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Cooking NPC

21 April 2023 - 04:36 PM

53Z6x1i.pngThe Lowkery53Z6x1i.png
(Cooking NPC)








Welcome to the long awaited Alora's Cooking NPC. The npc that @Lowkey has pleaded to be added to the game for the past 4 years! Below you will find a breakdown of requirements / prices.


I would like to note that this npc will reward 0 experience for any fish cooked and is purely to speed up cooking for pvming/pking.

Suggesting its located at the Cooking Guild west of Varrock and East of Edgeville(this can be decided)







Normal player: 4,000gp per noted raw fish.

rZE4YFh.pngDonator: 3,750gp per noted raw fish.

OghLeN2.pngSuper donator: 3,500gp per noted raw fish.

PoJKJm3.pngExtreme donator: 3,250gp per noted raw fish.

mh5z6SW.pngLegendary donator: 3,000gp per noted raw fish.

ywsuhTT.pngUber donator: 2,750gp per noted raw fish.

rAoruGL.pngWVdXhGX.pngIf1Lhrk.pngMaster donator+: 2,500gp per noted raw fish.



  • Varrock Elite Diary completed
  • Cooking Gauntlets.
  • 100m xp in cooking skill achieved
    • The reason this is part of the requirement is because the Varrock Diary is one that is completed fairly easily and we want to make sure that this npc does not take away from the initial part of the game and must go through say a "probationary period" where you actually have to fish/cooking everything you obtain, and 100m was a fair milestone instead of saying 200m that everyone already gets.

2nd Proposed Requirements: 22/4/2023

  • Varrock + Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diaries Completed (Both)
  • Cooking gauntlets equipped
  • 99 Cooking
  • Remove 100m cooking xp req from 1st proposed requirements
    • After discussion the 100m cooking xp req may be unfair for game modes such as realism/elite/classic to obtain. Instead the completion of 2 elite diaries that have high level REQ and locked behind quest completion is a fitting choice. As the person who mentioned this to me we also want to highlight the "Gold Sink" factor and make sure its accessible to increase its use, increasing how much gp it deletes.




  • More bossing, less cooking.
  • Gold sink.


  • No xp gain.







3% of all sales will be put towards my account ty @Omicron

Update Giant Foundry Shop

19 March 2023 - 03:43 PM

What is your suggestion?: The ability to sell back items for reduced points just small QOL update ty :)

Is this in OSRS?:  Yes




Lower Mimic pet rate

21 February 2023 - 01:10 PM

What is your suggestion?: To lower mimic pet rate to 1/128 (or discussion) since 1/2408 for a pet at a boss that u only have a 1/30 - 1/15 chance to fight (elite/master clues)

this idea to lower it this low comes from the same pet chance of skotizo thats obtained via chance at making totems






Rate is too absurdly high and im sure our mathematicians can figure out a more reasonable rate in obtaining it if 1/128 is too high/low

4.6b Gold Comp Cape

26 December 2022 - 09:39 PM

What is your suggestion?: The addition of a Gold Completionist cape variant for all us 4.6b exp accounts.

(preferably with the flowing effect like some of the current capes)