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#295122 Facebook Giveaway - Drawing May 17th, 2019!

Posted by Omicron on 17 May 2019 - 08:11 PM

The Facebook Giveaway winners have been selected!

All of your entries were entered into a random draw and then selected. Thank you to everyone for participating, and if you did not win this time, we will definitely have more giveaways similar to this one in the future for you to participate in :)

1st place: Buying gf5k
2nd place: Moe
3rd place: Not Tauri


#293898 [11/5/19] Clue scroll expansion, Ironman PKP exchange, Raids QOL, Combo staff...

Posted by Omicron on 11 May 2019 - 10:52 PM

@Pubstomp I knew I forgot to include something   :FeelsBadMan:


House pets:

70 Normal players

29 Ironman





#293858 [11/5/19] Clue scroll expansion, Ironman PKP exchange, Raids QOL, Combo staff...

Posted by Omicron on 11 May 2019 - 07:53 PM

Hotfixes [12/5/19]:

  • Glassblowing interface now centered on resizable.
  • Ultimate mystery box changes:
    • Ultimate mystery box announcements are now reserved for rare items only.
    • Amulet of power (t) and Amulet of defence (t) removed.
    • Rune scimitar ornament kits removed.
    • Bandos boots have been removed.
  • Buying runes from the Ironman PKP exchange when you don't have the total amount for the purchase (eg. Buying 250 runes but only having enough for 50) will now give you the right amount rather than undercutting you.
  • Trollweiss from Mithril seeds will now be announced.


Note: All of the removed items above have been refunded to players who received them, and you will find Ultimate mystery boxes to replace them in your inventory upon logging in.



Hello everyone,


I'd like to firstly apologize for the longer than usual delay in getting this update out, some of you already know that I fell ill at the end of last month and it delayed things quite a little bit. Nonetheless, I've been doing nothing but working hard the past few weeks to give you guys an update that's worth the wait, and I hope you’ll understand given the circumstances, and that you’ll enjoy this update :)


I feel that we've done a good job of getting a bit of everything in this update, from new content (Clue scroll expansion, Ironman PKP shop), to QOL updates (Pest control XP rewards, Raids purple light + pet changes), to long awaited and highly requested updates such as Combo staffs and (drumroll) Glassblowing. There's a little bit of everything for everyone in this one, but I'll let you read the rest for yourselves below!


