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ToA QoL/Bugs

30 December 2022 - 02:53 PM

What is your suggestion?:
I don't know if some of these are bugs or things work as intended.


1. Plugin

The raid should start with 5000 points. Percent chance for unique seems to be correct even without these points.
2. Kephri

a. When standing in the corner and dung attack happens it forms a diagonal line.
There is a case when two lines are made and there is still space in the middle. 
If you stand anywhere near when the next attack happens it will place you in the middle.
Couldn't figure out how to resize images when inserting.


 b. There is an odd timing when Kephri attacks and then spawns Arcane scarab, the attack resets and sends another ball. Basically an instant double attack. With level 4 Kephri it's almost impossible to avoid getting hit unless you predict it tick perfect. 

3. Akkha

Invocation "Stay Vigilant", add a small delay between him changing combat styles and attacking. I'm pretty sure I've seen him throw a ranged attack, change mid air and it would hit as mage. Also, maybe have a two attack minimum before changing, but that might be too much. This invocation is basically free on OSRS, and I think it's the most difficult one on Alora. Hopefully someone else can confirm.


4. Baba

Invocation "Mind the Gap!", if you're knocked into the wall and make one step towards the pit, you fall in. This can happen accidentally when you run towards the furthest rolling boulder.

5. Entering warden area
Add quick entry option on the obelisk as the fight doesn't start until you speak to the ghost anyways.


6. Warden P2

a. Line attack still hits if the warden is down. 

b. Energy ball, could someone please confirm that standing 2 tiles away (horizontally or vertically) from the landing spot avoids damage? Sometimes I avoid it, others I don't, but I might not notice stepping on the wrong spot.

7. Warden P3
Attacks still hit if the fight is over. I don't know how it affects points/hardcore invocation.




Thank you
Special thank you to Omicron and anyone else who contributes to Alora, you guys are amazing <3


Is this in OSRS?: Based on YouTube videos it seems that way.

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: Nope.

How would this benefit Alora?: Make a smoother experience and won't frustrate beginners with unexpected deaths.