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July Vote Competition[July 1st - July 21st]

02 July 2024 - 09:54 AM

Hey everyone, I would once again like to announce the Vote Competition for the month of July. Your votes will begin being counted on July 1st, 12 am GMT, so be ready, because every vote counts!

What will the rewards be?
The top 5 voters will receive the following rewards in order of highest(#1) to lowest(#5) ranked voters, and the rewards will be as follows:
1st - 1
x $100 Bond

2nd - 1 x $50 Bond

3rd - 3 x $10 Bond
4th - 2 x $10 Bond
5th - 1 x $10 Bond

What constitutes a "vote"?
A: Everytime a player votes and receives an auth, this will count as a vote, and player with the most votes wins!

Q: How do I vote?
A: You must simply follow this link http://www.alora.io/vote/ to the vote page, click and vote on all of the links, and then use the auth you get at the vote manager in-game to claim your vote book!

Q: When will the winners be declared?
A: The winners of the competition will be declared after the 21st of July (1-5 days after)!

We hope to spark a bit of healthy competition and get more players voting to help get Alora's name out there a bit more so that we can continue to grow in the future!

IMPORTANT: Ironmen, Realism, Hardcore Ironmen, and Ultimate Ironmen will not be able to claim the rewards DIRECTLY onto their accounts unless they are cosmetic, however they may claim the items onto an alternate account that is not an Ironman.

Additional Note: The vote competition is structured in such a way that any player with 30 or more votes will be entered into a random draw, where one will be chosen as the winner, giving multiple players a fair chance to win.



[13/6/24] The Colosseum, Alora Bingo, Nightmare Drop Rework, Libation Bowl & more!

15 June 2024 - 09:40 PM

Mini Update [27/06/24]:

  • Forester’s Campfire:
    • Players can now keep regular/colored fires going by adding more logs to them.
      • Adding logs to a fire will turn it into a forester’s campfire, which can indefinitely stay lit.
        • The fire lasts longer as more logs get added to them.
          • The maximum duration depends on the type of log added, with higher level logs adding more time, and increasing the maximum possible duration of the campfire.
        • Adding logs to the campfire provides 1/3 of the normal firemaking experience.
    • Players can right click the campfire to check how long the fire has left, and one of 5 different messages describing the state of the fire will be given.
    • Players can also right click the campfire to rest near it.
      • This is purely for vibes, and does not restore run energy faster,
    • Players cannot create a forester’s campfire if there is already one present within 5 tiles of the fire.
  • Tombs of Amascut Common Loot Changes:
    • The following changes have been made to the common loot table:
      • Cut gem drops have been replaced with uncut variants.
      • Raw food has been replaced with cooked food.
      • Players now received 10x more gp
      • Cactus spines have been replaced with white berries..
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the left-click withdraw 1 option in the tacklebox was not working.
    • Fixed a bug where the player's inventory would not properly refresh when charging an empty blowpipe.
    • Fixed a typo with “Rogues’ Castle” sometimes being spelt “Rogue’s castle”.
    • Fixed a bug where players could equip any comp cape variant.
      • Any players with completionist capes they haven’t earned will have their stats reduced and will not be able to re-equip them once taken off.
    • Fixed a bug with LoS pathing on Colosseum npc's.
    • The True Rainbow partyhat can now be bought by Ironmen.
    • anti-venoms now only take 2 ticks to make instead of 4.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get a message stating their bank was full when claming rewards from the Colosseum.
    • A chat message will now appear when sol heredit uses his grapple attack.
    • Amrod now purchases Eternal teleport crystals for 150 crystal shards each.
    • Fixed a bug where the perfect grapple would only max hit on 1 hit rather than all hits that came from the attack.
      • For example, the scythe of vitur would only max on one of it’s 3 hits.
    • Parrying Sol heredit's grapple attack will no longer unequip the item click.
    • The manticore's attack speed is now 10 ticks rather than 11.
    • Fixed a bug where the jaguar warrior would sometimes hit players through the serpent shaman.
    • Fixed a bug where 2 lost souls would spawn on top of each other during the fight with the Awakened Whisperer.
      • This would lead to one of the 2 souls being unattackable.
    • Fixed a bug where the spellbook swap spell would end after clicking a teleport spell even if the player wasn't teleported.
    • Fixed the idle animation of the shattered cane.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not use range special attacks sometimes.
    • Reduced the serpent shaman attack range to 10 tiles.
    • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck online in a Flower poker lane.
    • Added the ancient cloak to the medium clue scroll rewards.
    • Twisted extracts now work with sunfire runes.
    • Fixed a bug where thrall hits would count as hits against Akkha in his final phase.
    • Players will now only lose the ammunition in their quivers when killed by a player if they have a quiver (or variant) equipped/in their inventory.
    • Manually casting a spell will no longer apply the effects of the Myopia Modifier in the Colosseum.
    • Cow trousers and gloves no longer have 70 defence requirement.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Vardorvis' head gaze attack will now always appear within 3 tiles of his spawn location.
    • The whisperer will now become freezable a few ticks earlier.
    • Colosseum NPC’s have had their accuracy nerfed across the board.
      • In particular, the Fremennik warbanders are now far less accurate.
    • Wesley crusher can now crush crystal shards.
    • The coal bag/colossal blade/double ammo mould will now to go the reclaimables shop upon death.
    • Items will now disappear after 1 hour of being dropped in instances.
      • If an instance is closed for any reason, the items will disappear, so please exercise caution when leaving items on the ground.
    • Dizana's quiver will no longer be announced in yell.
      • Instead it will only announce the Colosseum completion.
  • Forum updates:
    • The # of bugs that a player has fixed (accepted bug reports) will now be displayed under their awards on the sidebar whenever they post.
    • The sidebar next to a post will now have icons next to Member since / Time spent / Total level / Previous username.

Patches [22/6/24]:

  • Fixed a bug with the inventory setups plugin causing errors.
  • Fixed a bug with NPC animation smoothing.
  • Enabled the Colosseum runelite plugin.
  • Added the Dizana’s quiver as a completionist cape requirement when talking to Mac.
  • Players can no longer over-heal in the colosseum using blood spells/blood fury if frailty is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where minimus could sometimes spawn outside of the colosseum.
  • The completionist cape will now be downgraded to the stats of it's equivalent max cape variant if equipped without the proper requirements.
  • The spawns for the next Colosseum wave will now be set on the same tick the player confirms the modifier interface, rather than the tick before the npc’s spawn.
  • Fixed a bug with the Manticore attack patterns.
    • They will now always use the same attack pattern once it’s been set.
      • This pattern always ends with the melee orb, unless affected by the Mantimayhem modifier.
  • Fixed a bug where the fortis colosseum achievements completed would not show up properly in the Combat achievements boss tab.
  • Cancelling the auto-cast spell will no longer cause it to re-select itself when changing back to the staff/wand that was equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where some npc's had too much melee attack range.
  • The staff of balance and staff of light now use the correct graphics.
  • The masori assembler max cape now has +2 ranged strength.
  • Fixed a bug with the diagonal forward strike attack during the Sol heredit fight.
  • Fixed a bug where the "I was here first" Combat achievement would not always complete.
  • Sol heredit will now announce which piece of equipment he's going to strike before he starts the grapple attack animation.
  • The lottery board will now properly show the 10 most recent lottery winners.
  • Manticores will no longer charge up their orbs until they've been in range of a player/had Line of sight on them.
  • Colosseum NPC's will now have LoS on a player if the player has LoS on them.
    • This will make off-ticking npc’s behind pillars possible.
  • Fixed a bug where solar flares would sometimes not damage players if the modifier level was 3.
  • Solar flares will no disable prayers after hitting a player if the modifier is level 3.
  • Players now have access to the “Line of Sight” plugin in the plugin-hub, which draws an overlay showing the player’s current line of sight within a certain range.
  • GPU/117 HD/Alora HD should now have smoother animations than before if players are using the animation smoothing plugin.
    • The old system can still be toggled on by disabling the “Floating Point Vertices” Configuration in the animation smoothing plugin.
  • Fixed graphical issues with the gold/pink elegant blouses.
  • Fixed a bug where the kalphite queen's second form would partially protect against the voidwaker special attack.

