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#461699 [6/6/2023] Wilderness Boss Rework & Voidwaker, New Hairstyles, Crystal Ar...

Posted by mochiii on Yesterday, 07:44 AM

@mochiii It's in the works but it's turning out to be an incredibly complex technical challenge that may take years if not decades to figure out.


#461594 [6/6/2023] Wilderness Boss Rework & Voidwaker, New Hairstyles, Crystal Ar...

Posted by mochiii on 07 June 2023 - 05:22 PM

Where's my cooking NPC @Omicron

#460359 Grotesque Guardians

Posted by mochiii on 20 May 2023 - 01:53 PM

In regards to the CA its not impossible to do, the tasks elite/master/grandmaster are supposed to provide a challenge and nothing is ever meant  to be done in the first attempt. Just because you have had difficulty completing a challenge hense it being a "challenge" doesn't mean it should be simplified to suit the needs of those that cant complete it.


In regards to the mechanics of GG's if something needs to be changed i support it being in being in-line with how osrs has it. If the suggestion is just to make it easier and not to match osrs im no support



#458390 Additional Item & Gold Sinks

Posted by mochiii on 22 April 2023 - 02:18 PM

Amazing reward suggestions, would definitly like to see more! The idea of increasing the item/gold sink system on the server is much needed Support

#458335 Cooking NPC

Posted by mochiii on 21 April 2023 - 04:36 PM

53Z6x1i.pngThe Lowkery53Z6x1i.png
(Cooking NPC)








Welcome to the long awaited Alora's Cooking NPC. The npc that @Lowkey has pleaded to be added to the game for the past 4 years! Below you will find a breakdown of requirements / prices.


I would like to note that this npc will reward 0 experience for any fish cooked and is purely to speed up cooking for pvming/pking.

Suggesting its located at the Cooking Guild west of Varrock and East of Edgeville(this can be decided)







Normal player: 4,000gp per noted raw fish.

rZE4YFh.pngDonator: 3,750gp per noted raw fish.

OghLeN2.pngSuper donator: 3,500gp per noted raw fish.

PoJKJm3.pngExtreme donator: 3,250gp per noted raw fish.

mh5z6SW.pngLegendary donator: 3,000gp per noted raw fish.

ywsuhTT.pngUber donator: 2,750gp per noted raw fish.

rAoruGL.pngWVdXhGX.pngIf1Lhrk.pngMaster donator+: 2,500gp per noted raw fish.



  • Varrock Elite Diary completed
  • Cooking Gauntlets.
  • 100m xp in cooking skill achieved
    • The reason this is part of the requirement is because the Varrock Diary is one that is completed fairly easily and we want to make sure that this npc does not take away from the initial part of the game and must go through say a "probationary period" where you actually have to fish/cooking everything you obtain, and 100m was a fair milestone instead of saying 200m that everyone already gets.

2nd Proposed Requirements: 22/4/2023

  • Varrock + Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diaries Completed (Both)
  • Cooking gauntlets equipped
  • 99 Cooking
  • Remove 100m cooking xp req from 1st proposed requirements
    • After discussion the 100m cooking xp req may be unfair for game modes such as realism/elite/classic to obtain. Instead the completion of 2 elite diaries that have high level REQ and locked behind quest completion is a fitting choice. As the person who mentioned this to me we also want to highlight the "Gold Sink" factor and make sure its accessible to increase its use, increasing how much gp it deletes.




  • More bossing, less cooking.
  • Gold sink.


  • No xp gain.







3% of all sales will be put towards my account ty @Omicron

#458001 Latest ToB Updates

Posted by mochiii on 16 April 2023 - 08:46 AM

Players do be complaining about anything and everything, before the biggest issue with TOB was "so many bugs its so unplayable, verzik was so afk bla bla bla" and now that the mechanics have been fixed to a great extent now the complain is "tob is now too hard and i cant complete it with my eyes closed". As showcased above you dont need max gear and raid weapons' to complete TOB.

The whole "dead content" complaint about it was always there before and after every change that was made to improve tob from mechanics to drop rates. This issue will always be around since the community is not as large to host 5 man cute noob groups to complete TOB on the fly. With the recent change the HP of the raid actully scales now where u can complete it with 3 players no problem, duo and solo are the ones that will struggle more. 


Some tweaks are necessary to improve some animations and potentially 

Now for some proposed tweaks to the raid to make it a bit less punishing on mistakes and learning.  

  • Increase the damage reduction when correct overhead prayers are used.
    • Verzik's max hit through prayer is currently 18-19. The prayer reduction could be buffed to 60% reduction, so her max hit is only 13 through prayer.
  • Reduce the max hit of Verzik's melee attack in normal mode TOB.
    • This is where a lot of players lose DPS at Verzik. They don't understand how to tank and end up getting their team meleed for large amounts of damage. All you have to do is step a few tiles under or away from Verzik before she attacks.
  • Reduce the max hit of Bloat's stomp attack in normal mode TOB.
    • There is a bug currently where if you enter the room late and Bloat is on the other side of the room you won't see the stomp animation as Bloat begins to move again. Outside of that the stomp damage is completely avoidable if you count how many attacks you can do depending on how early or late you get to Bloat when it goes down.
  • Allow defense reducing special attacks to be used on Phase 3 of Verzik.
    • Damage with melee weapons is just fine without reducing Verzik's defense. This change would just make all attack more accurate and allow people that don't know how to run webs with melee to deal a bit more damage when ranging.

