player.



  • Farming updates:
    • General updates/fixes:
      • Though previously available across Alora, these patches/seeds were not functional and now work as intended:
        • Spirit tree patches:
          • Although Spirit trees don't technically exist in Alora (due to the convenience of the Teleport wizard), these seeds give a great sum of XP when fully grown and the seed drops are quite rare, making them a viable training method. All of the following patches can now be planted with Spirit seeds:
            • Etceteria, Brimhaven, Port Sarim, Hosidius, Farming guild
        • Bush patches:
          • You are now able to plant the following seeds:
            • Redberry, Cadavaberry, Dwellberry, Jangerberry, Whiteberry, Poison Ivy
          • The following patches are available:
            • Champion's guild, Rimmington, Ardougne (south), Etceteria, Farming guild
        • Cactus patches:
          • You are now able to plant the following seeds:
            • Cactus seeds, Potato cactus seeds
          • The following patches are available:
            • Al Kharid, Farming guild
        • Snape grass seeds (allotment patches):
          • Snape grass seeds can now be planted in any allotment patch, and will enable you to conveniently obtain Snape grass!
            • These seeds can be dropped by seed packs, the Master Farmer or from many different NPCs.
        • Potato cactus seeds
          • Obtainable from Seed packs or pickpocketing Master farmers.
        • Dragonfruit seeds:
          • These seeds can be used to plant a Dragonfruit tree in any Fruit tree patch, and can be obtained rarely from Bird's nests, but also from Konar's loot table and as rare drops from certain NPCs such as the Alchemical Hydra and Demonic Gorillas.
      • Bug fixes:
        • Fixed a bug which caused the Catherby fruit tree to appear as a different tree than the one you had planted at times.
      • Bird's nest loot additions:
        • Spirit seeds, Calquat seeds, Redwood tree seeds, Dragonfruit tree seeds, Celastrus seeds
      • Farming master pickpocketing loot additions:
        • Potato cactus seed (very rare)
        • Cactus seed (very rare)
        • All bush seeds:
          • Redberry (common), Cadavaberry/Dwellberry (Uncommon), Jangerberry/Whiteberry/Poison ivy (rare)
        • Snape grass seed (rare)
    • The Farming Guild is now available!
      • Details:
        • Accessible to those with 45 Farming and higher, the Teleport wizard can teleport you here from the Skilling teleports menu.
        • The guild has 3 main areas, each requiring a certain Farming level to use the patches within the area.
          • The main area and the east wing can be used by anyone who can enter the guild.
          • The west wing can be used by those with level 65 Farming or higher.
            • The only exception here is the Anima patch, which requires level 76 Farming.
          • The Hespori dungeon can be used by those with level 65 Farming or higher.
          • The north wing can be used by those with level 85 Farming or higher.
      • The Guild contains many new patches, and introduces new seeds to plant. Here's a rundown:
        • New patches:
          • Exclusive to the farming guild:
            • Celastrus patch
              • You can grow Celastrus trees with Celastrus seeds in this patch, which can give you Celastrus bark.
                • This bark can then be fletched into Battlestaves with level 40 fletching.
                • The seeds can be obtained from Bird's nests, Seed packs, Hespori, Konar's drop table and certain high-level/boss monsters.
            • Redwood tree patch
              • In the north-west wing of the farming guild, a huge patch allows you to plant an entire redwood tree. This tree takes a whopping 106 hour to fully grow, but will give you a considerable amount of experience upon health-checking it at full growth.
                • The seeds can be obtained from Bird's nests, Seed packs, Hespori, Konar's drop table and certain high-level/boss monsters.
            • Anima patch
              • Anima seeds are unique in that they are untradable, and only obtained after defeating the Hespori (which spawns from the Hespori patch beneath the guild). 
                • 3 seeds, which all have passive effects within the guild while they are planted:
                  • Attas seed:
                    • Increases the yield of farming patches
                  • Iasor seed
                    • Decreases the chance of patches becoming diseased
                  • Kronos seed
                    • Provides a chance for farming patches to skip a growth stage (growing more quickly)
            • Hespori patch (See below)
      • Contracts:
        • Guildmaster Jane can assign contracts to players looking for work within the Farming guild.
          • You'll be told what they need you to grow inside the guild, and upon successfully growing the requested crop, you'll be rewarded with seed packs, which can be opened for rare seeds (particularly the ones exclusive to the guild).
            • You can choose easy, medium or hard contracts. You'll only be given contracts that can be completed at your current Farming level.
            • You can cancel contracts as long as you haven't started them. The only exception is easy contracts, which cannot be cancelled.
            • The contract is completed when you harvest and/or check the health of your crop.
          • Seed packs:
            • After completing a contract, you'll be rewarded with a seed pack. You can 'take' from the seed pack up to 10 times before it disappears, and essentially taking from the seed pack gives you one roll on the seed table:
              • Common:
                • Potato, onion, cabbage, tomato, sweetcorn, barley, hammerstone, asgarnian, jute, yanillian, apple tree, banana tree, orange tree, curry tree, red berry, cadavaberry, dwell berry, jangerberry, whiteberry, marigold, rosemary, nasturtium, woad, limpwurt, guam, marrentill, tarromin, harralander, mushroom spore, cactus, belladonna, potato cactus, calquat
              • Uncommon:
                • Strawberry, watermelon, Snape grass, krandorian, wildblood, acorn, willow, pineapple, papaya, poison ivy, ranarr, toadflax, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, snapdragon, cadantine, lantadyme, dwarf weed, teak, mahogany, hespori
              • Rare:
                • Maple, yew, magic, palm, dragonfruit, torstol, spirit, celastrus, redwood
        • Hespori:
          • Hespori is a patch that can be grown in the dungeon beneath the guild by those who have a Hespori seed and 65+ Farming. The Hespori plant eventually is able to gain consciousness once it matures, and is able to attack the player. To obtain the loot from the Hespori, you must defeat the patch.
          • Obtaining seeds:
            • They can be randomly obtained from harvesting, clearing, or checking the health of crops anywhere in Gielinor, or by completing farming contracts (seed packs).
          • Loot:
            • 12,600 XP in Farming
            • Although the Hespori can drop many different seeds, the notable drops are:
              • Anima seeds (Attas, Iasor, Kronos)
                • These seeds are exclusive to the Hespori, and you will always receive at least 1 of the seeds per kill.
              • Tangleroot
              • Magic seed, Dragonfruit seed, Celastrus seed, Redwood seed
          • Battle:
            • The Hespori attacks with 2 styles, Magic and Range.
            • Throughout different points in the battle, the flowers in the room will open up, and at this point the Hespori can no longer be damaged. You must damage these flowers (10 hit points) to close them up, and once all 4 are closed you can continue the battle.


