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Realism Discussion (Try 2)

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Posted 04 December 2022 - 01:22 PM #1


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From last thread it was pretty clear that a lot of potential people joining the realism mode wanted another option for early realism that doesn’t involve interacting with others or ironmanning it.


I personally really like how the mid to late game is, aswell as the mode actually having a community that communicates with eachother but me and quite alot of other realism players agree that the early game is needlessly tedious for a non ironman mode.


Keep in mind that all the things below, are things i've discussed with people that quit playing realism, just started realism or are on the top of the realism mode now. And this is pretty much a summary of the things discussed/come up with. Feel free to add feedback/add ideas/give your insight. 



First off, we should Isolate the economy, so items actually stay in realism econ. (Like I personally think it should’ve been in the past also)



  1. Make wildy interaction impossible between realism/normie. (Would make wildy too safe for realism I feel like)
    1. This way realism players can only get killed by realism players. 
    2. Wildy bosses give good supplies in general. So would bring more supplies into econ.
    3. Would make it impossible to drop trade out of realism mode. 


  1. Incase of no wildy separation. (My personal preference)
    1.  Normies will get 3x the amount of pkp for killing a realism player but the items they would drop get completely deleted out of the game. (isolate the eco)
    2. Realism can still kill realisms for full loot (isolated econ)
    3. Realism players will get 1-2 larran keys and pkp for every non realism they killl
    4. Make it so realism can no longer drop trade out of the economy into the normie economy.
      1. A lot of mid item dupes get dropped out of realism as there is no market for it to be brought back in vote books from normie to realism. I’ve personally done that in past with my nightmare staves/prayer scrolls/whips when staves were like 6b ea in normie econ.
      2. Cus of step 1. You create a market for pk gear. And you cant drop them, so see step 2.c. (Whips/ahrims/claws/prayer scrolls)
      3. Market will become way more competitive. I personally wouldn’t mind turbo flooding bandos in market if I knew if someone tried to buy it all out. They’d have to sit on it and not being able to merch. Convert through normie.
        1. Player A buys Bandos tassets 20m
        2. Player A drops said tassets to normie
        3. Player A gets 25m, buys 4.5 vote books. Brings back 18m to realism thus being able to control tasset market for a 2m a pop.
          1. Player A is a cuck, buys bandos tassets tryna keep them 50m ea. Player Realmungard puts another bandos tassets for 20m ea on market. By not allowing people to liquidate items aka laundry them through normie for minimal loss, Yung Player A now has a choice. You take away a lot of power to the guy tryna to control market. If he would have to use 20m realism (Which is like 45-50m in normie gp drops ea, considering realism gets 1/3rd of the gp, but alchs are same value so lets go with a x2.3-2.5 modifier) Yung Realmungard can grind bandos items at a greater speed than Player A can make realism gp. Thus 1 player would gain more strength in the current econ.


Making it possible to start the game off in a non ironman way, through a shop rework (enhancing realism start without affecting late game. All of the steps below will speed up the early game and in no way or shape affect/speed up lategame grinds.)


  1. Add all herb seeds up to ranarr into farming npc. Add snape grass seed + limpwurt seeds, and all tree seeds up to maple with exception of teak.
  2. Add rune armor, Red dragon range gear, Combat bracelet and glory amulets.
  3. Add Uncut Sapphires and Cow hides to crafting npc (This way molten glass etc still meta, but new players can get their slayer helmets early 58 craft without getting merched or being forced to network)
  4. Add Prayer potions (2x normie price), Monkfish and dragon anti fire potions. (Super antis require killing of supply boss vorkath and enables vorkath without need of anyone for anti fire pots)
  5. Equalize Blast furnace and rune shops to those of the ironmen. It makes no sense for realism to have 1/3rd of the gp (compared to ½ of gim and 100% of ironmen) And not even being able to have the same rune and blast furnace shop.






What I don’t want to see as answers below this post, cus its bogus and only makes sense in your own head.



From realism players:



Statement: “There is no Shops where you can buy prayer potions in osrs.”

Correct, neither is wildy skotizo, PkP shop for zenyte jewelry, vote books, improved supply drops and much more of the stuff you use on realism. Yet we all enjoy it. Neither is the teleport wizard which I think we all know is the Real MVP of alora.



Statement 2: If they want an easy start, they should just start classic.

Correct, but why give up every potential new realism player up. While you can legit give some perks to make the early game SIGNIFICANTLY easier and make the mode alot more inviting for new players (People skip 4-5hs of early game MAX)



Statement 3: "We help starting realism players if they ask. So why should shops be reworked?"

Correct, So why are we against letting the game help them with early game through shops? And most of the stuff that would be added to shops is stuff that I know pretty much every single lategame realism player has given to new players, and it wouldn’t unlock any new lategame skilling metas. (When I started, I got a lot of help from Cheese, Denmark and Alan even without being part of the realism discord)




From everyone else



Statement: “The gamemode should be the a close representation of OSRS”

Correct, On osrs tho there is also no dono ranks. But we playing an rsps and support the game we play+want the benefits either way. And realism is a lot closer to osrs than normie/classic in regards to  having an infinite potion/skill supply shop. Neither is the teleport wizard part of osrs last time I checked and he is Alora’s OG MVP.