Hello everyone,
We are happy to announce that another major piece of Varlamore content has been added to Alora: The Colosseum! This exciting piece of content brings with it a unique wave-based mini-game, although different from existing ones in the sense that you may walk away after any of the battles with your loot — or you can risk it all the way until the end and challenge Sol-Heredit for a chance at even more loot. Alora Bingo is also now live, and as of this update you’ll be able to complete tasks on the Bingo board (which changes every 30 days) to obtain some juicy prizes which range from $10 bonds to $100 bonds, so be sure to check out the board and get cracking on the tasks!
Additionally, with Summer right around the corner, we've decided to offer a 25% bonus on all token purchases in our store, as well as bonuses on Rank tickets, on top of many discounted items! Make sure to stock up on any items that you need before the sale ends :)

  • Summer Sale:
    • The Start of Summer Sale is now live!
      • To mark the start of summer, we are giving 25% bonus tokens on all token purchases. This applies to all payment methods, including OSGP/Bitcoin. Make sure to take advantage of this sale while it lasts!
      • We're also giving up to 30% discounts on the following items:
        • Ultimate mystery box
        • Cosmetic mystery box
        • Elite void set
        • Drop booster
        • Slayer helm ornament kits (all three)
        • Name change ticket
        • Rainbow ankou set
        • Rainbow icon
    • New item release:
      • The True rainbow partyhat has been added to the store! This all-new, exclusive to Alora item costs 3,000 tokens, and it mimics the effect of the Rainbow Ankou set by changing through many different colors.
        • As with all Rainbow-effect items, the new partyhat will sync up so that if you are wearing a Rainbow icon or Rainbow Ankou pieces, all of the colors will properly match.


