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In Topic: First Classic to 4.6

17 April 2023 - 02:37 AM

Congratulations mate

In Topic: Latest ToB Updates

17 April 2023 - 02:15 AM

In the end, its not about the difficulty, its rather the rewards which is the reason why people do not wanna tob. You get better upgrades from other raids/nex then from tob, making more sense to invest your time into other content.



Is why i haven't tobbed since i got an avernic and when i do it's maybe once every couple of months.
There is absolutely nothing to gain from there apart from the avernic, and scythe which is irrelevant for 99% of end game content, i have access to one and the most use it got is to kill Sarachnis. Which is also dead once the log is complete as its faster to collect red eggs from the floor in Forthos dungeon. This also applies to Nightmare, it's not rocket science as to why its also dead content, the items from there are completely irrelevant for end game. The orbs are useless compared to the shadow, and inquisitors biggest contribution to endgame content as of now is some increased accuracy for DWH specs. How about buffing these items to make them worth while grinding.
I suggested a points system to purchase resources or other helpful items, but i think the topic needs further input than that.

In Topic: Buff Nightmare & TOB drop rates

31 January 2023 - 05:39 PM

I guess i'm just getting sick of completing things that become easier in a months time, i did nm my kc before the droprate increase, they've already increased dr by a significant margin, 25 - 30% if i'm not mistaken, a week after i spent 3 months grinding it, i felt like i'd just wasted a months time. Not to mention its damage / accuracy was nerfed.

As for tob, Its tough, i do think the droprate is shit, but seeing things become easier and easier over time sets this trend " whats the point grinding it now if i can wait later and save potentially hundreds of hours "
-Literally the reason zezima quit runescape

However, i'd rather see people enjoying these raids, i think what needs to happen is a point system / shop for places like cox, tob, nm even, ( the same way the rc shop works ) allow people to purchase more useful resources on the side or cosmetics, etc, i wanna see birds nests, soul runes, spider eggs, things that i can use to continue running raids

In Topic: Nex

28 May 2022 - 09:26 PM

I would actually do Nex if this were the case