  • Clue scroll reward expansion:
    • All clue scroll tiers have received many new rewards! Over 70+ new items have been introduced to Alora.
      • Easy:
        • Jester cape
        • Shoulder parrot
        • Bear slippers
        • Frog slippers
        • Demon slippers
        • Mole slippers
        • God ornament kits (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak) for Rune scimitars
        • Sandwich lady outfit (hat, top and bottom)
        • Monk robes (t) (top and bottom)
        • Amulet of defence (t)
        • Power amulet (t)
        • Rain bow
        • Ham joint
        • Staff of Bob the Cat
        • Leather body and chaps (g)
        • Black heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5)
      • Medium:
        • Wolf mask and Wolf cloak
        • Climbing boots (g)
        • Spiked manacles
        • Adamant heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5)
      • Hard:
        • Dual sai (very rare)
        • Thieving bag (very rare)
        • 3rd age plateskirt (very rare)
        • Gilded rune defender kit
        • Obby maul ornament kit
        • Berserker necklace ornament kit
        • Blessed d'hide shields (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak)
        • Rune heraldic platebodies (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5)
      • Elite:
        • 3rd druidic staff, top, legs and cloak (extremely rare)
        • Tormented bracelet ornament kit
        • 3rd age plateskirt
        • Gilded dragonhide (top, legs, vambraces and coif)
        • Gilded axe and pickaxe
        • Gilded spade
        • Uri's hat
        • Rangers' tights
        • Fremennik kilt
        • Rune & adamant dragon masks
    • Collection log:
      • All of the new clue rewards listed above have been added to the Collection log and can now be unlocked/counted.
  • Crafting updates:
    • Glassblowing:
      • Glassblowing pipe has been added to the Skilling supplies shop for normal players, and to the general store for Ironmen.
      • Using a glassblowing pipe on molten glass will open the Glassblowing interface and allow you to craft:
        • Beer glasses
        • Candle lanterns
        • Oil lamps
        • Vals
        • Fish bowls
        • Orbs
        • Lantern lenses
        • Dorgeshuun Light Orbs
    • Molten glass:
      • Using buckets of sand and soda ash on a furnace will allow you to create Molten glass.
        • Each glass smelted will earn you 20 Crafting experience.
        • Molten glass has been removed from the Construction supply shop.
    • Buckets of sand:
      • Using empty buckets on a Sand pit (eg. Yanille) will allow you to collect sand.
    • Soda ash:
      • Using Seaweed on a cooking range or fire will provide you with Soda ash. 
        • No experience is awarded for this action.
  • Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) updates:
    • Purple light on reward chest:
      • The long awaited purple light above the reward chest is now here! You will now see a light above your own chest if you indeed have any rare loot within the chest.
        • The game news announcement that tells other players what you received will not be sent until you loot the chest, leaving it a mystery until the final moment.
        • Only you will see the purple light, if other players on your team do not have rare loot, they will see the usual white spotlight.
    • Loot interface fixed: (https://i.imgur.com/xROpVFh.png)
      • The loot interface has been broken for awhile now (though it oddly was working fine when raids was first released early 2017) and has gone unnoticed by me until now. 
        • The interface background is supposed to have a chest on the right side, and a purple skeleton on the left side, neither of which were properly visible for the past year at least.
          • The interface should now show both in the background as intended.
    • Acid bug:
      • A rare bug which caused the crystal that blocks the exit to re-spawn sometimes if someone was inflicted with the acid trail has now been fixed and should no longer occur.
  • Raids pet reward changes:
    • Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric):
      • In Raids 1, the Olmlet pet will only have a 1/53 chance to be awarded if you ALREADY received a rare drop (eg. An Elder maul).
        • That means that you will never get the pet on it's own.
    • Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood):
      • In Raids 2, you are able to get the Lil' Zik pet on it's own, but it will not cause the chest to glow purple. Purple chests will be reserved for other rare drops.
  • Daily task changes:
    • The Medium task to open the Bloody chest in the wilderness has been removed due to GIM not being able to open it at the moment.
  • Ground item bug fix:
    • As of the past few months, you may have noticed that in certain areas of the game (Rock crabs, Iron dragons in Brimhaven dungeon, etc) some ground items from slain monsters would not get removed (Iron bars, Seaweed, etc).
      • This bug would cause a bunch of ground items to remain on the ground, flooding the map after a few days of uptime. We've isolated the problem that was causing items not to get removed and it should no longer happen.
  • Special attack orb update:
    • The special attack orb will no longer be blue if you don't have a weapon that has a special attack.
      • Instead, if you are unarmed or you you don't have a weapon with a special attack, the orb will be filled with a silver color to denote this.
  • Well of goodwill price reduction:
    • Following the price increase this year from 25m to 100m and hearing the feedback, we decided to meet a bit closer to the middle and set the Well of Goodwill price to 50m and see how it goes.
      • This way, the Well should not go too many hours without being full as it will be far more affordable.
  • Trollweiss flowers:
    • These flowers now have an extremely rare chance of being obtained when planting Mithril seeds. They are an exclusive item that should be quite valuable to gamblers due to their rarity.
  • Pest control reward update 
    • (Thanks to @Seabound for the suggestion)
      • You can now use your Pest control points to exchange for experience! By trading the Void Knight who runs the old PC exchange shop, you'll be presented with a new option to exchange points for experience.
      • You can purchase experience in the following skills, provided that the skill is at least level 25:
        • Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, Prayer
      • You can trade 1, 10 or 100 points at a time for any of the skills.
        • By trading more points at once, you get bonus experience.
          • For example, trading in 10 points gets you an extra 1% XP. Trading in 100 points at once gets you an extra 10% XP.
      • Experience is awarded according to the following formula: (*Click here to view the table https://i.imgur.com/9RCV2gM.png) 
        • ((N x floor(L^2 / 600)) x gameModeMultiplier) / 4
          • L = level
          • N = 18 for prayer, 32 for magic/range, 35 for others
          • Floor means round down to the nearest whole number
          • gameModeMultiplier = the experience rate for your game mode, for example this is 8 for HCIM.
      • Note:
        • Experience boosts (well of goodwill, weekend bonuses, etc) do not affect the amount of XP you receive from this exchange.
  • Cape of Skulls:
    • The Cape of Skulls is a prestigious cape that can be obtained only by the top PvPers on Alora.
      • Wearing the cape will skull you, similar to the Amulet of Avarice.
      • The cape can be obtained by those who have at least 1,000 kills in the wilderness for a fee of 20M GP from the Emblem trader. 
        • It can be re-obtained if lost from the Lost items manager for a fee of 1M p.
  • New emotes added:
    • 3 new emotes have been added to the Emotes tab!
      • Crazy Dance
        • This dance references PSY's 'Gangnam Style', and is automatically unlocked for all players.
      • Smooth Dance
        • This dance references Drake's 'Hotline Bling' dance, and is automatically unlocked for all players.
      • Uri Transform
        • To unlock this emote, you must have completed at least 300 Hard clue scrolls. A message will be sent once you have unlocked it, and it will no longer be gray in your emote tab.
  • Ring of stone functionality:
    • Although previously available on Alora, the Ring of stone did not have it's morph functionality properly configured.
      • Wearing the ring will now turn you into a pile of rocks as intended (similar to the Ring of coins).
  • Wilderness/combat changes:
    • NPC PJ timer fix:
      • When fighting NPCs, if you freeze one and are no longer under attack by it, you would still have to wait approximately ~8-10 seconds before being able to attack another monster.
        • This has been heavily reduced, allowing you to move on to another NPC as long as you are not under attack for 6 ticks (3.6 seconds).
    • Newly released items: (available in the normal/ironman PKP exchanges)
      • Wilderness sword 4 (Perks only applicable when worn or in inventory)
        • Allows you to choose your destination when teleporting through Ancient obelisks, without having to be a donator.
        • 20% reduced entry fee to the Resource area
        • When wielded, webs will always be successfully slashed.
        • If lost on death, it can be re-purchased for 500k GP.
      • Soul bearer
        • The soul bearer sends any ensouled heads that a player picks up to their bank, as long as they are not a UIM and have space in their bank.
          • The soul bearer must be charged for this effect to take place, it requires 1 soul rune and 1 blood rune to charge it, and is able to hold up to 1,000 charges.
        • If lost on death, it can be re-purchased for 500k GP.
    • Ironman PKP Exchange:
      • Following the recent content poll, we have decided to implement an Ironman PKP exchange to promote wilderness activity and to give Ironmen a reason to be in the wilderness. 
        • Items in the shop:
          • Saradomin's tear (3,000 PKP)
          • Looting bag (50 PKP)
          • Dark totem (100 PKP)
          • Revenant cave teleports (100 PKP)
          • Bloody key (1,500 PKP)
          • Wilderness sword 4 (7,000 PKP)
          • Soul bearer (10,000 PKP)
          • Amulet of Eternal glory (25,000 PKP)
          • Regular Mystic robe pieces (350 PKP per piece)
          • Light Mystic robe pieces (400 PKP per piece)
          • Dark Mystic robe pieces (450 PKP per piece)
          • Enchanted robe pieces (500 PKP per piece)
          • Rune pouch (3,000 PKP)
          • Ring of recoil (50 PKP)
          • Dragon dagger (p++) (150 PKP)
          • Sanfew serum (3) (15 PKP per potion)
          • Blood runes (12 PKP per 50 runes)
          • Death runes (10 PKP per 50 runes)
          • Astral runes (10 PKP per 50 runes)
          • Cosmic runes (6 PKP per 50 runes)
    • Regular PKP Exchange changes:
      • The regular PKP store has received two new items:
        • Wilderness sword 4 (7,000 PKP)
        • Soul bearer (10,000 PKP)
    • Ironman PvP Scoreboard:
      • A new right-click option can allow you to toggle between global wilderness statistics and Ironman-only statistics.
        • The toggle will be saved on logout, so the next time you log in the statistics will only be shown for ironmen. To change back, you can simply right-click and toggle back to the normal scoreboard.
  • Combination staff (Elemental staves) fixes:
    • The following list of battlestaffs & mystic staffs now work properly with their combination runes, where previously they would not be infinite for any runes:
      • Unchanged:
        • Lava and mud battlestaffs/mystic staffs were all previously functional.
      • Fixed:
        • Steam battlestaff & Mystic steam staff (As well as both ornament kit versions)
          • These now provide unlimited Fire and Water runes
        • Smoke battlestaff & Mystic smoke staff
          • These now provide unlimited Fire and Air runes
          • These staffs' animations and requirements have also been fixed.
        • Mist battlestaff & Mystic mist staff
          • These now provide unlimited Water and Air runes
        • Dust battlestaff & Mystic dust staff
          • These now provide unlimited Earth and Air runes
          • These staffs' animations and requirements have also been fixed.
  • Dust battlestaff:
    • This staff is a drop from many monsters that was not previously added.
    • It can now be obtained from:
      • All Superior Slayer monsters
      • Dust devils
  • Battlestaff enchanting:
    • The following mystic staffs can now be created from the original battlestaff by taking it to Thormac located in the house between Edgeville and the Grand exchange:
      • Mystic steam staff
      • Mystic smoke staff
      • Mystic mist staff
      • Mystic dust staff
    • Requirements:
      • Any of these staffs require the original battlestaff (eg. Steam battlestaff -> Mystic steam staff)
      • The cost for each staff converted is 40k for the basic elemental staffs (eg. Air, fire, earth) and 400k GP for the combination staffs (eg. Steam, Dust, Mud etc).
      • You must have at least 4 quest points and 750 total level to convert a staff.
  • Other Magic staff fixes:
    • All 3 god staffs (Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak) now have their proper attack / stand / run / walk / block animations (would previously kick, and the other animations were a bit off).
    • Slayer's staff previously required 55 Magic, but should only require 50 Magic and has now been fixed.
  • Slayer fixes:
    • After defeating Superior Slayer Encounters while on one of Konar's tasks, you would not be awarded any Slayer experience. This has been fixed and should now work correctly.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The Ice barrage "orb" which displays when your target is already frozen has been fixed (broke last update).
    • Fixed a bug which would not announce what loot you received from a Super mystery box if you opened the interface and rolled, but would only announce through the Quick-open option.
    • Staff silent commands fixed for administrators.
    • Ironmen/Veterans with Master Donator will no longer have a shadow behind their entire yell, as the shadow should only be applied to the rank name.
    • Fixed a Cave horror spawn that would sometimes be un-attackable (Stuck on top of the Old fire pit near the entrance).
    • Death animation timing:
      • After performing their death animation, Cave horrors and King kurasks would 'stand up' again for half a second. This should no longer occur.
    • The staircases in the Wizard's guild have been fixed. (Previously placed you on non-walkable areas)