  • Alora Bingo:
    • Bingo Board:
      • Every 30 days, the Bingo board will randomly be built with a number of different tasks. Some examples of tasks (of varying difficulties) include:
        • Single item tasks (eg. Obtain Abyssal whip, Dragon limbs, Black mask, etc)
        • Any-of item tasks (eg. Obtain any Cerberus Crystal, Any Zulrah mutagen, any Armadyl armor piece, etc)
        • Pet tasks (eg. Obtain any boss pet, Obtain any skilling pet)
        • Non-PvM/Skilling tasks (Eg. Vote 5 times)
      • The board has 5 different patterns you can try to go for, each one rewarding the first player to complete it with a prize:
        • Four Corners ($10 bond)
        • Top Row ($10 bond)
        • Cross ($3 x $10 bond)
        • Alora Special ($50 bond)
        • Fill the Board ($100 bond)
    • Forum award:
      • Upon completing any pattern, you will not only be awarded with the Bingo reward for that pattern, but you’ll also automatically receive a Forum award for doing so. 
    • Notes:
      • Only one player can complete each pattern. Once it has been claimed, nobody else can claim that prize.
      • As of now, one player may complete multiple patterns and obtain multiple prizes that month.
      • You can obtain a Bingo Card to carry around with you and check your Bingo progress at any time by speaking with the Bingo Lady at home in Edgeville, in the same house as the Make-over mage and the Ironman tutor.
      • Bingo will begin around noon, so after the update there may be a few hours without a bingo event.
  • The Colosseum:
    • The Colosseum has arrived to Alora, and it’s here to test the might of its deadliest warriors.
      • Players can enter the colosseum through the entrance on the east end of Civitas Illa Fortis, which can be reached through the teleport wizard.
    • The Colosseum is a wave-based challenge similar to the inferno, consisting of 12 waves, each more difficult than the last.
      • After each wave, players must choose a new modifier to add to the challenge, which will make things slightly more difficult.
        • Along with modifiers, new enemies will also appear at higher waves, making things even more difficult.
      • Reinforcements will also appear if a player has not completed a wave within a certain amount of time.
    • Unlike other challenge based mini-games, the Colosseum is unique in the sense that players can walk away with their loot after each completed wave.
      • The catch is that if the player dies at any point during the run, they lose all items they’ve obtained up until that point.
        • Logging out will also count as a forfeit.
      • Players can also see the loot for the next wave before it begins, which adds an extra layer of pressure to the next wave.
    • The Colosseum is not a safe death for hardcore game modes.
      • They can teleport out at any time, however there is no option to escape within the arena, so be sure to bring a teleport!
    • After players have defeated 11 waves of enemies, they will then challenge Sol-Heredit to fight.
      • Sol-Heredit will be fought in a smaller area, surrounded by guards, so the player has less room to move around in.
      • Sol-Heredit will use various types of attacks, including a spear shockwave, a shield shockwave, and a melee combo strike.
        • There are also various other special attacks that will appear throughout the fight, as Sol-Heredit loses health.
    • Rewards:
      • Players can earn various common rewards from completion of each wave, but there are also a few unique rewards that can be found throughout the Colosseum.
        • Dizana’s Quiver:
          • This is the only reward that is only obtainable upon completing Wave 12, and is guaranteed after doing so.
            • This is the new best-in-slot range cape, and can combined with the max/completionist capes once it has been blessed.
            • The default form of the quiver must be charged with sunfire splinters to be able to benefit from the special effect of the quiver.
              • Players can permanently bless the quiver by bringing it to the Shrine of Ralos in the Teomat, along with 100,000 sunfire splinters.
          • The Quiver has a unique effect, which is always active, even when uncharged, which provides players with a second quiver slot, which arrows/bolts can be stored within.
          • The Quiver also has a charged effect, which will provide an extra +1 range strength bonus, and +10 range accuracy bonus to arrows/bolts fired from either ammunition slot.
        • Sunfire Fanatic Armour:
          • Players can obtain a piece of the Sunfire fanatic armour on any wave starting from wave 4.
            • This armour shares the same stats as rune armour, but with a much higher prayer bonus.
              • This armour requires 60 defence and 40 prayer to equip.
        • Tonalztics of Ralos:
          • Players can obtain the Tonalztics on any wave starting from wave 7.
          • This weapon requires 75 range to equip.
          • This ranged weapon deals anywhere from 0-75% of the player’s max ranged hit (based on their ranged strength)..
            • It also has a special effect, when charged with sunfire splinters, which allows another Tonalztic to be fired.
              • The other tonalztic has the same max hit as the first one, and has its own accuracy checks.
          • The Tonalztics of Ralos also have a special attack, Division, costing 50% special attack energy. Upon a successful hit, the target's Defence level is reduced by 10% of its Magic level (20% if charged and both hits deal damage).
            • This makes it useful for high-defence targets who have a high-magic level. When used on NPCs, the defence reduction from a successful first hit will apply for the calculation of the second hit. 
        • Echo Crystal:
          • These crystals can be obtained on any wave starting from wave 4.
          • The crystals can be used on a pair of guardian boots to create echo boots, which gives it an additional +2 prayer bonus, and a passive recoil effect.
            • Each echo crystal also adds 6,000 charges to the boots, up to a maximum of 60,000 charges.
            • The Echo boots have a passive effect in which they deal 1 recoil damage to targets attacking the player, in a 3x3 square around the player.
              • This effectively restricts recoiled targets to those in melee range.
    • Notes:
      • Sol-Heredit is now a requirement for the Completionist cape.
  • Libation Bowl:
    • Players can now train their prayer through the liobation bowl at the Tomato.
      • This method of prayer training involves sacrificing blessed bone shards to a libation bowl full of blessed wine.
        • Players can fill the libation bowl with either blessed wine, providing 5 base prayer experience per bone shard, or blessed sunfire wine, providing 6 base prayer experience per shard.
          • Each jug of blessed wine will add 400 shards to the libation bowl (1 charge is used per bone shard, and up to 100 shards are sacrificed at a time).
            • These blessed jugs cannot be banked.
          • 2 prayer points are also used each time players sacrifice shards to the libation bowl.
    • Blessed bone shards can be acquired by breaking down bone statuettes, or chiseling blessed bones.
      • Most types of bones can be blessed by praying to the exposed altar at the Teomat.
        • Once blessed, players can break them down into a varying amount of bone shards, based on the bones.
        • Wine can also be blessed at this exposed altar.
      • Players can exchange noted bones by speaking to Virilis near the exposed altar.
        • He will exchanged noted bones for 100 coins each.
  • Nightmare & Phosani Drop Rate Improvements:
    • NOTE: Keep in mind that all of the rates below are boosted by a FUTHER 23% (Alora drop rate boost). Use the drop viewer in-game to see the final rates, as well as any other boosters applied.
    • Phosani’s Nightmare:
      • The chance of rolling the gear table (mace/armour/staff) is now 1/143 rather than 1/180.
      • The chance of rolling the orb table is now 1/533 rather than 1/900.
      • Specifics:
        • Any specific piece of Inquisitor Armour now drops at a rate of 1/700, up from 1/1,000.
        • Any specific Orb now drops at a rate of 1/1,600, up from 1/3,000.
        • The Inquisitor's Mace now drops at a rate of 1/1,250, up from 1/2,000.
        • The Nightmare Staff now drops at a rate of 1/533, up from 1/666.7. 
    • The Nightmare:
      • The chance of rolling the gear table (mace/armour/staff) is now 1/83 rather than 1/105.
      • The chance of rolling the orb table is now 1/320 rather than 1/520.
      • Specifics:
        • Any specific piece of Inquisitor Armour now drops at a rate of 1/420, up from 1/600.
        • Any specific Orb now drops at a rate of 1/960, up from 1/1,800.
        • The Inquisitor's Mace now drops at a rate of 1/750, up from 1/1,250.
        • The Nightmare Staff now drops at a rate of 1/300, up from 1/400.
  • Sunfire Runes:
    • Players can now rune craft sunfire runes, a fire rune alternative, at the Shrine of Ralos at level 33 rune crafting.
      • Crafting sunfire requires will require 1 essence, 1 sunfire splinter, and 1 fire rune.
        • Bonuses will not take extra fire runes/sunfire splinters, only 1 will be deleted for each essence removed.
      • Players will create double the amount of sunfire runes at level 49, and triple the amount at level 98 runecrafting.
    • Sunfire Effect:
      • When using fire spells with sunfire runes, players will deal 10% of their max hit as their minimum damage.
        • The max hit used for this calculation is before the tome of fire effect is applied.
    • Tome of Fire:
      • Players can use 100 sunfire runes on a burnt page to create a Searing page, which, when added to the tome of fire, will also apply the sunfire effect for the amount of charges added.
        • The check option will tell players how many searing charges/regular charges they have.
      • Players who have permanently charged their tome of fire will need to use 350 searing pages on their tome of fire to permanently give it the sunfire effect.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where presets would not properly save for some players.
    • Hint arrows will now properly be removed when an npc is killed.
    • The whisperer's screech attack will no longer deal damage after the player has died.
    • The Awakened whisperer's tentacle attack will now be delayed by 2 ticks.
    • Fixed the withdraw amount options on the seed box.
    • Fixed a bug which didn’t insure pets (particularly if they were variants, eg. A colored Rock golem) that were lost on death if held in your inventory.
    • Fixed a bug with Wizard Cromperty’s model on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where all ranged weapons had an attack distance of 5.
      • Ranged weapons should all now have the correct attack range.
    • Fixed a bugged staircase in the Mithril dragons lair.
    • Fixed a clipping visual issue with the Kyatt hat.
    • Added placeholders for the following items:
      • Venator bow (uncharged)
      • Stray dog plush
      • Gnome child plush
    • Fixed an issue with adding new teleports to the portal nexus not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug with the music cape emote on 2010 mode not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the skill of the day would change every 10 minutes after the 23rd of the month.
    • Fixed a bug where some decorations in the POH would show that the player was lacking the building materials, even if they weren't.
    • Fixed a bug with the friend notes plugin not working.
    • Players will no longer take damage from the Whisperer's tentacle attack after teleporting out.
    • Fixed a bug where the seedbox withdraw all/x options were swapped.
    • Fixed a bug where the menu entry swapper plugin's "Bank deposit Shift-option" configuration would not work for the eat/wield/drink setting.
    • Removed the Litara spawns near the falador mine.
    • Ghosts/Tormented souls are now classified as undead creatures.
    • Fixed a bug where the 40% hp whisperer pillars during the awakened fight would sometimes spawn too far from the 60% pillar.
    • The Tournament Cup in Edgeville will now show our most recent Leagues & PvM Tournament winners.
    • League Forum awards will now only show the top trophy you earned (rather than potentially showing up to 7 which was spammy).
    • Scoreboard changes:
      • Banned players and League players’ kill counts and killtimes will no longer show up.
    • Fixed a pathing issue where clicking on some tiles that were not pathable would often send the player running in a random direction.
      • Players will now move as close to that tile as possible instead.
    • Fixed a bug where players could fish dark crabs outside of the wilderness resource area for the daily task.
    • Fixed a bug where players on mobile could not start Desert Treasure II.
    • Players will no longer be hit by standing too close to the edge of the arena while fighting Vardorvis if they are in the strangle(CAPTCHA) attack.
    • Added the shattered mystic gloves to the magic wardrobe set.
    • Removed the duplicate decorative armour sets from the POH armour case.
    • The "Perfect Leviathan" Combat achievement no longer requires 5 consecutive perfect kills without leaving the instance.
      • Players must only kill it perfectly 5 times while in the instance without leaving, even if they are not 5 in a row.
    • Maiden's blood pools can no longer damage players who are dead.
    • Fixed a bug where the beginner tutorial was not completable.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not store tribal masks in the POH armour case.
    • Fixed a bug where the toy box interface would not load properly.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get the “This doesn’t look safe to enter” message when interacting with some objects in Varlamore.
    • Leviathan's auto attacks will now only hit through prayer a few ticks after the pathfinder has spawned.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The looting bag will now go to the lost item manager on death.
    • Callisto and artio can now be damaged by magic attacks.
    • Players can now pay a 1-time fee of 5m coins to be able to use the falcons from the falconry for free.
    • The “quick-falcon” option on Matthias now works, both for players who’ve paid the permanent 5m fee, and for players who haven’t.
    • The tephra refining/imbuing process will now automatically process all the tephra after clicking once.
    • Players can now store and deposit their pickaxes in the pickaxe cavity in the TOA entry area.
    • Dusk mystic pieces are now much more common from the brimstone chest.
    • The dragon warhammer drop rate has been buffed from 1/5000 base to 1/3000 base.
      • Modifiers, such as the 1.24x drop rate multiplier, donator boosts, etc… will now apply to the new 1/3000 rate.
    • Realism players now have access to Baba yaga's rune shop.
      • This can only be done after completer lunar diplomacy.
      • This shop has a separate stock from the ironman version.
    • Equipping a transformation item while stuck in Sarachnis' webs will now release you.
    • The quetzin pet is now 15x more likely from hunter loot sacks if players have 200m Hunter experience.
    • Players can now override their current slayer task with a stored one, and will no longer have to cancel their current task.
    • Verzik will now only spawn 1 Nylocas Matemenos if only 1 player remains.
    • Expert mining gloves now apply to sandstone rocks.
    • The Phoenix pet rate from Wintertodt crates is now 15x higher for players that have 200m Firemaking experience.
    • Wilderness bosses now respawn after 9-15 game ticks depending on the boss.
    • Kree'arra's minions now drop noted crushed nests.
    • Superior creatures killed on konar tasks now always drop a brimstone key.
    • Melee attack distance changes:
      • Previously, many larger npc’s that used melee would be able to attack players diagonally, even if there was no path to get next to the player.
        • Melee npc’s will now only be able to attack players who are directly adjacent to them.
    • Added the Civitas Illa fortis teleport functionality to the normal spellbook.
      • This teleport, similar to all teleports in the normal spellbook, requires the magic level, but no runes to cast.
    • The crystal seed exchanging process with Amrod is now a trade window where players can sell their crystal seeds to him individually, rather than him converting all seeds into shards.
    • The maximum Clan size has been increased from 200 to 400.
    • The DT2 awakened boss killcount tasks will now automatically be completed if the player had killed them before the combat achievements were added.
    • Inventory Presets will now save on a profile-to-profile basis.
      • This unfortunately means that all previous inventory preset will be cleared, since they were not profile based.
        • As of this update, creating a new inventory preset will save it only to the account you’re logged into, and not on any other accounts.
          • This should fix issues where presets would not properly save if players were using multiple client windows at once.
    • Players can now store the trailblazer reloaded cane in their POH armour case.
    • Grouped the following items in the costume room:
      • Graceful outfits
      • Halos
      • Blessings
      • Slayer Helmets
    • The following items/sets can now be stored in the costume room:
      • Inquisitor armour set
      • Castle wars mage set
      • Castle wars range set
      • Warm Gloves
      • Bruma Torch
    • The perfect vardorvis/duke/whisperer combat achievements will now specify they must be done all in a row.
    • Players can now get brimstone keys from any slayer task assigned by Konar, including boss tasks.
    • The equipment screens will now properly show set effects.
    • The hunter guild teleport for the skillcape will now be inside the hunter guild.
    • Embertailed Jerboa are will now fail to catch less often.
    • Players can now chop dead trees/jungle trees.
  • Forum changes:
    • Award display:
      • The award section on the left-hand side of a post will now display up to 60 awards (up from 45), but the size of each award icon has been reduced from 23x23 to 21x21 pixels to allow this change without taking up too much more space.

