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#9418 Pre-Release Server Media

Posted by Silvernova on 10 October 2016 - 09:35 AM

Awesome! I was going to create this thread myself but I figured that a few people would probably complain as its not by a staff member :P

Really beautiful though, thanks Raw Envy  :)

#9255 Crowns Please.

Posted by Silvernova on 05 October 2016 - 02:06 PM

Could you please bring back crowns to each rank? Sooner or later the entire forum is going to look like a god damn rainbow with everyone having some type of status. At least with a crown you can tell who is who because eg; Youtuber/Donator and Developer/SMod is hard to tell apart for some.

#9046 Skiller/Clan Suggestions

Posted by Silvernova on 30 September 2016 - 02:28 AM

Skiller Content

Daily Skilling Tasks

You'll be able to get a daily skilling task from an NPC in a random skill. If you manage to complete the task within' a range of time, you will get huge chunk of XP in the skill and points. You'd be able to spend your points in the Skillers Shop, which is also handled by the same NPC. The shop would contain items such as the Infernal Pickaxe/Axe and items that would give you bonus experience in a skill. For example wearing the Graceful outfit would be purchasable in the shop and each piece of the outfit would give 1% bonus experience in Agility.




Clan Content

Clan Banks

Every clan will be capable of using the clan bank.

In the clan bank, all members above a certain rank can insert and withdraw items.

It is up to the leader of the clan to set rights for all the ranks, if they can or can't take/put items in there.

This way, clans will actually be capable of cooperating. PvMing/Skilling clans can share resources and armour while PvP clans will be able to share weapons/armour. It'll make the general life much easier for all the clans because they wont have to check if a certain player has x20 hybrid sets.


Clan Levels

Clan levels is a unique piece of content never seen before on any server.

Each and every individual clan will start out at level one. In order to level-up your clan,

you will have to kill players, bosses or gain milestones (99/120). Every level will have a unique unlock such as a;

Clan Pet = Gives bonus DMG and higher skilling rate (catching/chopping/thieving)


Clan Events/Scoreboard

Every 7 hours there's an announcement saying eg; "First clan leader to hand in 7,500 Dragon Bones to a NPC will recieve X clan experience". Other then the timed events, clans can also battle each other in many ways. There will be PvP Battles, Skilling Battles and even PvMing battles. A clan can challenge another clan through the NPC/Scoreboard and set certain rules. The duel arena interface can be used for the PvP battles and dialogues can be used for Skilling/PvM Battles.


Example of dialogues;

- What clan do you want to challenge?

- What item and amount? (eg; 391 200)

- What's the time limit? (5min, none)


-> Sends challenge to the clan leader of the challenged clan (He will see text on login saying "You've been challenged to a Skilling Battle by SuddenKnockOut [SKO]."


The clan that is #1 at the end of a week/month with most victories will recieve a unique item with the same amount of members. This item will be untradable and undropable. Could be a cape/mask for a PvP clan, or just a decorative piece of outfit for the skillers, such as the Golden Decorative Armor set from Clan wars.