  • Store updates:
    • Ultimate mystery box:
      • The Ultimate mystery box is the highest tier of mystery boxes with exclusive rewards found nowhere else, along with all of the top rewards from the lower tier mystery boxes.
        • New items that can be obtained from this box:
          • Clue items:
            • Many of the new clue items, including the new 3rd age druidic (although extremely rare) have been added to the Ultimate mystery box.
          • Exclusively found in the UMB:
            • Golden tench
              • This hand-held fish can only be obtained from this mystery box.
            • Wise old man's staff
              • This staff turns you into the Wise old man… in his best form, ready for the beach wearing nothing but a partyhat-blue cloth.
            • Peng pet (Penguin)
              • This pet has 5 different metamorphosis options, some penguins wearing a tie and briefcase, some with hats, one with a king's crown, etc.
              • Penguins need exercise. You can also force your penguin to do sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks!
            • Ring of 3rd age
          • Other unique items in the UMB:
            • God boss pet
            • Ancient wyvern shield
            • Raids items:
              • Justiciar armour pieces
              • Ghrazi rapier
              • Sanguniesti staff
              • Avernic defender hilt
          • Rare items from previous boxes:
            • All partyhats and rare from the Super mystery box, including Partyhat with specs, Bunny ears, Grain, etc.
  • Custom donation updates:
    • New additions:
      • 3rd age druidic set ($600)
        • Includes custom-only Druidic wreath
      • Ring of 3rd age ($200)
      • Bryophyta's staff ($125)
    • New commands added in-game:
      • ::customs / ::custom
        • This will open a link to the Customs FAQ page on the forums.



  • Forums:
    • New emoticons added: (Click here to view some of the new emotes)
      • Another round of emoticons has been added to be used on posts and in the shoutbox, this one mostly containing animated emoticons (GIFs): (Thanks to @Paine for collecting them… where he got them from is a mystery :MonkaS:)
        • Animated: (Usage : BaldRage :)
          • BaldRage, Banned, Blob, BlobBongos, Dance, HahaLol, HyperClap, HyperDance, HyperLul, MonkaInsane, Peace, PeepoClap, PeepoSmash, PepeMlady, RageVV, Wtf, WtfThink, PepeTasty, PepePls, DogeDance, PeepoHi, MonkaCop, PogChampa, Boi, FeelsRainMain, BlobSweat, PeepoHide, MovingEyes, FeelsCreepierMan, PeepoCheer, PeepoSalute, PeepoWorried, FeelsRainbow, PeepoHeadScratch, PeepoPatting, PepeSip, HackerMans, EggplantPeach, PeepoHugging, PeepoFuck, PepeAnglerFish, PepeLove, PeepoSurrender,  ImOut, uWu, PepeThink, Monkers, BlobBrave, BenderClap, MonkaShake, MKomrade, PeepoPopcorn, PeepoCrazy, FeelsSuperWeird
        • Non-animated:
          • Kerchoo, Pawg, PeepoSalute, PepeHug, TopKek, PeepoPoppy, FeelsMomoMan, FeelsBigBrain, PepeAfflicted, FeelsFatherMan, FeelsFatherMan, FeelsSuccMan, Ahhh, Poggies, PepeGreat, KermitWow, VeryHyperMonka, PepeDetective, PeepoBlush, PeepoLick



  • Pet count statistics:
    • Due to many suggestions since Alora's release, we've decided to release a neat infographic showing how many pets have been obtained by every game mode! (Thanks to @Dumbshit for designing the image!)
      • We've tried our best to include every pet in the game, including the God boss pet.
      • This list does not include buyable pets, such as the Bloodhound or the Chompy chick.
      • The list is accurate from July 24th, 2017 as we had not always been logging pet drops by game mode before this time. It is accurate until May 1st, 2019.
    • Enjoyed this infographic? If you have any other suggestions for Alora-related statistics that you'd like to see, let us know! We love sharing statistics wherever we can.




Purple raids chest light




Easy clues



Medium clues



Hard clues



Elite clues
































We hope you enjoy this update :) As always, please report any bugs as soon as they are found.