We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs as soon as they are encountered.

[2/5/24] Partial Varlamore, Costume Room Overhaul, Hunter Guild, Scar Essence Mine, Amb...

02 May 2024 - 11:47 AM

[8/5/24] Fixes:

  • Skill of the Day changes:
    • Attack is now included as a Skill of the Day on the 1st of every month, shifting every other skill over by 1 day.
    • Randomized skills:
      • After the first 23 days of the month (going through each skill 1-by-1), a random skill will be selected for each of the remaining days of the month.
        • Although two days cannot have the same skill back to back, it is possible for the same skill to be randomly selected twice at the end of the month.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with the seed box interface not working correctly.
    • Obsidian armour can now be noted.
    • The rune (g)/rune(t)/saradomin/guthix/zamorak/gilded plateskirts are now noteable.
    • Fixed a bug where some deadfall traps would not expire after 2 minutes.
    • Fixed a bug with the mixed hide top not being un-noteable.
    • Fixed a bug where the hunter plugin would sometimes not recognize the state of net traps when catching salamanders.
    • Removed the level 1337 guard near the mining guild.
    • Fixed a bug where elite void (or) would have too high of a protection value.
    • The zombie head item is now tradeable.
    • Fixed a bug where the herbiboar hunter rumour was not working correctly.
    • Added a tool leprechaun to the Varlamore herb patch.
    • Fixed a bug where herbiboar hunter guild rumours were not being properly tracked by the hunter rumour plugin.
    • Fixed a bug where the stepping stones to the scar essence mine were not reachable.
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the shoulders on the musketeer tabard item.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The hunter rumours will now instruct players to hunt gray/red chinchompas, rather than "chinchompas" and "carnivorous chinchompas".
    • Players can now teleport to the hunters' guild using the hunter skillcape/max cape.
    • The Seercull now has a special attack.
    • The item charges plugin will now have a configuration to show guthix rest charges.
    • Players will now be notified when they failed a perfection task for the desert treasure 2 bosses.
    • Inverted the scroll direction required to zoom in/out of the minimap.
    • Made zooming in/out of the minimap more sensitive.
    • Right-clicking the minimap will now reset the zoom level.
    • Players can now store the following items/sets in their costume room:
      • Dragonstone armour
      • Castle Wars tier 1/2/3 armour
      • Castle Wars tier 1/2/3 swords
      • Rune/Guthix/Zamorak rune scimitars
      • Egg priest vestments
      • Shattered relics mystic
      • Trailblazer reloaded t1/t2/t3 outfits
      • Deerstalker
      • Holy wraps

[3/5/24] Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Arceuus spellbook home teleport/Arceuus library teleport were not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with pm icons being incorrect.
  • Fixed ToA crashing at Akkha.
  • Fixed mobile tabs not appearing.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cold feet task would not notify players they failed.
  • Fixed a bug with Robbable houses.
  • Fixed storage of Sandwich lady outfit in Costume room.

