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Make Solo Cox Viable // R1 suggestion

07 September 2019 - 04:09 PM

It's getting harder and harder to find raiders in Alora, with 7 mans mostly running just on bonuses.

the amount of raiders are slowly reducing, not many new ones; and older ones no longer doing cox.

If i do solo raids im getting 35-40 minute times, which is okay.. but I am noticing no drop difference between my 12-15k pts solos compared to 3-4k pts groups, and many raiders feel the same way. Even with a tbow/scythe 30 minute solo times are not viable due to the lack of emphasis on points, and no one is capping anymore due to this.



I feel like any of these suggestions being implemented would bring more life to raids 1/ cox.


* make point capping/ accumulation more viable to reward longer raid times thru solos and make capping a viable option

* nerf amount of worms/branches needed for skilling rooms to decrease raid times ( only for smaller groups/ solos)

* increase timer on tekton hammering anvil, so he doesn't have to go thru 3-4 phases for a kill.(solo/duo)

* reduce double/triple targetting of a single individual. possible cd between special attacks, so you dont get red sphered, pray flicked, burned, green crystal within seconds...

* revamp cox so you don't have to do the same rooms over and over again with no variety.


lmk if you have any input, concerns, or disagreements with any of my suggestions. I don't advocate for all to be implemented, but anything to improve the QOL of raids would have an impactful effect.


*EDIT: alternate suggestion:

transparent cox rates so we don't have to use rng to guestimate the drop rates.