#293700 My review and feedback

Posted by Omicron on 11 May 2019 - 09:16 AM

I've been playing this server for almost 2 months now, it's the first server i've grinded so hard and did not bore once, the community is awesome great staff & streams love it !
Frequent updates are amazing, best coded server i've played on so far.
Little critics:
- We really need glassblowing
- Maybe add some more UIM content to make the mode more attractive 
Love the server.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep an eye out on tonight’s update ;)

#293200 Wilderness Supply Chest Poll

Posted by Omicron on 08 May 2019 - 09:58 AM

Hey guys,


Before we get into this content poll, I'd like to let you guys know that there's a large update on the way that I'm excited to release, and to apologize for this one taking so long. It's a combination of some circumstances which slowed down development time, but also the fact that the update is quite large. Nonetheless, we're almost there and I'm sure that you won't be disappointed with it, and that you'll all find something to enjoy in this upcoming update!


For this content poll we're only looking into one piece of content that may be added to the wilderness if it passes: Wilderness Supply Chests. These chests would be added with the intention of boosting wilderness activity a bit more (along with some other updates we've got on the way).


Here's how it works:

  • Wilderness Supply Chests spawn every few hours in a random location around the wilderness, allowing the first player who opens the chest to receive some loot.
    • ​The chests will not spawn as often as the bloody key spawns, which are every 45-75 minutes. The chests will likely spawn once every 2-3 hours.
    • The loot received would be similar to Bloody keys, largely wilderness related items, but with some new additions.
      • Essentially, it would be ~2x the loot of a Bloody key.
    • There will be a global announcement whenever the chest spawns (a few minutes earlier), as well as possibly an announcement for the name of the player who looted it.
    • The player who opens the chest may also be instantly skulled.


Here's how it might look (using the DMM supply chest object):




We'd love to hear your opinion on this proposal, so make sure to vote in the poll and comment below if you have anything to add!




#293056 Facebook Giveaway - Drawing May 17th, 2019!

Posted by Omicron on 07 May 2019 - 11:18 AM



Hello everyone,


We've recently created a new Facebook page for Alora, so we could use some help from you guys to get some likes on the page! To kickstart this, we're hosting a giveaway for those of you who like our Facebook page, and the rewards are quite juicy! 




  • 2,000 tokens ($200 worth)
  • 1,200 tokens ($120 worth)
  • 800 tokens ($80 worth)



How to enter:

  • Entering is simple! All you have to do is like the Facebook page. If you win, we'll send you a message telling you so and asking you for your username on Alora.
    • Want 2x the chance to win? Like the post below (click the big link), and you'll have 2 entries added into the draw.
    • Want 3x the chance to win? You can also share the post above for a better chance at winning!

Draw date:

May 17th, 2019 at 3PM EST





CLICK HERE TO LIKE/SHARE THE POST (1 more entry for each action)



Good luck! :)


#292716 Playtime accuracy

Posted by Omicron on 05 May 2019 - 04:06 PM

The playtime is relatively accurate, but it stops counting if you’re AFK after a few minutes. For all intents and purposes though, it’s pretty accurate to gauge how much time you’ve spent in-game.

#291885 May Vote Competition[May 1st - May 15th]

Posted by Omicron on 01 May 2019 - 07:21 PM

Hey guys, I would once again like to announce the Vote Competition for the month of May. Your votes will begin being counted on May 2nd, 12 am GMT, so be ready, because every vote counts.

What will the rewards be?
The top 5 voters will receive the following rewards in order of highest(#1) to lowest(#5) ranked voters, and the rewards will be as follows:
1st - 5 x Bonds

2nd - 5 x Super Mystery Box
3rd - 1 Prayer Scroll
4th - 10 x Drop Booster
5th - 2 x Mystery Box

Q: What constitutes a "vote"?
A: Everytime a player votes and receives an auth, this will count as a vote, and player with the most votes wins!
Q: How do I vote?
A: You must simply follow this link http://www.alora.io/vote/ to the vote page, click and vote on all of the links, and then use the auth you get at the vote manager in-game to claim your vote book!
Q: When will the winners be declared?
A: The winners of the competition will be declared after the 16th of 
May(1-5 days after)! 

We hope to spark a bit of healthy competition and get more players voting to help get Alora's name out there a bit more so that we can continue to grow in the future!

IMPORTANT: Ironmen, Classic, Hardcore Ironmen, and ultimate Ironmen will not be able to claim the rewards DIRECTLY onto their accounts unless they are cosmetic, however they may claim the items onto an alternate account that is not an Ironman.



Additional Note: The vote competition in such a way that any player with more than 30 votes will be entered into a random draw, where one will be chosen as the winner, giving multiple players a fair chance to win.

#289967 restoration pool

Posted by Omicron on 23 April 2019 - 06:13 AM

The change was due to PKers complaining as @Paddewwa mentioned. I just pushed a hotfix to make it so that only skulled players have the 5 minute timer on the special attack, so PvM goes unaffected. We’ll see how this goes and adjust as required, if necessary.

#289507 [21/4/19] Easter Event

Posted by Omicron on 21 April 2019 - 03:46 AM

Hotfixes [23/4/19]:

  • The 5 minute timer on Rejuvenation pools will now only apply to players who are skulled (as they are more likely to have been rushing others in the Wilderness).
  • Commands fixed for moderators.
  • Fixed an issue in Theatre of Blood where the chosen player in the Sotetseg phase would get sent to Edgeville instead of the Shadow realm. This should no longer occur.


Hello everyone,


The staff team and I would like to wish you a Happy Easter! :)


The Easter Event is now live! Hop into Alora and you’ll find the Easter Bunny looking for help with distributing Easter eggs this year.


Today's update is primarily for the Easter Event and thus is not as large as the usual update, but we've included a few bug fixes as well which are listed below.


Lastly, there is also an Easter sale going on at the moment with 25% bonus tokens, and the Easter box item which is the only way to obtain the Bunny outfit. Make sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts!


  • Website:
    • The GIM Team Highscores was only showing 23 rather than 30 groups, and you could not check any pages after the first page.
      • It will now list a full 30 teams, and you can go further than the first page.


  • Easter Event 2019:
    • Speak to the Easter Bunny in Edgeville and you'll be teleported to an area slightly north of Falador where the Easter Bunny is working on this year's Easter festivities.
      • You'll need to run some errands around Alora to help the Easter Bunny with this year's event but you'll be given a couple of cool rewards for doing so!