All in all people just need to read/learn and understand the room mechanics, its not difficult at all to learn, but expecting to go into the raid with ur eyes closed and get to the chest room with little to no effort that just ruins the experience entirely. These changes were made for a reason to not only improve how the raid functions but make it enjoyable.

Im not going to get into "oh but other things on alora arnt 1:1 to osrs" personally if we can make mechanic update changes to alot of the pvm bosses to match and include new attack styles etc... we should, but rn i know the devs have a new content on their time table for when those get released.

#457006 A Change to 'Extend' Slayer Shop Tab

Posted by mochiii on 02 April 2023 - 03:11 PM

No support


Extends task - https://oldschool.ru...et_of_slaughter

Decreases task - https://oldschool.ru...itious_bracelet


Can also reset/skip task using points and wont ruin streak.

#456637 Fix "The Collector" NPC

Posted by mochiii on 29 March 2023 - 07:40 PM

As for someone that goes after collection log slots/items i really like this idea, but a lot of valid points were made above along with some of my concerns with this idea (don't get me wrong i wanted this to begin with, but as i read/thought about it more im sorta NEUTRAL about it.


  1. If accepted as stated above this should be only directed towards Iron / Hc iron / UIM these are the only game modes that are hard locked to their account without the accessibility to trade/transfer between others. So all in all everything they have in their banks/inventories were gained by them and them alone.
    • WIth this as @Mack mentioned other game modes will be left out rather than it be a server wide QOL and im sure a lot of eim/gim/etc... have achieved items themselves that are tradable but were not previously part of the collection log and will be an unfair advantage for those that hunt.
  2. My biggest concern (no shot towards our developers) one day on a off update some how somewhere something breaks and the collection log manager starts to accept tradable log completions that were only ment for Iron/HC/UIM if passed in point one. With a history of bugs that do get sorted out this can potentially ruin a future highscore update if it gets abused.
  3. @1 mentioned about the game_news being added in 2019 and to create that whole fair advantage for everyone's log to be updated i think will be a "waste" of development time to setup a method to load previous news data into their respective accounts


I stay NEUTRAL about this even tho i would benefit greatly from its pros.

#456427 [27/3/23] Resource Packs, Bank Overhaul, ToB scaling, Spring Sale, Rank Ticke...

Posted by mochiii on 27 March 2023 - 03:13 PM

Thank you for all the hard work you guys put in! <3

#455773 Update Giant Foundry Shop

Posted by mochiii on 19 March 2023 - 03:43 PM

What is your suggestion?: The ability to sell back items for reduced points just small QOL update ty :)

Is this in OSRS?:  Yes




#455382 Predict my KC / Miq's journey for shadow

Posted by mochiii on 15 March 2023 - 10:59 AM

849 gl miq

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#454428 Make Ring of Wealth (i) boost drop rate of clues at wildnerness hellhounds

Posted by mochiii on 01 March 2023 - 02:36 PM

The ring of wealth (i) is an imbued ring of wealth created with a ring of wealth scroll and 50,000 coins. The imbued ring has all the functions of a ring of wealth with an additional effect of doubling clue scroll drop chance in Wilderness areas (excluding hard clue scrolls from Rogues' Chests and beginner clue scrolls) from any monster that can drop them in the Wilderness.






Support, would like it to also include all other monsters not just hellhounds

#453887 Lower Mimic pet rate

Posted by mochiii on 21 February 2023 - 09:39 PM

While we're at it, let's lower the rate of abyssal protector pet.


Last mimic pet was January 18th, 2023 (all 44 of them from pet boxes from daily login rewards)


Last abyssal protector pet was May 2nd, 2022 (all 7 obtained during first week of release.  then 0 for 9 months.)


Rewards like mimic pet and abyssal protector pet should be reasonable to obtain and consistent with RSPS rates.

They should motivate players to want to do the activity and not seem like insurmountable obstacles. 

Respectfully or not... please open your own suggestion thread as this one is about the mimic thank you

#453855 Lower Mimic pet rate

Posted by mochiii on 21 February 2023 - 01:10 PM

What is your suggestion?: To lower mimic pet rate to 1/128 (or discussion) since 1/2408 for a pet at a boss that u only have a 1/30 - 1/15 chance to fight (elite/master clues)

this idea to lower it this low comes from the same pet chance of skotizo thats obtained via chance at making totems






Rate is too absurdly high and im sure our mathematicians can figure out a more reasonable rate in obtaining it if 1/128 is too high/low

#453666 [Suggestion] Wintertodt

Posted by mochiii on 18 February 2023 - 08:37 PM

Maybe instead of lowering the dmg done to higher hp accounts, we increase the effectiveness of warm clothing