  • Performance improvements:
    • Some of you may have already noticed (after being up for ~7 days before this update) that there wasn't any noticeable lag as there usually is after extended uptime. We've isolated the cause of most of this lag and made a hidden change last update to hopefully fix it and confirm that it was the cause of the lag, which we're now certain of.
      • Though this is a big step for us in terms of lag, there are still some issues after ~6 days of uptime that occasionally arise which we are working on fixing.
  • Combat/wilderness changes:
    • Tele-block now resets on logout (as it is on OSRS).
    • Ranged weapon distance has been slightly increased as it the distance calculation seems to be 1 step too short (certain mechanics, such as the 'Woox walk' at Vorkath were no longer possible since last update).
    • Obelisk location saving:
      • Donators (regular+) can now choose a specific obelisk to teleport to!
        • Right-clicking the obelisk to choose "Set-desination" will allow you to choose any one of the 6 Obelisk locations around the wilderness.
        • Right-clicking the obelisk to choose "Teleport to destination" will take you to your specified destination, though if you use the regular "Activate obelisk" option you will still teleport to a random location as usual.
    • Protection Prayer delay:
      • We've made some changes to the way Protection prayers work in Ranged/Magic combat, as they would previously not 'activate' quickly enough and you might still get hit for full damage when toggling one of these prayers. They should now be applied as soon as the prayer icon is above your head, protecting you from any incoming damage. This does not apply to Melee, as it was not suffering from the same bug.
  • NPC changes:
    • NPCs that are envenomed or poisoned will now be cured if they are no longer in combat with you. This fixes the bug which allowed players to quickly envenom many NPCs with a blowpipe and wait for them all to die.
    • Greater Nechryaels in the Catacombs of Kourend will now 'stack' on each other as intended.
    • Some Fire giants in the Catacombs were not attackable and have been fixed.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • A bug which allowed you to get double the experience for using an Agility obstacle has been fixed.
    • Infernal pickaxe, harpoon and axe will all now go to the lost items shop if lost on death, and can be bought back for 500k GP each.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed you to quickly smith items.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed you to quickly craft items.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed you to continue fishing while running to the bank.
    • Pharoah's sceptre now has a 'float up' animation when equipped.
    • Typing in ::apply or ;;apply in-game will now open your browser to the staff application section of the forums (https://www.alora.io/forums/forum/26-staff-applications/)
    • Fixed a bug which caused the outlines of buildings and objects on the mini-map to be completely missing.
  • Cannon fixes:
    • Using your cannonballs on your cannon while in combat will now work properly.
    • Setting up your cannon while running will now stop your movement.
  • Slayer fixes:
    • Slayer costs to cancel fixed:
      • Super donator+: 3 points if Konar tasks, otherwise free
      • Regular donator+: 12 points if Konar tasks, otherwise 8
      • Normal: 15 points if Konar tasks, otherwise 12
    • Superior encounters will now appear for Konar's tasks.
    • When slaying Kurask's in the Fremennik Slayer dungeon task-only area, they would not count towards your task if assigned by Konar (must be slain in this dungeon). This issue was caused by the task-only room not being recognized as part of the dungeon, and has now been fixed.
    • Reverting a Slayer staff (e) will no longer refund your Slayer enchantment, as it allowed you to have unlimited charges.
  • Equipment fixes:
      • The requirements for the Dragonfire Ward have been fixed. (70 ranged, 75 defence)
    • The requirements for Vesta, Zuriel's, Morrigan's and Statius' armour sets have been added (78 defence).
  • Group Ironman changes:
    • GIM group name can no longer include foreign/special characters to avoid bugs with inviting players.
    • Uncut emeralds / cut emeralds have been added to the Group Ironman shared bank on the stock supply tab (5th tab).
  • Fletching changes:
    • Fletching darts now requires the proper Fletching level:
      • Bronze: 10
      • Iron: 22
      • Steel: 37
      • Mithril: 52
      • Adamant: 67
      • Rune: 81
      • Dragon: 95
  • Smithing update:
    • Clicking on an anvil to smith is now possible, rather than having to use your bar on the anvil.
      • If you have multiple bars in your inventory, the first bar that shows up (closest to the top of your inventory) will be prioritized.
  • Venom/poison update:
    • The venom/poison immunity system has received a major overhaul, with the following changes:
      • Venom and poison immunity will now persist through logouts, meaning when you log back in you will still be immune for however long the potion is supposed to last.
      • Drinking a potion before the timer is up will now reset the timer, rather than doing nothing (as it did previously).
  • Dragon defender visual update:
    • This defender has been updated to appear more red than pink.
  • Last Man Standing QOL:
    • During staff hosted events, it is very common for the LMS lobby to fill up beyond the 24 player maximum. This maximum is restricted by the number of chests in the arena, as allowing more players means less loot to share.
      • We've updated the maximum to be 40 players, in which case we'd spawn some extra chests depending on how many more players over the previous limit of 24 are in the game.