  • Game:
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Updated the gambling topic for rules/ranks that is advertised at ;;gamble to the new topic created by @Mack
      • Fixed a bug with the Farming guild which was blocking some players from getting tasks.
      • Fixed a bug which blocked you from fletching regular logs -> Arrow shafts
    • Skilling interface updates:
      • The following interfaces have been updated to use the new skilling interface:
        • Battlestaff creation
        • Bones on altar
    • PvP changes:
      • Restoration pools update:
        • To prevent players from consistently being able to regenerate their special attack energy every 3 minutes, we've increased this timer to 5 minutes ONLY for special attack energy. For example, the rejuvenation pool at home can be used every 3 minutes, but if you use it before 5 minutes have passed, you will only have your run/HP/etc restored, everything except special attack.
      • Nerfing other special energy restoration methods:
        • Leaving the Fight caves / Inferno / LMS / other mini-games will no longer restore special attack energy. Dying in the mini-game, of course, will still regenerate special attack energy. Additionally, entering certain mini-games such as LMS will still restore your health and cure poison.










#288160 Time to move on!

Posted by Omicron on 15 April 2019 - 11:55 AM

It's definitely a sad day for Alora to see you leave @Sheep, but I can speak for everyone here when I say that we're happy to have had you on the team. You've done great things in the past couple of years, and you were a major part of this community and staff team.


I've already told you this personally, but we're always here if you need anything, and hopefully we'll see you pop by every now and then to say hello! Best of luck IRL :)

#287708 [12/4/19] Amethyst mining & crafting, Multi tab-to-reply, GIM De-ironing,...

Posted by Omicron on 14 April 2019 - 12:23 AM

Updated with some hotfixes!


Hotfixes [14/4/19]:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Immortal donator fixes:
      • Fixed Master donators being able to get the gray skin color.
        • All players with the gray skin have been reset to red (Dragon), so Immortals simply need to go re-obtain it. This is to ensure nobody who doesn't have access to the skin color has it as of this update.
      • Fixed Immortal donators' yell tag not having the shadow background if Immortal was not their main rank (eg. Ironman / Veteran rank).
    • Skilling interface:
      • Using keyboard to select option:
        • You can now use your mouse keys (1-9) to select which item in the skilling interface you'd like to make.
      • New skilling interface has been updated for:
        • Gem cutting
        • Cannonball smithing
      • Fixed a bug which was not allowing you to use the Pestle and mortar on herblore ingredients.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Group Ironman de-ironing now de-irons you to the Normal game mode (you will no longer be an Ironman).
      • Fixed a problem with staff who are UIM accidentally being able to deposit items into the bank deposit box.
      • Fixed a bug which allowed you to cut amethyst while mining them.


  • A new award has been added:
    • 5680_diamond7.pngDivine Supporter ~ awarded to players who have reached the Immortal donator rank. (Orange diamond)
      • All current Immortal donators have been given this award. Any future players must apply for it.

#287398 [12/4/19] Amethyst mining & crafting, Multi tab-to-reply, GIM De-ironing,...

Posted by Omicron on 13 April 2019 - 01:48 AM

Hotfixes [14/4/19]:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Immortal donator fixes:
      • Fixed Master donators being able to get the gray skin color.
        • All players with the gray skin have been reset to red (Dragon), so Immortals simply need to go re-obtain it. This is to ensure nobody who doesn't have access to the skin color has it as of this update.
      • Fixed Immortal donators' yell tag not having the shadow background if Immortal was not their main rank (eg. Ironman / Veteran rank).
    • Skilling interface:
      • Using keyboard to select option:
        • You can now use your mouse keys (1-9) to select which item in the skilling interface you'd like to make.
      • New skilling interface has been updated for:
        • Gem cutting
        • Cannonball smithing
      • Fixed a bug which was not allowing you to use the Pestle and mortar on herblore ingredients.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Group Ironman de-ironing now de-irons you to the Normal game mode (you will no longer be an Ironman).
      • Fixed a problem with staff who are UIM accidentally being able to deposit items into the bank deposit box.
      • Fixed a bug which allowed you to cut amethyst while mining them.


  • A new award has been added:
    • 5680_diamond7.pngDivine Supporter ~ awarded to players who have reached the Immortal donator rank. (Orange diamond)
      • All current Immortal donators have been given this award. Any future players must apply for it.




Hey guys,


Today's update contains a bunch of content that we've been working hard on, some from the recent content poll (GIM/Raids/Karambwanji changes), and some that has simply been overdue for awhile now (Amethyst mining, crafting and ammunition). We've also managed implement a few other cool updates such as the new skilling interfaces from OSRS, the updated bank deposit box interface (quick deposit buttons) and tab-to-reply working for multiple players. Lastly, we've implemented a new donator rank - the Immortal Donator, which is the highest tier rank on Alora at the moment! 


We're also planning another update very soon for Easter, which should include some new Treasure Trail items. Keep an eye out for that ;)



Game updates:

  • New skilling interfaces:
    • Many chatbox interfaces for skilling actions have been updated to the latest one used by OSRS, allowing you to choose the amount you wish to create in the top right corner.
    • As this is a big job to manually update every skilling interface, we may have forgotten to update every single one. Please make sure to report any that are not yet updated!
      • Completed interfaces:
        • All Fletching, Crafting, Smelting (bars in furnace), Cooking and Herblore
  • Amethyst mining:
    • Amethyst crystals can now be mined in the Mining guild ('Falador mines' teleport at the wizard).
      • These are the highest level rock in the game, requiring level 92 Mining to mine, and are only located in the Mining guild.
        • These yield 240 Mining experience per ore, and will take ~75 seconds to respawn after being fully mined.
    • Amethyst uses:
      • By using a chisel on Amethyst crystals with the appropriate Crafting level, you can create the following: (60 Experience for any craft)
        • 83 - Amethyst bolt tips (makes 15):
          • Used to create Amethyst bolts, which can then be enchanted. (See below)
        • 85 - Amethyst arrow tips (makes 15):
          • Used to create Amethyst arrows. (See below)
        • 87 - Amethyst javelin heads (makes 5):
          • Used to create Amethyst javelins. (See below)
    • Amethyst ammo:
      • Amethyst broad bolts:
        • Created by attaching amethyst bolt tips to broad bolts with 76 Fletching, rewarding 106 Fletching XP per 10 completed bolts.
        • These bolts have +115 Ranged strength, making them comparable to Runite bolts.
      • Amethyst arrows:
        • These arrows are stronger than rune arrows (+6 more Ranged strength) and can be used with any bow of Magic or stronger.
      • Amethyst javelins:
        • These javelins are stronger than Rune javelins, but not as strong as Dragon javelins.
        • These javelins have +135 ranged strength bonus.
  • Enhanced tridents:
    • You can now enhance both the Trident of the swamp and the Trident of the seas by handing over either staff and 10 Kraken tentacles to Lieve McCracken near the Kraken entrance.
      • Doing so will turn your Trident of the swamp -> Trident of the swamp (e), or Trident of the seas -> Trident of the seas (e)
        • This allows your trident to hold up to 20,000 charges rather than 2,500.
          • The charges from your old trident will be unloaded to Zulrah scales, which you can use to load your new trident.
        • You will need 10 Kraken tentacles for each trident you wish to enhance.
  • Bank deposit box buttons:
    • 3 buttons have been added to the bank deposit box interface for ease of banking:
      • Deposit inventory button:
        • Deposits your entire inventory.
      • Deposit equipment button:
        • Deposits all of your equipment.
      • Deposit looting bag button:
        • Deposits all of the items in your looting bag (if you have one).
    • This update is particularly helpful in areas where there is no bank nearby, such as when mining gem rocks in the Donator zone.
  • Group Ironman changes:
    • GIM De-ironing:
      • Group Ironmen can now de-iron as long as they are NOT currently in an Ironman group. If they are, they must first kick themselves from the group (or be kicked) using a GIM Removal ticket.
        • Upon de-ironing, you will become a regular ironman. You can then de-iron once more to become a regular player.
        • WARNING: This action is permanent. We will not re-iron players under any circumstance.
    • GIM Removal Ticket price reduction:
      • The GIM Removal tickets have been reduced from 350 tokens to 250 tokens to make them more accessible.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed a bug which caused your pet to lose insurance if you insured a Jal-Nib-Rek and metamorphed it into TzRek-Zuk. They will now both be classified under the same pet insurance.
    • Gourd vials (from Raids 1) will now be 'smashed' after drinking, rather than having empty vials in your inventory, assuming you have the setting enabled by the Emblem trader.
    • If you are ever muted (whether it's a yell mute, regular mute, etc) you will be notified how long the mute will last for, in a red message in the chatbox.
    • Druidic wreath is now tradable.
    • Fixed a bug where Veterans' donator status icon would be incorrect in Clan chat.
    • For the Boss Kiflltime records, many records were only showing 2 instead of 3. This has been fixed, and it will always display the 3 best records.
    • Fixed the Mime top disappearing when deposited into your bank.
    • If you die as an HCIM and lose your rank, there was a bug which did not remove your HCIM equipment. You will now also automatically lose your equipment, whether it is worn, equipped, in the bank, etc.
  • Fletching update:
    • You can now fletch different logs for Arrow shafts rather than only normal logs. These higher tier logs will give more shafts:
      • Normal - 15
      • Oak - 30
      • Willow - 45
      • Maple - 60
      • Yew - 75
      • Magic - 90
      • Redwood - 105
    • Redwood logs can now be fletched into arrow shafts and Redwood shields.
      • Redwood shields require level 40 Defence to equip.
  • Crafting updates:
    • Redwood shields (see above) can now be crafted into Black d'hide shields.
      • At level 83 Crafting, players can use 2 black dragon leather and 15 rune nails on the shield with a hammer in the inventory to create a black d'hide shield: this gives 172 Crafting experience.
      • Black d'hide shields require level 70 Ranged and 40 Defence to equip.
  • Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) update:
    • Clicking on the worms (from the chest room) with the left mouse button (regular click) will now drop them, allowing you to quickly get rid of the worms.
    • Sapling trees (which give kindling in the Ice demon room) are now far less likely to fall, allowing you to chop them for longer. They will also respawn more quickly.
    • Sapling trees will also give kindling more quickly, though this is still based on your Woodcutting level.
  • Raids bonus changes:
    • Raids bonuses are now separate, meaning the Raids 1 or Raids 2 bonuses can individually be enabled. They can also both be enabled simultaneously at different rates.
    • Due to the previous update boosting Raids drops, we've limited the weekend bonuses to 1.2 maximum rather than 1.3.
  • Tab to reply to PM (multi-reply):
    • Although we already have tab-to-reply to PMs, I have extended this system to allow you to hit the Tab key multiple times to go through your most recent 5 PMers and reply to them individually, rather than only the latest PMer.
  • Clue scroll update:
    • Holy sandals, Wizards boots and Ranger boots will now appear over yell / discord / website drop announcements.
  • Alchemical Hydra drops fixed:
    • The Hydra's pieces (fang/heart/eye) were not dropping in the correct order and have now been fixed:
      • The order players receive the items in are: Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and finally Hydra's heart.
        • If you have all 3 already in your bank/inventory, you will receive a random piece, but if you are missing one, you will receive the piece that you require.
  • 3rd Age pickaxe fixes:
    • This item can now mine properly at the fastest pickaxe speed.
    • Now requires 65 attack to equip.
    • Combat animations on the pickaxe have been fixed.
    • Special attack temporarily boosts your Mining level by 3, using 100% of your special attack energy.
  • Theatre of Blood changes:
    • The healing phase of Xarpus, where you must stand on top of the exhumed skeletons to prevent them from healing the boss's hit points, has been removed after being voted on in the most recent content poll.
      • The boss will now fly up from the ground and be ready to fight as soon as the whole team has entered the room, although it will have full health as if it were left to heal.
  • Karambwanji changes:
    • Karambwanji, which are used as bait to fish Karambwans, have been removed from all Fishing stores. With this change, you will have to fish Karambwanji at the Karambja docks, near the other Karambwan spots, BUT we've made it so that the Karambwanji are stackable, so you can fish them quite easily without having to bank.
      • Karambwanji can be caught at the same dock as Karambwan, but at the south-western spot on the dock, and requires level 5 Fishing and grants 5 experience per fish caught.
        • Unlike other fish, the amount of karambwanji caught depends on the player's Fishing level, increasing every five levels. The exact formula is 1+floor(level/5). This means players with a Fishing level of 95 or above will catch 20 karambwanji at a time, and boosting beyond 99 will result in 21 karambwanji caught per catch.
  • Slayer update:
    • Completing the Inferno while on a Slayer task will now give you 3x as much experience for completing the task as before.
      • Rate: 7,200 XP * Skilling multiplier (eg. 40x for normal players, 8x for HCIM, etc)
      • This is approximately 216,000 XP for a player on normal mode.
  • Barrows herblore secondary drops: (Thanks to @Kharyrll for the help!)
    • Following the latest content poll, we've updated Barrows drops to contain some Herblore secondaries that are sought after by Ironmen. This isn't intended to be the primary way of obtaining secondaries, but can help make it easier to train Herblore and collect many different types of secondaries simultaneously.
    • Overall, the chance of receiving a Herblore  secondary drop from Barrows loot is 6.1%, with the following drops and amounts: (Rare drop scroll enhances this chance)
      • Crushed nest (10-15) (0.8%)
      • Snape grass (40-70) (0.5%)
      • Wine of Zamorak (20-35) (0.8%)
      • White berries (45-70) (0.5%)
      • Potato cactus (40-50) (0.5%)
      • Red spiders' eggs (20-35) (0.8%)
      • Limpwurt root (40-70) (0.5%)
      • Mort myre fungus (45-60) (0.6%)
      • Blue dragon scales (60-100) (0.6%)
      • Unicorn horns (25-35) (0.5%)





Forum updates:

  • New emoticons added: (Thanks to @Paine for helping to collect these!)
    • Many new discord/twitch emoticons have been added to the forums and are now available to use! We even managed to throw in a few of the emoticons used on @Lowkey's streams. (Over 100 new emoticons in total)
      • Examples:
        • :4Head:
        • :Yea:
        • :Pog:
        • :Poggers:
        • :FeelsBadMan:
        • … and many more!