Statement: “Potions are to expensive on realism”

Correct, but almost not a single realism player will say “the price they have now is the price they should be” but almost every single realism player will say “I don’t like farming herbs so I wont sell them unless its worth my time to make them”, Nobody enjoys doing herblore or getting secondaries. But it’s a big part of the game(even in osrs for quests and so on) and once you pass the early game the enhanced alora secondary drops + herb drops from pvm. That problem fixes itself.


Statement: “Some of us want changes to the mode because we’d like to try it, but we don’t want to make connections in the game mode before we start, just to be able to start the game in a non ironman way.”

Correct, But is it really fair to demand people that enjoy the way it is now, to devaluate all the achievements they’ve reached under the circumstances that were known from the start of the mode, just so you can try out the mode with your normie gear? And pass peoples highscore rank/achievements just by buying everything from shops?


From everyone:



Nobody cares. We all gamers tryna have a good time.


Statement: “I don’t think x and y should talk cus they got influence on Nobodycaresmode1 or they bla this bla that”

If you get to the endgame in your mode and achieve a lot of the hardest mode based achievements you sort of become the to go guy for a mode. Flaming someone cus he put in the most work/cared the most for whatever nobodycaresmode is completely stupid. Every mode has people that set the standard doesn’t mean they’re worth more. But definitely doesn’t mean you should not atleast respect their achievements enough to act like normal non mouth breathing individuals. And personal attacks out of spite are not helping/adding to the discussion. So keep that shit for on your twitter.




Once again, ive spoken to alot of people in realism about it aswell as with people that made it clear they'd be intrested to join the mode if only the early game wasnt such an abbomination. 

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gim crohn
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Personally I think there is some potential in these suggestions. However dropping off realism IS the item sink right now. Also the realism player base (and aloras) clearly isn't supporting an active wildy enough for it to have a meaningful impact for quite some time.

Cucks or no cucks there is going to be either an excessive supply or demand issue if the main item sink is removed without a practical replacement.



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First of all, huge support.

Shout out to you and Fiji for being able to message me and have a civil conversation and come to a conclusion and understanding about what was wrong and what needed to happen.


I agree that a big issue with Realism is getting started, it's what turns a lot of people away, or makes them quit before getting to mid game. At first, it just seems like a 2x ironman mode, and either you need to grind everything from scratch or you need to get merched/make connections. Opening up the shops to help new players enter the game mode would, in my opinion, keep people to stick around for more than a day's playtime. I know you and I went back and forth in pm's with pictures of all the normie shops and what should be included and shouldn't be included, and I feel like what you listed a good mix of early game items to help get started but keeping some higher items out to entice the grind and make it feel more rewarding.

Also, ironman shops shouldn't have more than what Realism (an eco game mode) has. Opening up the shops to include runes and gold ore that ironman could buy should definitely be added. Same with opening up shops to include prayer pots, they will still be expensive in the shops and Realism gold isn't the fastest to make (caskets give dogshit gp) so it's not like you're going to have unlimited prayer pots, but either way it's the bare minimum to get started on Slayer, and once you start on Slayer a lot of your "I don't have supplies" problems will soon go away with the amount of brimstone keys/drops you'll be getting along the way.


I also agree that you shouldn't be able to drop over to normie. I don't agree that it should be kept just for an item sink or else prices will get too low. If there's a high supply and a low demand of an item, then that item should be lower in price. The way it's happening now is artificially inflating prices to an extreme level. No reason for something like Bandos to be 100m a piece when I can camp there with 3 accounts and afk get items. If Realism is meant to be a separate thing than normie, then it should remain that way even through swapping things between gamemodes like drop trading. This will also help out the mid game by keeping the TP stocked on items you need so you can buy it, because after all it still is an eco gamemode and you should be able to buy things on the TP since that's what it's there for. If you're not going to merge the eco, then you should isolate the eco as intended.


Honestly I don't see Omicron adding it to where only Realism can pk Realism. But I agree with the second point of making it just how when a ironman kills a normie, the loot just disappears from the game (item sink). And maybe rewarding with some larran's key or extra pkp points or something in return.


I would also like to see de-Realism be added, as Omi stated they were thinking about in the other suggestion thread. This will make it less of a risk to sink time into Realism. If you spent a few days leveling and you realize it's not for you, you can go to Classic for a little exp boost and access to normie eco. Currently, if you sink a few days into Realism and realize it's not for you, you're shit out of luck because there's no option to transfer over. Every other game mode you can go to a higher exp mode and Realism shouldn't be an exception. So @Omicron if you read this, add de-Realism.


Again, full support and would like to see this accepted and implemented. Also, would be nice to see an update for Realism and bring some attention to it again.

Posted 08 December 2022 - 05:35 AM #4

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Nice to see real reasons with information and not just flame bait XD


but yea feel like that's the main problem anyone wanting to join realism is facing, which is how to start off. Re-working shops but to a limit was a good idea from the last thread that was posted and glad to see you bring it back up, it definitely would help out and motivate more people. As for the wildy stuff yeah i feel like items from realism should stay on realism since Omi basically said realism shouldn't be like normie/classic at all anyways, don't see why should be allowed to drop trade then, but that's just my opinion.



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