Hello everyone,
We are officially back to our usual update schedule post-Leagues, and we’ve got a huge update we’ve been preparing that touches on a number of different areas of the game. The main component is that we’re partially release Varlamore, bringing about the Hunter Guild, Scar Essence Mine, the Stealing Valuables thieving activity, and much more. There are plenty of other updates that have been in the pipeline that are now getting released, such as the Costume Room Overhaul to allow you to store all of your cosmetics more efficiently and store partial sets and duplicates, and we’ve finally gotten around to adding Ambient Sounds to make your gameplay more immersive, meaning you’ll finally be able to hear birds chirping, the sounds of the ocean, and so many other sounds around you. Other noteworthy updates include the Spellbook Reordering plugin, Easter Event rewards at home, and Minimap Zooming on both the desktop client and mobile. We’ll let you read the rest below:

  • Post-League changes:
    • Trophy claiming now works for Ironman (PM me if you aren’t able to claim your trophies).
    • League Shop has been re-enabled with updated, lower prices as promised in the previous League thread.
  • Costume Room Overhaul:
    • We’ve completely re-done the costume room in the POH, boasting many new features, as well as many new storable items.
    • New Interface:
      • The interface has been upgraded to be more aesthetically pleasing, containing all the items for that storage container on a single page that the player can scroll through.
        • All of the items of the set will also be shown, rather than just 1 item, as it previously was.
        • Deposit mode:
          • Players can select the deposit mode button to either deposit a single item, or deposit all eligible set items.
        • Search functionality:
          • Players can click the search button to search for any listing in the container.
            • Items that are not in this container will not show up in the search interface.
        • Deposit All:
          • There is now a button to deposit all the eligible items into a storage container.
    • Partial Set Storage:
      • Players can now deposit parts of a set into the POH storage container, rather than needing to have the entire set to do so.
        • Previously if you tried to deposit a rune full helmet (t), for example, you need the platebody, platelegs, and kite shield to do so.
          • Players can now store each individually, as well as the variant items if available (skirts, for example).
    • Duplicate Storage:
      • Players are no longer limited to only 1 of each item/set being stored, and can now store as many of each item as they want.
    • Item Expansion:
      • We’ve added over 50 new items to the Toy box that were not previously available.
        • Many of these were items that were/are currently obtainable on Alora, so be sure to check your bank!
    • Ultimate ironman will be able to use the storage in the same way as normal players, with no restriction that requires them to have the entire set to store items.
  • Easter Event Rewards:
    • While we didn’t get around to running a full Easter event this year, you can speak to the Easter Bunny to obtain the following items:
      • Egg priest vestments
      • Book of egg
    • If lost, these items can individually be repurchased from the Lost items manager for 100,000 GP each.
  • Spellbook Reordering:
    • Players can now use the Spellbook plugin on the Runelite client to re-order their spells.
      • This works similarly to the prayer plugin, where players right-click the prayer tab to enable re-ordering, and they can drag spells around to the location they want them to be.
        • Players can also right click a spell while editing it and select the hide option to hide the spell.
  • League Trophy Awards:
    • Once this League ends, players who earn an in-game trophy will also automatically be awarded a forum award for that same trophy on their main account.
  • Stealing Valuables:
    • Players can now train thieving by robbing wealthy citizens in Civitas Illa Fortis!
      • This activity requires at least 50 thieving to do.
      • To do so, players can start by pickpocket wealthy citizens near the bazaar.
        • Every so often, urchins will cause a distraction, allowing players to thieve these wealthy citizens automatically (similar to the trickster relic), and without a chance of failing
          • Players have a chance to obtain house keys, which can be used to break into wealthy citizens’ homes.
      • There are 3 possible homes to break into (marked with a thieving icon on the world map), and at any given moment, players can break into one of the 3 homes.
        • Players must simply look for a home with a locked door indicating no one is home, and they can use a house key to enter the home, and steal from the various chests/dressers/jewellery boxes.
          • Every so often, a hint icon will appear above a thievable object, which will give players an exp/loot bonus.
        • Players will steal valuables from the homes, each one being worth 550 coins, and providing 45 base thieving experience.
          • Stealing from the marked object when it appears provides 14 valuables, and 630 base thieving experience.
          • Valuables can be sold to Oriana, who is standing outside of the bank near the homes.
      • Players will have 3 minutes to rob a house as much as they can while the owner is gone, and will be warned by a nearby urchin when the owners are returning home.
        • Players will need to exit out of a nearby window to avoid detection.
  • Hunter Expansion:
    • With the arrival of the Hunting Guild, we’ve decided to expand the Hunter skill and bring a lot of un-implemented content into Alora so that the rumours can be added to the game.
    • The following hunter content has been added:
      • Hunters’ Guild:
        • Rumours:
          • Players can now obtain rumours from various members of the hunter guild.
            • There members can be found downstairs within the hunter guild.
              • There are 6 kinds of contracts that players can obtain, each requiring a different hunter level, and providing different potential tasks/rewards.
                • Novice rumours
                • Adept rumours (from Cervus)
                • Adept rumours (from Orvis)
                • Expert rumours (from Aco)
                • Expert rumours (from Teco)
                • Master Rumours
              • The rumour will instruct players to hunt a certain type of NPC and obtain a special component from them.
                • There is a chance these npc’s will provide the rare part each time they’re caught, and once the part has been obtained, players can return it to the guild for a hunter loot sack.
                  • There is also a pity system, where if players go 2x the drop rate dry on the rare part, it will automatically be given to them.
                    • This pity rate is slightly boosted if the player is wearing the entire guild hunter set.
                • Once players have completed 10 rumours, they can claim a basic quetzal whistle blueprint from Soar leader pitri, at the top of the hunter guild tree.
                  • This can be used to craft a basic quetzal whistle, which can be used to teleport directly to the hunter guild.
                    • Players can also claim a torn enhanced/perfected hunter whistle blueprint at 100/250 completed rumours if they have not yet received a blueprint from the hunter loot sacks.
                      • These blueprints are not tradable.
          • Players can also use the hunter rumours plugin on runelite to keep track of their current rumours.
      • Meat Pouches:
        • Players can create the small and large meat pouches, which can be used to store raw meat obtained from hunter npc’s.
          • The small meat pouch can store up to 14 pieces of raw meat inside of it.
            • It can be made at level 35 crafting by using a needle (and some thread) on 4 pieces of fox fur, providing 30 base Crafting experience.
          • The large meat pouch can store up to 28 pieces of raw meat inside of it.
            • It can be made at level 65 crafting by upgrading a small meat pouch with a needle (and some thread) and 3 pieces of sunlight antelope fur, providing 60 base Crafting experience.
          • Both pouches can be used at the same time, however upgrading the small meat pouch to a large one will not transfer the meat within the pouch, so players will need to remake a small meat pouch to regain access to any meat left in the pouch.
      • Tecu Salamanders:
        • Players can now catch Tecu Salamanders in Varlamore at level 79 Hunter, for 344 base Hunter experience.
          • Most salamanders caught will be immature Tecu salamanders, which can only be released.
            • There is a 1/813 chance of catching a regular Tecu Salamander, which can be used as a weapon, similar to other salamanders.
          • The Tecu salamander works exactly the same as other salamanders, although it is stronger, and uses Irit tar as ammunition.
      • Embertailed Jerboa’s:
