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In Topic: Unfinished potions NPC

29 October 2017 - 06:25 PM

Was suggested by yours truly, I'd like this locked behind something like achievements or something new maybe.


Would be a nice gold sink so. i'd support it, aslong as it was just for (unf) potions nothing more.

In Topic: Removal of The Rule Against Safespotting Gorillas

29 October 2017 - 02:08 PM

how much i know, sure bud. I think i've been in the runescape scene longer then you, not trying to offend you, not that i really care. but osrs is basically a private server tbh, and as far as jagex goes, they allow safespotting. the one cerbeus bug wasn't even a big deal, the only reason the guy got banned was because he was doing it to protect his hcim status. Other then that, no one has ever been banned for safe spotting on any runescape platform. not to mention, the rules here for Alora, clearly state that safespotting on bosses is not allowed, Demonic Gorillas, is categorized as a monster teleport, not boss, so maybe that should be changed if you want your rule to be legit.

Right, cause on osrs you can see level 50s safespotting gorillas shooting darts through a wall, right?



& We allow safespotting, to a certain degree. It wont be getting changed back, it'll stay the same or it'll get fixed with other fixes,so you can take your warnings or carry on and just make it worse for yourself.


I don't know why you're comparing this to cerberus and the ban over that, this isn't reddit and cerberus mechanics are far different to demonic gorillas, makes no sense, you could safespot/take no damage at corp in runescape for a while until that got patched if you're so familiar with runescape you'd remember that, maybe we should enable that too then?


I've said my peace, so you can carry on to argue as you wish.

In Topic: Removal of The Rule Against Safespotting Gorillas

29 October 2017 - 01:48 PM

So my Argument makes no sense, thats funny because yours actually makes no sense by stating that Jagex has a team of devs and bug fixers. They fix all BUGS asap. But yet safe spotting has been around since the beginning of runescape. So you're gunna tell me that safe spotting is a bug? You're wrong. So next time you try posting on my thread saying its a "BUG", get your facts right.

ehm, they do have a team of devs... & actually they have bugs for a while, if you've played osrs you'd know that somethings go unseen for along time.




The fact you tried to support your own topic just shows how much you actually know.

In Topic: Jail conveniences

29 October 2017 - 09:58 AM

It's a punishment, not a skilling area.


Just don't get jailed and listen to warnings maybe.

In Topic: Removal of The Rule Against Safespotting Gorillas

29 October 2017 - 02:32 AM

Whole point behind demonic gorillas is to kill them legit like on osrs, They have 3 attack styles and 3 pray styles for a reason, not to safe spot.


Your argument makes no sense, And jagex have alot of developers and bug fixers as a team, we only have omicron.


So us being there to tell you to stop doing it is the right thing to do until fixed, No one is angry about this. The only people that get angry are those who get warned or punished for doing so any not listening to warnings. aka you.