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Alora FAQs

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Welcome to the Alora FAQs (frequently asked questions) thread! Down below you will find a list of useful threads and links, as well as a list of frequently asked questions normally asked around in the game, with answers to each and every one of them. To quickly search for a question and answer you are seeking, use Ctrl + F and try searching keywords from your question - "2FA" for example.
I've tried to keep the answers to every question short and straight to the point, however, if you feel any should be made more in-depth, then please bring it up to me - thank-you!
image.png Useful Threads and Links
Vote - Vote for Alora on RuneScape Private Server top lists. Be rewarded bonuses (if 2fa is active) and vote points in return. 

Knowledge Base - Section containing important information pertaining to Alora, such as the rules, can be found here.
Guides - Section containing tips and guides created by the rest of the community. 
Management - Submit an appeal, Recover your account, Receive support with a donation/technical issue, Report a bug, and Report a player/staff.
Forum Assistance
Security Guide and How to Setup 2FA

Information on Every Game Mode
Item database

Guide Index 
Price Guide

Obtaining Resources as an Iron Man

Game mode Information






image.png Frequently Asked Questions, With Answers


Question: "How do I play Alora?"

Answer: You can play Alora by clicking the PLAY NOW button, which is located in the navigation bar on the forum (top-right).


Question: "How do I claim my vote auth code?"

Answer: You can claim your vote auth code by clicking on the vote booth in the edge bank or ::auth ingame then typing your code.

Question: "What is the best game mode to choose?"

Answer: Choosing a game mode is a personal preference. You can find more information on each and every game mode in Alora Here.


Question: "How do I donate?"

Answer: You can donate by clicking STORE in the navigation bar, at the top of the forum - or - by typing in one of the following commands: ::Donate / ::Store in-game. Click the View FAQ button under Your Account in the Store page for more information


Question: "How do bonds work in Alora?"

Answer: You can find in-depth information on bonds in Alora Here.


Question: "Can I donate with RuneScape gold?"

Answer: You can indeed. Direct yourself to Here for more information.


Question: "What was the recent game update?"

Answer: You can check Alora's game updates by going Here - or - by typing in the following command: ::Updates in-game. The first thread seen/the one at the very top should be the latest game updates made to Alora.


Question: "Are there any staff members online?"

Answer: Use the following command in-game to view current online staff members in-game - ::Staff


Question: "Where is the trading post?"

Answer: The trading post can be found inside Edgeville Bank, by the big windows.


Question: "Where can I change my spell book?"

Answer: You can change your spell book at the Altar of the Occult, which can be found in the end corner at ::Thieve.


Question: "Where do I buy skill capes from?"

Answer: You can buy skill capes from the Wise Old Man, who is located in the small house North-West of Edgeville.


Question: "Where is the crystal chest"

Answer: The crystal chest is located against the north wall inside edge bank.

Question: "Where is the 'enhanced crystal key' used at?"
Answer: The elven crystal chest is located just east of the first floor of Prifddinas in the center.

Question: "Where is the bloody chest"
Answer: All information pertaining to the bloody chest can be found Here.

Question: "How do I get levels 1-3 in the Herblore skill?"

Answer: You can get levels 1-3 in the Herblore skill by cleaning grimy guams, which can be bought from Kaqemeex's Store at ::Shops, obtained from Farming, and obtained from monsters.


Question: "What is the starting wave at Fight Caves?"

Answer: Normal: 31.  Donator: 31.  Super-Master: 41. 


Question: "What is the starting wave at the Inferno?"

Answer: Normal: 1.  Donator: 15.  Super Donator: 20.  Extreme Donator: 25.  Legendary Donator: 32.  Uber Donator: 40.  Master Donator: 45. 

Question: "Where do you get a dragon defender?"
Answer: All information pertaining to the Warrior's Guild and how to obtain a dragon defender can be found Here.

Question: "How do I get Ava's Accumulator?"
Answer: Ava's Accumulator can be received from the vote shop or 10 points at Pest Control.

Question: "Where do I find that star that just landed?"
Answer: All information pertaining to Shooting Stars can be found Here.


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