        • Players can now catch Embertailed Jerboa’s in Varlamore using box traps at level 39 Hunter, providing 137 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they provide a jerboa tail.
            • Players can use 5 Jerboa tails, a knife, some teak logs, and 5 Hunter spear tips to create Hunter’s spears.
              • These thrown spears require 55 ranged and 30 strength to equip, and use the player’s strength bonus to determine damage, rather than their ranged strength bonus.
      • Sunlight/Moonlight moths:
        • Players can catch these at level 65/75 hunter respectively (75/85 for barehanded catching), and provides 74/84 base Hunter experience.
          • If caught with a jar, players will get the following bonuses for releasing the moths:
            • Sunlight Moths:
              • Restores drained stats by 20% of the stat level + 6 (excludes hitpoints/prayer) and heals 6 hitpoints.
            • Moonlight Moths:
              • Restores 22 prayer.
      • All Deadfall content, excluding Maniacal monkeys):
        • Deadfall traps can be setup with some logs and a knife, and setting a trap up will consume the logs.
          • Players can only have 1 deadfall trap setup at any time.
        • Wild Kebbits can now be hunted in the Piscatoris hunter area at 23 Hunter, providing 128 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they will provide bones, Kebbit Claws, and raw wild kebbit.
            • The kebbit meat can be cooked and eaten, and the Kebbit claws can be used to upgrade various vambraces in spiky vambraces.
        • Barb-tailed kebbits can now be hunted in the Feldip hunter area at 33 Hunter, and provide 168 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they provide bones, a barb-tail harpoon, and raw kebbit meat.
            • The barb-tail harpoon is an equippable harpoon which can be used to fish, saving an inventory slot.
        • Prickly kebbits can now be caught in the Piscatoris hunter area at 37 hunter, and provide 204 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they provide bones and Kebbit spikes.
            • Kebbit spikes can be used with a chisel to craft kebbit bolts (12 bolts per spike).
        • Sabre-toothed kebbits can now be caught in the Relleka hunter area at 51 Hunter, and provide 200 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they provide bones and Kebbit teeth.
        • Pyre Foxes can now be caught in the Avium Savannah at 57 Hunter, providing 222 base Hunter experience.
          • When caught, they will provide bones, fox fur, and raw pyre fox meat.
            • Raw pyre fox can be cooked and eaten, providing a similar effect to kebbit meat.
            • Fox Fur can be used to craft various items.
      • All Pitfall traps:
        • Players can setup pitfall traps in pits near specific hunter mobs.
          • Doing so requires a knife and some logs.
          • Once the trap is setup, players will need to lure the mob near the pit and jump over it such that the mob is on the other side of the pit, and then it will walk onto the trap.
        • Spined Larupias can now be trapped at level 31 hunter, providing 180 base Hunter experience.
          • Players will receive raw larupia meat and big bones.
          • These can be found in the Feldip hills hunter area.
        • Horned Graahks can now be trapped at level 41 hunter, providing 240 base Hunter experience.
          • Players will receive raw graahk meat and big bones.
          • These can be found on Karamja.
        • Sabre-toothed Kyatts can now be trapped at level 55 hunter, providing 300 base Hunter experience.
          • Players will receive raw kyatt meat and big bones.
          • These can be found in the Relleka hunter area.
        • Sunlight antelopes can now be trapped at level 72 hunter, providing 380 base Hunter experience.
          • Players will receive raw sunlight antelope meat, sunlight antelope antlers, sunlight antelope fur, and big bones.
            • Sunlight antelope antlers can be fletched into moonlight antelope bolts at level 62 fletching, which provides 12 bolts and 10 base fletching experience.
              • These bolts have 55 ranged strength, and can only be used with the Hunters’ sunlight crossbow.
              • Sunlight antelope antlers can also be used on the Hunters’ crossbow at level 74 fletching to create the Hunters’ sunlight crossbow, a slightly stronger version of the Hunters’ crossbow.
          • These can be found in the Avium savannah.
        • Moonlight antelopes can now be trapped at level 91 hunter, providing 450 base Hunter experience.
          • Players will receive raw moonlight antelope meat, moonlight antelope antlers, moonlight antelope fur, and big bones.
            • Moonlight antelope antlers can be fletched into moonlight antelope bolts at level 72 fletching, which provides 12 bolts and 12 base fletching experience.
              • These bolts have 60 ranged strength, and can only be used with the Hunters’ sunlight crossbow.
          • These can be found in the Hunters’ guild basement.
        • Meat cooked from pitfall trap npc’s will heal a certain amount, and then heal the player again after 7 ticks.
          • Graahk/Kyatt meat will require 25 hunter rumours to be completed before it can be cooked.
          • Antelope meat will require 50 hunter rumours to be completed before it can be cooked.
            • Moonlight antelope meat also cures poison.
  • Varlamore Access:
    • While we plan to add all of Varlamore’s content in the near future, we’re going to roll it out in batches, and as of today, players will be able to access Varlamore through the fairy ring AJP code.
      • One or more teleport wizard teleports will be added in the future when more content is added.
    • Content currently available:
      • Various new shops.
      • Sand crabs on the south part of the island.
      • Harpy Bug Swarm/Moss Giant/Hill Giant spawns
      • Various thieving stalls/pickpocketable npc’s
      • Sunlight/Moonlight moths:
      • Tecu Salamanders:
      • Embertailed Jerboa’s:
      • Farming Patches:
        • The Varlamore area features 2 new Allotment patches, 1 flower patch, 1 herb patch, and 1 hardwood tree patch.
          • The Farmer’s blessing will have teleport to these patches.
      • Hunter guild
      • Quetzal transportation:
        • By default, 4/8 of the quetzal locations are unlocked, and players must build the landing sites for the other 4.
          • Each landing site requires 10 quetzal feed (obtained from hunter rumours), 3 limestone bricks, and 4 soft clay.
  • Scar Essence Mine:
    • Players can now access the scarred essence mine, which can be accessed by entering the passage in the scar, near the Leviathan boat.
    • There are Amalgamations all over this mine that provide 1-3 tainted essence chunks each time a player mines it.
      • These can be deposited into the Ventriculus opening, and will be converted to tainted essence, at a rate of 5 essence per chunk.
        • There are 2 methods of extracting the essence:
          • Essence Orifice:
            • Players can use the Essence orifice to extract noted pure essence at a rate of 2 tainted essence for every 1 noted pure essence.
              • This process is completely free.
          • Extract Orifice:
            • Players can use this orifice to receive extracts, which can be used to gain extra runes while runecrafting; this process costs coins, so players will need to deposit coins into the nearby coffer.
              • There are 4 types of extracts:
                • Warped Extract:
                  • Each warped extract costs 5,000 coins and 1 tainted essence to make.
                  • The warped extract provides 250 extra runes per essence used, and works only when crafting earth/fire/water/air/mind/body runes.
                • Twisted Extract:
                  • Each warped extract costs 24,000 coins and 1 tainted essence to make.
                  • The warped extract provides 60 extra runes per essence used, and works only when crafting mist/dust/mud/smoke/steam/lava/cosmic/chaos runes.
                • Mangled Extract:
                  • Each warped extract costs 48,000 coins and 1 tainted essence to make.
                  • The warped extract provides 60 extra runes per essence used, and works only when crafting nature/law/astral/death runes.
                • Scarred Extract:
                  • Each warped extract costs 96,000 coins and 1 tainted essence to make.
                  • The warped extract provides 60 extra runes per essence used, and works only when crafting blood/soul/wrath runes.
              • Extracts only work when crafting runes using pure/rune/daeyalt/guardian essence.
                • The extracts do not work at the Ourania altar.
  • Armor Sets Expansion:
    • The trading post now has a “Sets” option which players can use to pack and unpack item sets.
      • Players can also still use items/sets on the trading post to pack/unpack them, as they could before.
      • This promps a new interface that players can easily use to view all possible sets, and easily check what items they need to pack these sets.
        • All sets displayed in the interface now work, meaning we’ve added over 40 new item sets to Alora!