We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please be sure to report bugs as soon as they are found :)




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Looks real nice! Thanks @Omicron :)

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Thank you for yet another amazing update, you're simply the best!


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Amazing update, Omi <3

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Thanks dadicron :)

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The farming guild looks beautiful, thank you for taking the time to finalize it, along with some of the other updates. :)


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Sweet, nice update as always.


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Big POG very nice update!

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Dope update, thanks a lot Omicron!

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Never disappoints!


Thanks for the update bb!  








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Great update, now I have to work on Farming.

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Very nice, Thank you for the update @Omicron!

  Yours sincerely,


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Thanks for the updates, as always. 

- Even though some things have been changed with the GIM aspects, is there anyway you could add a option to the remove scroll, to use it on yourself to kick yourself? Being a 100% removal, no vote required? Still having to pay the 350 tokens.

Its fair enough if not, bad choices are made all the time, this time 4 people who said they were committed to Alora, quit the whole server just a few days into GIM.

Anyways, thanks!


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Great Update as always, Keep Up the Great Work !!

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Great work @omicron 



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Thanks for the hard work you put into this @Omicron :):)

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As we know from Omicron.. Another insane update.
Thanks bae!

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Awesome update keep up the great work !

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Right when I figure out farming I get thrown a grenade instead of a curve ball... But thanks for the update my dude!

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Thanks for the update Whalicron!

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