Donation updates:

  • Immortal Donator Rank:
    • A new Donator rank has been added! This is the ultimate rank - higher than any before it and the most exclusive on Alora, requiring double the amount that Master required at $10,000 total spent. Not many will be able to obtain this rank, adding to its elusiveness.
    • Perks:
      • Forum:
        • Up to 3,000 storable PMs.
        • Profile pictures (animated) can be up to 3mb.
        • Username on the forums is displayed in a black text with a gold outline and glow, along with a gold sparkle effect. (This is the only rank with an outline)
        • In-game icon is a gray-ish black logo with a gold stripe through the middle, and the yell tag says “Immortal” in black with a text shadow (the only rank with this effect).
      • Game:
        • All Master Donator perks (enhanced), notably:
          • Drop rate (general) boosted by 17% rather than 12% (Master)
          • Inferno start wave at 49 rather than 45 (Master)
          • Vote time 50% longer than the normal time, and 15 extra points upon opening vote books.
        • All-new Immortal game perks:
          • 10% increased chance of receiving pets from skilling / bosses.
            • This 10% also applies when gambling your Fire cape or Infernal cape for a new pet.
          • New Alorian Immortal cape which can be claimed from the Donation manager.
            • This cape has the same Teleport features as the other donator capes, and is a combination of black/gold to go along with the rest of the rank.
          • A new skin color that is exclusive to Immortal donators is now available!
            • Immortal Gray can be obtained for free from the Donation manager.
          • Gnome child pet:
            • This pet is exclusive to Immortal donators, and can be obtained for 10m GP from Probita.
              • You will also obtain the previous pet (the Stray dog from the Master rank) for free upon purchasing this pet, assuming you don't already have it.
          • Free pet insurance from Probita
          • Ability to skip Konar's tasks without a fee
          • Increased % chance of Infernal tools effect being applied (33%)
          • Automatically create (4) dose potions instead of the usual (3) dose
          • Ability to set a permanent chat color when speaking, so instead of typing red: or cyan: before every message it is done automatically. 
            • This can be toggled by the Donation manager. You can choose between the following colors:
              • Red
              • Green
              • Cyan
              • Purple
              • White


























We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please report any bugs that you find immediately.






#283835 Alora Newspaper 3/30/2019

Posted by Omicron on 31 March 2019 - 09:31 AM

Great job once again @Code 002, always interesting to read those interviews!

#281116 [23/3/19] Tournament streaming system, foreign character fix, CoX drop table...

Posted by Omicron on 23 March 2019 - 06:40 AM

Hotfixes [30/3/19]:

  • Client bugs:
    • Fixed not being able to add friends/ignores with spaces in their names
    • Fixed foreign letters not working in yells, PMs and clan chat
      • Note: English is still currently the only language that you can use over yell. If you would like to speak any other language, please do so in public chat, clan chat or PMs.
  • Donator zone changes:
    • The old Donator Zone (::dz2) banker will no longer walk around and will remain in 1 spot.
  • Item fixes:
    • Food:
      • Rather than healing 2 hp every time, Purple sweets now heal between 1-3 randomly.
    • Clue scroll item fixes:
      • Black Elegant shirt now has the "Wear" option.
      • Purple Elegant shirt now has the "Wear" option.
      • Red boater now has the "Wear" option.
    • Forum Loyalty rewards which were tradable and should not be have been made untraceable:
      • Rubber chicken
      • Hill giant club
      • Anti-panties
    • Item requirement fixes:
      • Ancient wyvern shield now requires 75 Defence and 70 Magic to equip.
      • Oak longbow now requires level 5 Ranged to equip.
      • Willow longbow now requires level 20 Ranged to equip.
      • Maple longbow now requires level 30 Ranged to equip.
      • Yew longbow now requires level 40 Ranged to equip.
      • Magic longbow now requires level 50 Ranged to equip.
    • Alchemy price fixes:
      • Blue/dark/light mystic robe sets (top, bottom, gloves, boots) all had the incorrect low & high alchemy values and have been fixed.
    • Slot fixes:
      • Boaters worn in the weapon slot (red, green, blue, orange, black) have now been fixed and will equip in the helmet slot.
    • Model fixes:
      • The Imp mask would cause your head to become invisible on male characters. This should no longer happen.
    • Examine fixes:
      • Rune dart tip examine fixed.
  • NPC fixes:
    • Animation fixes:
      • Rams in the Lumbridge Sheep pen have had their animations (attack/block/death) fixed.
    • Slayer related:
      • Baby black dragons will now count towards your Black dragon tasks.
      • Baby red dragons will now count towards your Red dragon tasks.
      • Baby green dragons will now count towards your Green dragon tasks.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Bob the cat in Port sarim will no longer open up the same dialogue options (to repair Barrows equipment) as human Bob, found in Lumbridge/Edgeville.
    • Spawns:
      • East of the Woodcutting guild, 'Golova' and a Farmer were both standing on the river and have both been removed.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Duel requests can no longer be accepted outside of the duel arena.
    • Fixed max hit dummy moving around
    • The XP counter will no longer display values over 214,748,364 experience, as it is in OSRS. This should also fix issues where the XP counter value overflows and cannot be properly read.
    • Fixed Apple tree farming guild contract being given without the correct level requirement.



Hey guys,


Today's update contains numerous QOL updates and bug fixes, as well as a few cool content updates! We've got some other noteworthy content that's being worked on for the next update, such as updated chatbox skilling interfaces ("Make" interface used for smithing, fletching etc), Trading Post buy options, and other content from the most recent content poll that passed. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the updates below!