          • The item sets obtained are all tradable, and notable, and will have an item value equal to the total value of the items within the set.
  • Minimap Zoom:
    • Players can now zoom in and out of the minimap on fixed/mobile/resizable.
      • This setting can be disabled in the advanced settings interface.
  • Muddy Chest:
    • Players can now open the Muddy chest in the Lava maze using Muddy keys.
      • Muddy Keys can be obtained from chaos dwarves and the crazy archaeologist.
      • Opening the chest guarantees the following loot:
        • 1 uncut ruby, 2 noted mithril bars, 5 law runes, 5 death runes, and 15 chaos runes.
        • Players will also have a 1/8 chance to receive blighted supplies, or a Larran’s key.
  • Combat Achievements:
    • The desert treasure 2 bosses have had thier tasks added to the combat achievements.
      • A total of 36 new tasks, ranging from Elite to Grandmaster have been added.
  • Sound update:
    • Ambient/Area sounds:
      • Ambient sounds have been added to Alora! This means that you’ll hear the wind blowing, birds chirping, magic trees shimmering, and so much more.
        • A new slider has been added below the Sound Effects slider for you to adjust Area Sounds.
    • Distance-based fix:
      • Certain enemy sounds (eg. Vet’ion’s attack sounds) will now be played at a lower volume the further away you are.
    • Miscellaneous sounds:
      • Other sounds have been added, including fence opening/closing, combat sounds for numerous NPCs (baby dragons, gargoyles, earth giants, etc) and more.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The "Report an issue" button on the runelite info panel will now take players to the bug report section of the forums.
    • The ancient blood ornament kit will now be announced when obtained.
    • Shanomi will now advertise that he sells defenders.
    • Players can now use a cleaning cloth on recolored graceful.
      • No marks of grace will be returned, and it cannot be used on trailblazer graceful.
    • Reduced the price to build a league hall from 1.5m to 150k.
    • The League stats scroll has been updated to show the player’s performance in the third league.
    • The top 25 players of Leagues III have been immortalized in the League accomplishments scroll in the league room of player owned houses.
    • The teleport to house tab will now only teleport players outside/inside of their player-owned house.
      • Players can set their preference by using the “set-location” option when right-clicking the tab.
    • The presets plugin is now enabled by default.
    • The presets plugin will now create a button in the bank to open the preset tab.
      • This can be disabled in the presets plugin configuration.
    • Our login screen wallpaper has been updated to match our new logo / theme.
    • The Build/remove options in the POH can now be swapped with the menu entry swapper plugin.
    • Client notification overrides:
      • Many client notifications can now be configured more in-depth by selecting the cog wheel next to the notification setting.
    • Players can now make Irit tar by using an irit leaf on swamp tar with a pestle and mortar in their inventory.
      • 1 Irit leaf can make 15 irit tar, and this process provides 55 base Herblore experience.
    • Chinchompas and Salamanders will now move around twice as often.
      • This should improve catch rates in areas where these npc’s are more spread out.
    • Slayer helmets now have the same value as black masks.
      • This will help them protect their mask over other items when in the wilderness.
    • Scorpia and Chaos Elemental have had their loot tables improved.
    • The Desert amulet Nardah teleport will now teleport players slightly closer to the statue of elidinis.
    • Yew seed drops will no longer be announced in yell.
    • Updated the Venenatis/Callisto/Vet'ion drop tables.
      • They’ve been slightly improved from previously, making the bosses more profitable to kill.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The abyssal pathfinder will now offer a 5x5 area of protection during the normal fight, and 7x7 area of protection during the awakened fight.
      • This was previously a 3x3/5x5 area.
    • Fixed a bug with inconsistencies when clicking on menu options if there was a sub-menu present.
      • Often-times, if there was a sub-menu available, any menu entries that were listed after it would not work properly.
        • An example of this might have been tagging/un-tagging npc’s, or marking tiles, when the menu entry swapper sub-menus were also present.
          • All options should now be working correctly.
    • Fixed a bug with multi-spells not correctly attacking npc's in a 3x3 radius.
      • Any npc’s that have any of their occupied tiles within a 3x3 radius (starting from the centre tile of the targetted npc) will now be hit by the multi-spell.
    • Examining in the equipment interface now works properly.
    • Removed a random man spawn in the Catacombs of Kourend.
    • Herbi and the Phoenix pet have been removed from the “Skilling pets” collection log category, since they are not obtainable from a skill, but rather a minigame/activity.
    • Fixed a bug where Duke sucellus and The leviathan loot would not be tracked by the loot tracker.
    • Fixed a bug with the stepping stones not working in the Brimhaven dungeon.
    • Fixed inconsistencies with opening/closing tabs on the modern resizeable mode.
      • Sometimes when clicking on tabs they would not properly open/close.
    • Fixed a bug where some untradable items were not being valued correctly for items kept on death.
    • Increased the protection value of the Neitiznot faceguard.
    • Fixed an issue where part of Hans' dialogue was being spoken by the player in the chatbox.
    • Fixed a bug where selecting the Alora HD option on startup would cause issues if the 117 HD/GPU plugin were already enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where the next skill of the day would sometimes be incorrect.
    • Fixed a bug where some equipment menu entry swaps would not work properly.
    • Jangerberry seeds are now tradable.
    • Fixed a bug where the warped sceptre would not be added to the collection log.
    • De-ironing from a Group Ironman will now set your primary rank to your donator rank (if applicable) rather than just the "Player" rank.
    • Leagues players can no longer donate to the Well of Goodwill.
    • League players can now pickup raid supplies that dropped for other playesr.
    • Bologa’s blessing now properly turns harvested grapes into Zamorak grapes in Tithe Farm.
    • Players can now fire Broad arrows from the Twisted bow.
    • League players with the "Like a Boss" Slayer perk enabled can now select boss tasks in areas they can access, including:
      • Alchemical Hydra
      • Lizardman Shaman
      • Sarachnis
      • Vardorvis
      • The Leviathan
      • Kalphite Queen (with Desert unlocked)
    • Players can now fire broad arrows from the twisted bow.
    • Guardians of the Rift will now give bonus points for T3/T6 League players (3x/5x).
    • Fixed a bug with the bronze-rune mace attack animations.
    • Production prodigy now smelts gold bars into jewellery all at once (if the player selects to smith more than 1).
    • Phosani's nightmare kills will now count towards the Nightmare Master combat achievement.
    • Fixed a bug where the “Hide donator icons” setting wouldn’t update the chatbox until the player reloaded.
    • Private message donator icons will now be hidden if the player toggles the “Hide donator icons” option.
    • Fixed a bug where players were only getting 1 Kindling at a time if they had less than 2 free inventory slots when cutting.
    • The full health pillars during the awakened whisperer fight will now spawn in the middle to always provide a solution to the attack without taking damage.
    • Fixed inconsistencies between the karambwan/shrimp/karambwanji fishing spots when using the runelite fishing plugin.
    • Fixed a bug where the dragon slayer II quest interface could not be opened.
    • Fixed a bug with the screaming twisted banshee’s animations.
    • The Screaming twisted banshee now drops dark totem pieces.
    • Fixed a bug where the mor-ul-rek bank was not an "allowed" leagues area.
    • Chat messages from making molten glass will now categorized as spam messages which can be filtered in the game tab.
    • The Statue of Elidinis will now heal players to their max hitpoints + 7.
    • Fixed a few remaining safespots for demonic gorillas.
    • Fixed a typo with the fight cave completions league tasks.
    • Tombs of Amascut supplies can no longer be noted.
    • Fixed a bug where entering the hardwood grove after completing the Karamja hard diaries would not complete the league task to enter the hardwood grove.
    • The auto-pickup ammunition diary perk will now only be activated after completion of the Kourend hard diary.
    • Equipping a dragon spear will now complete the league task to equip a dragon tier weapon.
    • The battlefront teleport through POH portals will no teleport players to the correct location.
    • Fixed a bug where Vardorvis' axe attack could hit players if he healed on the same tick he died.


