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Efficient Plank Running Guide

15 October 2017 - 09:27 AM






Hi guys, Was a lot of people asking where to go to run planks so i decided to make a guide. This will be a guide for ONLY plank running, as this guide is posted this is the fastest current method, if future methods come out which are better i will update.



  • I will by no means be explaining how to use plank make spell or how to train your construction.



What's Needed And Recommended



ATgBenY.png - Graceful will help you run for longer.


DxuFbn8.png- On par with graceful, without stams this will highly reduce planks/hr


P1K9TtW.png - Noted Logs


4C1BTKO.gif - Lastly of course coins.



Now that you've sort of got an idea on what to bring, Lets get to making planks!



  • You'll be wanting to use the teleport wizard to teleport to varrock (multi) in the PVP section, This is a SAFE teleport and will NOT teleport you into the wilderness.



You will need to teleport using the PVP > Varrock wilderness option before you can use the 'Previous' option.


I have created a short video of me doing a couple runs for you to see what it will look like.




So all in all it is pretty fast and i recommend pointing your camera above your character so you can use the planks and logs on the bank booth to note/un-note quickly.



Hope this helps your plank making less painful, Thanks for checking out the guide.


Credits to @Chase for the banner.

Lizardman caves

03 October 2017 - 10:17 AM

Hi, so what i'm suggesting is a new area for lizardman same as osrs.


Can have multiple rooms with different spawns, so some can have 2-3 shamans in, and some with only 1 shaman in, like below, and yes these are taken from osrs not by me.


2-3 Lizardman room.






1 Lizardman room.







Now these can be multi rooms or single way rooms, or it can just be a task area only i'll leave that for people to decide on, These caves like osrs would not have a safespot.


The shayzien armour has been suggested to be fixed in here http://www.alora.io/...ggested-topics/ and a re-work of the shamans, so i'm not going to suggest that, I'm Mainly focusing on providing a better area with more spawns so more people can hope to get the DWH.



I was thinking of the room with more spawns could be the task only area, and the room with only 1 spawn could be an instanced with a payable fee, or non payable like kraken ect.


Keen to hear the input of others so if you got any suggestions about this feel free to add them so we can discuss it.