  • Forum updates:
    • Numeric values (post-count, likes count, etc) on forum profiles, user post bits (in topics and messaging app) and other places have been updated to be properly formatted.
      • Eg. Likes: 4001 becomes Likes: 4,001
    • Maximum # of questions in a poll has been increased from 10 to 20.
    • Added pages:
      • Terms of Service
      • Privacy Policy
      • Refund Policy


  • Store changes:
    • A "Recent purchases" feature which shows you recently purchased items by other players, to give you an idea of what people are spending their tokens on.
    • We've made some small improvements to the loading speed and smoothness of the store on the website. Additionally, a few cosmetic changes have been made (spacing and text sizes).
    • Lastly, we've moved the "Cart" a bit higher on the page, above the Collection box, making it more easily visible.


  • Game updates:
    • Chambers of Xeric // Raids 1 drop table changes:
      • Overall, the chance of obtaining a rare drop in the Chambers of Xeric has been slightly increased across the board.
        • The individual rates of the items on the rare drop table have NOT changed whatsoever, only the chance of hitting the rare drop table has been increased.
        • You'll still have a much higher chance of obtaining loot if you work harder than previous teams, and if you've got more points than your team average.
    • Konar's drop table update:
      • The Dusk Mystic set is rarely seen in-game (and usually not a complete set), so we've decided to heavily increase the drop rate of the pieces for this set.
        • All of the pieces of the dusk set are now 4x more common than before.
    • Foreign characters fixed:
      • This took awhile to figure out, and we hope that the part player base which uses these characters (Finland, Denmark, Norway, etc) appreciate the fix! You can now type in foreign characters such as:
        • Å,å,Ä,ä,Æ,æ,Ø,ø,Ö,ö and many more!
      • Destroy item bug fixed:
      • If you tried to destroy an item, then switched it to another slot before clicking 'Yes' to destroy it, it would delete the other item you swapped it with.
        • This has been fixed, and if the item is not in the same slot, it will still be destroyed from wherever it is in your inventory.
    • Inferno update:
      • When in the Inferno and on a TzKal-Zuk Slayer task, your Slayer helmet (or mask) effects will apply to all monsters within the Inferno.
    • Tournament streaming system:
      • Administrators can now properly stream tournaments, with a system similar to the one used by the OSRS team in Deadman tournaments!
        • This system allows the streamer (usually @Lowkey) to use their keyboard (WASD) to move the camera, and displays an interface which shows the hitpoints, prayer points, combat level, username, special attack energy and inventories of two players in combat.
    • Duel arena fix:
      • Sometimes if you are poisoned in a duel and you have killed your opponent (they are doing the death animation), you would get hit by their poison and die, leading to the duel being a tie.
        • This has been fixed, and poison/venom should no longer deal any damage to you in the duel arena if your opponent is dead/dying.
    • Vorkath update:
      • You are now always guaranteed Vorkath's head on your 50th kill, even if you've received it before.
        • Considering this update is late and some of you may be above 50 kills without a Vorkath's head drop, you'll also receive a Vorkath's head if you are 50+ kills and have never received one as a drop.
    • Prayer fixes:
      • Following the previous update, which changed how protection prayers are applied, we found that they were being applied too late, giving your victim way too much time to protect themselves from the attack. They are now calculated exactly 1 tick after the attack animation for Magic/Ranged attacks, meaning you have a very short time (0.6s) to turn on the correct prayer and defend against the attack.
    • Group Ironman changes:
      • Group Ironman Orb QOL:
        • The GIM orb can now also be found in the Donator zone (Shilo village, ;;dz), rather than only at home.
          • Considering this orb is also a sort of bank for GIM, it makes sense to have it in the Donator zone as well.
          • This orb is located within the bank building.
      • Bank changes:
        • The maximum stack size for items in the shared bank has been updated from:
          • 10,000 -> 100,000 for general items
          • 1,000,000 -> 10,000,000 for coins
    • XP drop fix:
      • Related to the fix above, XP drops will no longer show that you gained XP (dealt damage) when the hit ends up being 0 damage (or lower than the XP drop implies).
    • Skill guide menus:
      • We've fully updated the skill guides to match OSRS 1:1. This means that they'll be updated with all of the latest information, such as, for example, the Attack menu showing the Abyssal tentacle, Ghrazi rapier, Scythe, etc. This applies to every single skill, as they were extremely outdated.
        • This was half-updated since our downtime last week, but many pages were opening the wrong skill menu. It should work perfectly now.
    • ;;farm command:
      • You can now type ;;farm/::farm or ;;fg/::fg to be teleported to the Farming guild without going to the teleport wizard.
    • Quest tab changes:
      • The number in brackets next to the vote count will now show the # of times you've voted this month.
        • Previously, it was broken and would show your kill streak instead.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Multi-spell effects (eg. Ice barrage) will no longer work on pets (my bad!).
      • You will no longer be given some tree contracts (fruit tree and regular tree) at the farming guild if you don't have the required level to use the respective patch (65 for regular trees, 85 for fruit trees).
      • A bug with the Shooting star has been patched (if 2 players have already found the star, and then 2 more arrive at the same time, it would bug out as there should only be a max of 3 players that can receive the reward).
      • The Kourend Catacombs teleport has been updated so that it places you in the middle of the dungeon, rather than on the west side.
    • Collection log fix:
      • The previous update broke the collection logs, with many pages not showing the right items and most showing the wrong kill counts. This has been fully fixed and tested.
    • Discord bot fix:
      • The discord #game_news channel has been disabled as of last week, which some of you may have noticed. This was due to a bug related to Discord which has now been fixed, meaning that the channel is now once again operational.
      • There was also a bug which caused some news announcements to not be sent to the news channel which has been fixed, meaning that all announcements should show up in Discord.
    • Bad word censor:
      • We've added a new censor to prevent malicious users from advertising other servers or websites, and to make our staff team's job easier in dealing with these users. The system which prevents these words (for example, the name of another server) checks all possible combinations (eg. If the server name was Alora, A10RA would be blocked as well).
    • Mute timer fixed:
      • When muted, you would often see "You are muted for another -85032 hours." rather than the correct time for your mute. You will now see an accurate counter for how long you have left on your mute (hours or minutes).
    • Max hit dummy:
      • A max hit dummy has been added in the thieving room north of the Edgeville bank!
        • This dummy will let you check exactly what your max hit is with your current equipment and attack style, as well as the max hit if you are using your special attack.
    • Clan chat update:
      • Previously sorted alphabetically, the order of the Clan chat player name lists will now be sorted a little differently.
        • Firstly, the list will be sorted by rank, with the highest ranked members at the top.
        • Afterwards, it is sorted alphabetically.