We hope you enjoy this update!

Community Manager Change

02 May 2024 - 09:48 AM

Hello everyone,
Today brings some bittersweet news as we will be undergoing a Community Manager change. @Moe has served us as Community Manager for just over two years and has been an essential part of Alora during that time, and so we thank him for his service in keeping the staff team healthy and active, as well as running events to keep things exciting in-game, on top of all of the other duties that he has taken on. Don’t worry, he will still be around and will be assisting with advertising related duties, so even though his role has changed, he won’t be going anywhere too far!
While @Moe's absence will certainly be felt, we’re confident in our new Community Manager’s ability to fill the role, as we’ve already seen some impressive work from them in many areas including taking on CM duties whenever required, handling events with ease, and handling general Admin duties with the utmost care and dedication. We have no doubt that @Tauri will be a suitable replacement and will do a fantastic job managing the staff team, and managing the community to provide you with the best experience possible.
Omicron & The Alora Staff Team

Leagues 3.0 Winners Announced (+ Reward Shop Prices)

07 April 2024 - 08:39 PM

League Finalists

The Leagues 3.0 Tournament has concluded! It's been a fun experience, and we've got some great rewards coming on April 26th once the store is updated and Leagues game mode is locked once again. It was a close competition for some of our finalists, but as of April 5th at 7pm EST here are the final top 10 finalists, with the top 4 being eligible prize winners:

Congratulations to all of our finalists, and especially those in the top 4 who have been grinding endlessly this past month for the top prizes. For those of you in the top 4, send @Omicron a private message for more information on how to claim your prize if I have not PMed you already.

We have also paid out all of the winners of the token prizes below:

  • First Twisted Bow — 1,000 tokens (Wolpentinger)
  • First Tumeken’s Shadow — 1,000 tokens (Arrakis)
  • First Infernal Cape — 1,000 tokens (Gabe x)
  • First to 200m in any skill — 1,000 tokens (MaindudeLG3)
  • First 1,000-level Tombs of Amacut — 750 tokens (Arrakis)
  • First Phoenix pet — 750 tokens (LeagueChillz)
  • First Tempoross pet — 750 tokens (Not yet claimed! We will still honor this by the end of the tournament if anyone obtains it)
  • First to obtain any boss pet — 750 tokens (Gabe x)
  • First 3rd age piece — 750 tokens (Dozer2)
  • First to complete a Master difficulty task — 500 tokens (loser car)
  • First to complete a collection log entry — 500 tokens (Charizard lol)

League Prizes

The prize prices for Leagues are as follows, and will be released when the Leagues game mode is fully locked in a few weeks (April 26th, 7pm EST), at which point all donation ranks/tokens, as well as League points, will be transferred to your linked main account:

  • Trailblazer Reloaded Banner
    • 500 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Home Teleport Scroll
    • 750 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Alchemy Scroll
    • 1,500 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Death Scroll
    • 2,000 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Blowpipe Ornament Kit
    • 4,000 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Vengeance Scroll
    • 4,500 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Rejuvenation Pool Scroll
    • 6,000 points
  • Trailblazer Reloaded Bulwark Ornament Kit
    • 7,500 points
  • Relic Hunter Armor Sets
    • T1:
    • 750 points
  • T2:
    • 3,500 points
  • T3:
    • 12,000 points

Trophy Tresholds

All League players will receive trophies on their main accounts as long as they have accumulated at least 1,250 points (once we've updated the league store and lock leagues), and the following trophies will be awarded depending on points achieved:

  • 46,000 points - Dragon Trophy
  • 32,000 points - Rune Trophy
  • 24,000 points - Adamant Trophy
  • 16,000 points - Mithril Trophy
  • 8,000 points - Steel Trophy
  • 4,000 points - Iron Trophy
  • 1,250 points - Bronze Trophy

Note: You will also automatically be awarded a Forum award with the respective trophy icon that you unlocked (on your linked main account).

League Extension

As many of you already know, we've also decided to extend the League game mode for an extra 3 weeks to allow players to accumulate more points, that can then be spent in the League store in-game on your main account. Although the tournament has concluded and there are no more prizes to be won, you can still log into your account and continue to play for just under 3 more weeks and accumulate more points to spend on rewards (and to earn better trophies) before it becomes locked.

Leagues will officially end on Friday, April 26th, at 7pm EST.

All the best,
Omicron & The Alora Staff Team